I have come to consider that truth is very likely just another word for information. All information.

(I am certainly not a scientist and all that scientific and mathematic stuff just completely boggles my mind. That being said, I still think I can one day know and understand the secrets of the universe. I keep at it anyway.)

The universe has been said to be made of matter and energy. Then it was discovered that matter and energy were basically the same thing. (E=MC2)

Others have said that the universe consists of matter, energy and consciousness. Okay, I’ll certainly buy that idea, it sounds good. But what is consciousness?

Define consciousness: Intelligent Awareness. If consciousness is intelligent awareness, then this means that the entire universe is Intelligent and aware.

In the formula (E=MC2) , I have to ask what exactly is energy in an intelligent aware universe? If the universe is conscious, intelligent and aware, then it can probably think. Okay, let's suppose this is true.

So define energy: Energy = Thought. (Thoughts are waves.)

Thought is energy. Thought = Energy. If E = mc2 (Meaning Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) then Thought equals mass times the speed of light squared.

That does not make a lot of sense to me, unless I say it like this. Thought equals information. Therefore you can calculate the amount of information in matter by taking the amount of mass times the speed of light squared.

Okay what exactly is mass?

Define mass: Scientific: Mass is a subatomic particle called an atom. One hydrogen atom composed of a single proton has a mass of 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 672 kg.

So mass, according to the formula, is condensed energy. If energy = thought, then mass is condensed thought. But if thought is condensed and fixed, (as opposed to being active, loose and moving freely about) then what is it?

Define condensed thought: Condensed thought is information stored, which is called memory.

This means that mass (or matter) is condensed information and is called memory. (condensed information = a standing wave) (I’m just speculating here, these are simply my ideas, so don’t take them to the bank, just consider them.)

matter = energy = information = memory

This very likely means that kinetic energy equals thought-information in its active state, and potential energy equals thought-information (memory) in its stored state.

So what exactly is Light?

Define light: Scientific: Light is a transverse, self propagating electromagnetic wave.

This wave carries energy (Energy = thought = information) and momentum, (speed=frequency) which may be imparted (transferred) when it interacts with matter (matter = mass = condensed information = memory.)

“Electromagnetic radiation waves, (light and other waves) as their names suggest are fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields, which can transport energy (thought-information) from one location to another.”

Energy = Thought-information (waves)
Light = moving thought-information. (A traverse self propagating electromagnetic wave)
Matter = condensed thought-information or ~memory.

It is entirely possible that we live in a virtual reality universe created and programmed by an intelligent awareness (consciousness) with thought which it collects and stores as information in a condensed mass we call matter (memory).

Everything is thought. Thoughts are waves, waves are light and sound and matter. We live in a dream universe.

Our bodies are store houses of information and part of the biological machine that is our universe which is run by programs stored in the mass (atoms etc.) that we call matter.

Who writes the programs? I am pretty sure that we do on some level we are not aware of. Now all we need to learn is how to access higher consciousness and unlock the information.

Truth is information. Consciousness is the source, Energy is a wave.

I had an Afterthought:

Energy is a wave but…

But what if original energy is not what we normally think of as a thought wave? In any case, Energy is a wave of something. Perhaps it is a force caused by the excitation of awareness. (consciousness) . One might call it the joy of awareness. Perhaps you might call it LOVE. Whatever it is, it keeps coming and the universe keeps expanding and manifesting. Some people just call it the life force, chi, prana. Even with logic, I can’t imagine the universe could exist without it.

By Gloria Jean