It is good the truth has been hidden: It actually hurts the truth to see it before the time is right. It forces the truth into myths and it kills or makes its prophets outcasts. This is the reason almost no one has seen the truth before now.

Jesus and other prophets have planted seeds that needed to be planted, but they paid a high price to do it. The seeds of truth they planted are now starting to grow and blossom, and this is helping to make our salvation possible. By hiding the truth and the life until now, the collective unconscious protected the truth and us. The time has to be right for the truth, or it just causes trouble.

The collective unconscious can give us information we did not know, and it can also prevent us from seeing things if it is not in our best interest to see them.

Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. John 14:17

Jesus said, “The hour is coming when I will not speak to you in dark sayings, but will tell you plainly about God.”

Now is the time: The time has finally come to see what has been hidden from us. It is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that people can see the truth and the life clearly and completely for the first time. The evolution of technology, such as the Internet and other forms of mass communication, has progressed enough to reach just about all of mankind.

The Bible says, “We shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye.”

The veil can be lifted now for the first time in history. It can be lifted now, so it will be lifted now. The truth did not have a chance before the Internet.

It says in Revelation the scrolls are rolled up until a time when people run to and fro and knowledge is greatly increased. That time is now, and this book is unrolling the scrolls and revealing what is really said in the Bible.

One mind: It is the real reason why worldwide communication technology evolved. The worldwide Internet is mankind’s effort to connect all minds on a conscious level, to create one conscious collective mind. The telephone lines and cables that transmit the Internet are like the nerves in a giant brain. People online are like the neurons firing. The Internet is making the world one brain or mind, and it will make it possible to see and spread the truth, transcend the mind, and be fulfilled.

If it was not for the Internet, you would not be reading this now, would you?

The Internet is the perfect way to explain and discuss the ultimate truth. It is almost impossible to get the truth across to someone in person. Discussions do not work. It usually starts an intense argument, and the truth does not have a chance. It makes everyone involved look stupid, even if you have a civilized discussion. The ultimate truth should not be discussed in person at all; it should be checked out alone, and after you understand it, spread on the Internet anonymously.

Whole picture: The best thing to do is just tell everyone you can reach on the Internet to read The Present. Helping to spread the truth is what you need to do.


Tell people at every website you visit, put a link to in forums, social networking, blogs, video comments, newsletters, etc.

People who see the truth need to spread it, or it will die before it gets going. There are thousands of forums and newsgroups. People just need to join them and tell people to go to the Truth Contest. Do not worry about doing it more than once; repetition is necessary.

It is better to spend your time making a lot of comments to spread the truth than spending that time defending something the books say, or trying to explain something to someone. It is okay to do it once or even twice with the same person, just to break up the monotony of making comments, to talk to yourself on a subject, but more than doing it a little bit of the time is a waste of time.

One good way to get a link to the Truth Contest on forums is to copy a part of The Present that addresses what the forum is talking about, and post it with where you got the quote from, along with some questions, as shown below:

(excerpt) - from The Present, a free book at
What do you think about this? Agree or disagree?

You can also post comments on Youtube videos directing people to the website. Since you cannot put a link in Youtube comments, you can say something like this:

If you are seeking a new and different explanation of the truth that makes sense, search for "Truth Contest" in Google and click the 1st result, then click on "The Present" and read what it says. This is truth you can check.

You can make specific comments to fit any video, or use general comments like the one above. You can also make dozens of Youtube accounts and get into the top comment position by voting up your comment and voting down other top comments.

One way to tell people to go to the contest is to copy and paste the following letter in an email or a facebook message:

(Subject): A life-changing book about truth

Have you read the short book "The Present" yet? It's available free here. Just go to the website:

Click on the entry called The Present. What it says will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough people. You will see what I mean when you read the first page.

- Code name

Open a new, free account with Gmail or the other free email services under a code name. It is fast, easy and anonymous. You do it anonymously, because most people will read just enough of the book to get mad. Only about one in twenty five people will understand it, even if they read the whole thing, so spreading the truth anonymously is essential. We are doing battle with the devil. Jesus got nothing but hate when he tried to spread the truth, except from a few followers who did not know what he was talking about, so you should not expect many, if any, positive responses at first, but planting the seeds is essential to do now. The Internet makes spreading the truth fast, easy, safe and painless.

