Chapter One: One More Bad Death

...if caught without a fast painless option (gun/drugs) or time. The way I see it is the death experience/environment is part of the current cycle and is unavoidable for long. It needs to be dealt with the same way we deal with everything that happens; we let our knowledge of the divine truth be our guide.

One more bad death: You will not know if you know the truth until right before you die; that is the moment of truth. Being honest about death in the animal realm will motivate you to make this the last time. We are playing a very serious game, and forgetting that is one of the biggest problems.

I would not let the fear/pain/shock of what is happening send me into the dead man's spiral to perdition. If you do not know what a dead man's spiral is, you need to read our insight titled: Heart Over Mind? It is one of my favorite short stories. To make a short story shorter, it is a condition where your senses, emotions, etc. tell you things are OK when actually you are going to experience a violent death.

I am using it as an analogy to say I am not going to let the outrageous environment I find myself in to throw me off the path to a heaven. Just like religious old ladies, I believe in an afterlife in paradise. The difference is, my reason for believing it is based on the truth of life, not some old misinterpreted BS.

The environment of eminent violent torture and death is why there are so many animals. It removes anything except your animal instinctive reaction. This reaction would give you no possibility of being reborn as a life form better than an animal.

If an easy life has allowed you to live your life as a nice guy, without being an animal except for sex and other semi-violent, but no one gets hurt worthwhile activities, you are an animal, but just do not know it or acknowledge it. This ensures that when your time has come, you die animal and are reborn animal. Evolution continues and you come back to a world much like you just lived, live another life, evolve a little more, then get whacked and start over. That is the best you can do. There is also the possibility that you start over at the bottom of the food chain.

On the other hand, if you have learned the truth of life and you really have checked it and really know it, you have the possibility of going some place besides the animal realm, a place without all the negatives of the animal realm, a place religions call heaven. It all depends on your perspective, who you are, what you are, what you have been doing in your current life, and most importantly, that you have changed to live in the divine truth of life.

You cannot fake it. You have either evolved past the animal, or you have not. You leave the animal realm, or you don't. You have never left it before, or you would not be in the animal realm now. No one would leave a heaven for the animal realm, so it means you have never been there. That also means it is hard, if not impossible to escape. You have been living in the animal realm for millions of life times. There is evidence in all religions and in science that a heaven is possible. If it is possible, the truth is the only possible way to get there.

If you know it, you have a real shot. If not, or you are not sure, you need to commit your life to getting sure. This may be your best chance in millions of lifespans to do it, so you have to go for it 100%. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Judge yourself: Even people that know the truth and the life will most likely have one more bad death to endure. This is why you have to give all you can before it happens, because you will judge yourself when it happens. You have had millions of bad deaths to get to this last one. It can be the end of a very long, savage, painful, scary road if you know the truth and life and take the next step.

I personally am on that path.

You are going to have one last bad death. It could be horrible, but it will pass, and you can kiss the beast goodbye forever.

If you lived a good, successful life with friendship and love in your life, it will be easy to think you do not need the truth, for this life or the next, but no matter how good you do in this life or your next life, you have to go through that bad death again. That by itself is reason enough to try and get out of this realm.