When Jesus spread the truth, people cursed at him, spit in his face, and eventually tortured and killed him for trying to spread the truth. Thanks to the Internet, an anonymous letter, and not looking at the responses, we can spread the same truth he did faster and without any pain at all. No one should look at hate mail. A spiritual being never allows anyone to give them their negativity and hate. I send the letters while I am watching TV and do not even look at who I send them to.

The short letter above gets most people to go to the Truth Contest. Send it to anyone and everyone. We want everyone to see the site, so just send them randomly. Just search a random subject on the Internet and then just go down the list. Open web pages, find their email contact, click on it, fill in the subject “Truth Contest” or something else that grabs attention, paste the letter, and send it.

If you don't have much time to spread the truth online, help enable others to spread the truth online by making a donation:

Contact the webmaster for details and more ways to help spread the truth online, including Youtube commenting and group projects. You can join the Truth Contest team group if you actively spread the truth every day. We need to work together.


I have a Gmail account just for sending the letters. Just do one of the methods above to spread the truth for a half hour per day. Make it part of your daily routine. If you send too many email letters too fast, they may shut you down. I like Gmail the best. If you know of any other free accounts or ways to spread truth, let us know.

BS vs. BS: We have to use any way we can to get the truth out, because we are doing the people we send the message to the biggest possible favor, and nothing is more important. We do not have much time to get the word out, so work on it every day. We have to use every little trick we can think of to get them to look at the contest. Sometimes, you have to use some BS to fight BS. There is good BS and bad BS. If it helps reveal the truth it is good BS; if it doesn’t, it is bad BS.

Tricks: The Bible says “do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.” A little sleight of hand is needed to do battle with the beast. We have to beat the devil at its own game. If you are a computer expert and can figure out how to send the letter to a few million people, you could save the world.

If those African bank managers that have unclaimed millions can send emails to millions of people, we can too. They have been sending that BS to people for years, and no one has stopped them. If they can use the Internet to rip people off, we should be able to use it to spread the truth.

Help yourself: Sending letters will help you, even if it does not help the people you are sending them to. You will be doing God’s will by trying to spread the truth. Every morning, send the letters, and do your spiritual exercise. Having done your spiritual chores, you can go out and play. It is the only way to start a spiritual day.

You have to give to take. Until everyone knows the truth in this world, you have to tell them it to be able to live the life. It is as if you have to earn life.

Jesus said, “Come follow me.” In other words, try and spread the truth.

What Jesus did: Everyone that knows the truth will spread the truth every day, even after everyone has seen it many times. People will do it for themselves. To be a true Christian, you have to do as Christ did. You have to spread the ultimate truth, just as he did. Very few people liked what he was saying, and it will be no different now, because we are saying the same thing. The only difference is, we do not have to do it in person. If you want to feel like Jesus (live in grace), you have to spread the truth. If you are not doing it, you are not a true follower of Jesus, because that is what he did and why he did it. When he said come follow me, he meant it. If you want to be as he is, you have to do what he did. Everyone does until the world turns into a heaven or you die and go to one in your next life. You do not do it exactly like he did, because he did not have the Internet; we do.

Teach to learn: You have to teach the truth you know to others to learn new truth. If you do not, you do not progress. This is why Jesus said, “come follow me.” It means what it says. People have it backwards and think they have to learn it completely themselves before they try to teach others. This is a mind trick to stop the truth from being revealed, because people who do not teach what they know will never know the ultimate truth themselves, and the truth will not spread.


It is like a step ladder, the stairway to heaven. When you get on the first step, first see truth others cannot see, you must spread it to take the next step; it is the next step. This may be the most important hidden truth, because it is the start of the path that leads to a heaven for you, and a heaven on Earth.

Works: With the quest to get to a heaven, you just need to be studying and spreading the truth to get there, so that is why the truth gets priority; it is all you need. It leads to the life sooner or later. You do not push that, cannot push that, you just let it happen while learning and spreading the truth, because that is in your control, not the life. True life is a gift or a reward for doing the work of learning and spreading the truth. The life comes after you have spread the truth enough to have achieved it, and it will not come sooner, no matter how much you try with meditation and other spiritual exercises.

Escape this realm: I hope you never find yourself in a desperate situation, but they exist in this world, and what goes around comes around, and will come around again for everyone that does not escape this realm. You do it by working to change it with the truth. It either changes, or you do. The result is the same; you escape it.

Build the collective unconscious: The more people that see the Truth Contest and read The Present, the more that will do it. The more people that wake up, the more people that will be able to wake up. This is because the ultimate truth gets stronger in the collective unconscious. It gets stronger and makes it easier for people to see the truth. It will snowball, but until then, seers like us need to work.

Critical mass: For a while, the ultimate truth will move unseen underground just on the Internet (it is happening now). If we work hard and grind away (send a lot of letters and comments), at some point, enough people will have awoken for mankind to reach a kind of critical mass. When this happens, there will be an explosion in the truth and the life, and just about everyone will wake up in the twinkling of an eye.

Turn the tables: Ninety-percent of the Internet is used for pornography, to sell products, spread gossip, and rip people off. That is not what it was created for. It was created subconsciously by God for one ultimate purpose, and that is to spread the ultimate truth. We are going to turn the tables on the devil/mind, and use its greatest creation (the Internet) to reveal the devil/mind and banish it from the Earth, but we have to do it fast if we are going to do it at all.

Numbers game: Do not reply or even read what is sent back, because the letter or comment is just meant to get them to go to the contest and read this book. If they read it, they will make their comments directly to me or the contest site. If they do not read the book or understand the book, they will not have anything nice to say, so why read it? There are a lot of fools and fanatics out there, and it is best not to waste any time on them. Just use your time wisely and send as many letters as you can. Most people you send a letter to will not read it or go to the contest; it is a numbers game. We have to send out a lot of letters to get one person to read the book, and only about one in twenty five that read it are ready to see the truth in it.

Silent treatment: Most people will just say nothing and not be interested. How can people not be interested in their own life and death? What is more important? It is the most unbelievable thing. This shows the power of hypnosis and the illusion.


Seed planters: We are planting seeds of truth. Jesus said that some seeds will fall on rocks and not grow; others will fall where they will be trampled on, but some will fall on good soil and grow and multiply a thousand fold.

The prophet: The absolute truth is the "now.” I like “the truth is the present,” because it adds a factor to the now. It says the now is a gift, which it is. People waste their life contemplating the words of old inspired prophets instead of updating, defining, and spreading the truth and the life. You know enough now to work on defining and spreading the truth and the life. It is the purpose, the path of everyone that wants to take the next step in evolution. You take the next step by actually taking the step; you actually do something, walk down the path so to speak. You become fishers of men. You are not doing it unless you are working to spread the truth every day. It is the life of the prophet. You must become a prophet; move from just the mankind you were born into this life as to a prophet. You give birth to yourself this time. You become the son of yourself, of your mind. The Bible calls it the son of man, which means the son of mind.

Becoming a prophet of truth and life is the next step for mankind to take. If enough people do it, it will turn this world into a heaven. If most people do not, this world will not change into heaven, but that does not matter to a prophet, because if you do your work, when you die physically, you will be reborn into a world that is a heaven. It will probably be here on Earth after it has become a heaven. To you, it will be instant with no time passing in between death and birth, but it could take millions of years for mankind to change. So what? You will go to heaven soon.

I will give unto every one of you according to your works.
(Revelation 2:22-23)

Why you give: It is important to understand that you can be 100% committed to something without working on it all the time, or giving all you have. For example, you can be completely committed to a marriage without being physically with the person you are married to all the time. You have to do other things, such as work, put time into your pets, children, friends, home, neighbors, relatives, etc. You have a balance and give to other parts of your life, because indirectly it helps the marriage. You give the marriage as much of your time as you can. It is the same with being completely committed to the truth of life. You can be 100% committed to it and be a hundred percent committed to the rest of your life, because it is the big picture that covers everything else, the foundation for everything else. You work on it as much as you can directly, but live it all the time. You work on it directly every day for a half hour minimum, because that gets you in touch with it everyday, and that is important to keep you on the path. It makes the other 23.5 hours different.

You also give all you can financially, 10% minimum, for the same reason. It is necessary to make giving to the Unifying Truth Project a constant part of your life. It makes receiving the divine truth a constant part of your life. You become the truth and life in time if you are consistently committed to giving time and money to spreading it. This transformation happens even though you are spending 90% of your money and over 90% of your time on other things.

I understand that some people cannot afford to give anything. If that is true, you do not have to give anything, and you will still be as committed as you can be to the truth and the life, and become the truth and life. It is all about giving a small percentage of your time and money consistently over time. That is what causes you to actually change into a new being, an immortal spiritual being like Jesus was.

I give more of my time and money than the minimum; I give almost all my time and money to it, because I am in a position in life that I can do it now. I did not used to do it all the time. Jesus did not do it full time until he was thirty. What I am trying to explain here is it is not necessary to give all you have to be completely committed to it, but you have to give a percentage consistently, when you can.


Proactive: The time to just study is past. It is now time to study and spread what you have learned and now know. You live what you know as much as you can, but you cannot live it without studying it, and most importantly, actively trying to spread what you know for at least a half hour every day. You are what you do. A prophet spreads the truth; that is what defines a prophet.

People are hypnotized to not be able to see the truth, so it will take work.

Check it out: Anyone can check the things said in The Present and learn that they are true, but the hypnosis makes them believe they already know the truth, so they do not bother to check it. They do not really know the truth, because if they did, they would enter the contest. People should notice this, but they do not.

Whole picture: For people to understand the truth, they have to get the whole picture, and only a book like this one can give it to them. This book is the absolute minimum that needs to be said for people to get it, and most need to read it more than once. I know this because it started out much shorter, just ten pages. I liked it better, but no one got it. Trying to tell someone the ultimate truth without the supporting information just does not work.

Like mercury: The truth is like mercury and will slip through your fingers. You have to surround it with the knowledge of how things work. You have to corner it before you can see it and live in it. This is why you need to read the whole book.

Talking to yourself: When you talk to others, you really are just talking to yourself until the time is right for others to wake up, but it is important to talk to yourself by talking to others as much as possible. You know what is logical and what is not. You know what the evidence supports and does not support. If you stop talking to yourself by trying to reach others with the truth, you lose the truth yourself. The lower collective unconscious where mankind is now and all the lower animals on Earth are will suck you down to their level if you do not keep talking about the truth and the life. You do it for yourself by trying to tell others.

Your reward is true life, and it comes directly from working on spreading the truth. The more you spread it, the more you get it. The love you take is equal to the love you make, and you make the most love with the truth you spread. Even if no one gets it, you do, and that is why you really do it. Other people will only get it when they get it, and when they start working to spread it like you. It is so magical the way it happens, and it is so obvious once you have been doing it seriously and consistently for about six months. When you get someone else to do it, it makes a major life improvement. The life just starts pouring in even when you do not work at it, because you get the benefit of their work, because you found them. The intelligence in the universe just knows everything you do, and pays you for doing it in true fulfilling life.

The coin of the realm: Life is the coin of the spiritual realm. Spreading the truth and finding others to spread it is how you earn it. It is just a perfect system, and it leads to the best life here and heaven after death. How can you beat that deal?


Jesus said, “A prophet is never recognized in their own village.”

Socializing: You can share the ultimate truth with your mate or close friends in person if they have read the book and see life the same way you do. If they do not, you have to meet them at their level of awareness. If people cannot come to where you are, you have to go where they are. You do this if you want to enjoy your time with them and want them to enjoy their time with you. It is only good manners, the loving thing to do. People like their own reflection, so just reflect whatever they are projecting back at them. You do not impersonate them; you just take what they feel and how they think, and reflect it through your own personality. You reflect back at them a better version of themselves. You just agree with them mentally and emotionally. It is the kind thing to do, and spiritual people are always kind.

A spiritual person never lies to another person who knows the truth, but people that live in the mind cannot handle the truth. You have to play the mind game they are playing. That is the way it is and will be until everyone learns the truth.

Save people: When you put your hands on a conversation and try to control it, you are selling something, and you should never try to sell the truth in a social situation. You just live in the present and take what they are putting out, add true life and fulfillment to it (the present), and reflect it back to them. If they are into sports, music, religion, whatever, you just be in it with them. Why not? You can only give as much truth and life as other people are able to receive. Everyone is on his or her own evolutionary level and you cannot change that.

It is like the problem scientists have studying things on the quantum level; the very act of looking at it changes it, so it is impossible to see it.

Destroy the present: You have to be yourself, but on whatever level is in the air when socializing. You cannot talk about the present without destroying it in the process. When socializing, you talk about light subjects. You do not have to think to do it, so you can do it in the present. It is always better to live in the present than talk about it, and you really cannot do both unless you both know the truth.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him/her drink.

When you learn the ultimate truth, you just start living in it and doing what you did before you knew it. The only difference is that you begin to live life consciously.

All you have to do is remember everything balances, so there is no reason not to enjoy every single moment of your life, no matter what is happening.