Take care of now: Over a billion people are going hungry everyday. Many people are close to starvation, mostly children. Three billion people have to live on less than two dollars a day. That is almost half the population of the world. Americans spend more on trash bags than billions spend on everything they buy.

Money bombs: People have to realize that the better others do, the better they will do. The more money people have, the more they can spend on the products we create. This will make us wealthier, and our enemies friends. Instead of spending billions hurting and killing people, we should drop the money used to make the bombs from airplanes, money bombs. As Abraham Lincoln said, the best way to defeat a enemy is to make a friend out of them.

Poverty leads to ignorance, war, crime, corruption, drug abuse, flu pandemics, plagues, dangerous fanatics, and all sorts of other negative things that will hurt and kill you and your children in the near future.

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. John Kennedy

Poverty forces people to live like animals, which creates fanatics. Animals bite, and now they can bite with nuclear and biological weapons.

The rich can no longer escape what is happening in the world. They could to a degree in the past, but not anymore. People who live on more than they need to are drinking their children’s blood. They are killing their offspring and descendents with the expensive, selfish, wasteful, polluting and unsatisfying way they are living now. They are dooming their children, themselves, and the world.

People are living unconsciously, but are not conscious enough to know it.

Living the way people are now will destroy the environment and kill everyone. A spiritual being will never do anything that hurts the environment just to make money. They will know that it is not worth it. They will walk lightly on the earth.

Give it away: When rich and well to do people learn the truth, they will realize that giving away their wealth to help others is the best thing they can do for themselves.

Make as much money as you can; just do not spend it on yourself.

You will not need it: You still spend money to make money and build your business. You just do not spend it on yourself, because you will no longer need to in order to be happy. This will make businesses grow faster and be more successful. A spiritual being is happier not spending money on themselves, which is the opposite of people that live as their minds.


The more money you make, the more money you will have to give.

Making money is always good if you make it fairly. Do not hurt anyone or anything, and do not spend it on yourself, except for necessities. You still make as much as you can; you just give away what you do not really need.

I realize I am being more repetitive than usual, but this section needs it.

You have to do something with your life, and making money to give away is one of the most righteous things you can do. The world is set up to do it, so people should do it the best that they can. The more you have, the more you can give.

Many people can live true life and make big money once they see the truth.

The capitalistic, free market system and way of life should not change; we should get even better at it. It is what we do with the money we make that will make the big difference.  With the truth, America can double its wealth in a few years.

People that are good at making money and are in a good position to do it should do it to help those that are not; this is all that needs to happen to create a heaven on Earth. People who make luxuries will have to start making necessities.

Instead of people striving to see how much they can make and spend, they should be striving to see how much they can make and give to the less fortunate.

When you begin to see yourself in other people, it makes giving easy.

A spiritual being truly sees other people as if they were them, so it makes the giving easy. Spiritual beings also know that if not for the grace of God, it would be them that are in need, and divine justice will make it this way for them in the future.

Spiritual people look past people's minds and see other people as spirits.

Rich and well to do people should just try it for five years and see how it goes. If it does not work out, they can go back to giving their money to themselves.

My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last, best hope of Earth. Abraham Lincoln

America is the hope of the world: We should start with America, and show the rest of the world how to do it. If we do it, everyone else will follow our lead.

We do not want China, India, and the other third world countries to become societies of conspicuous consumption, a gluttonous, wasteful society like us. The environment will not be able to take it. The human race cannot survive it.

America is almost destroying the environment by itself; imagine what will happen if the other six and a half billion people on the planet try to live like us. It is impossible for it to happen, yet that is what everyone is planning to do. They have the same dreams we had a hundred years ago. In China, only one in eighty families have a car, and they are all planning on getting one or two. What do you think a billion more cars will do for our world?


Each American uses an average of twenty five tons of raw materials per year. Not everyone can do that; it is impossible. We are not walking lightly on the earth.

Americans spend more on trash bags than billions of people spend on food.

Pigs: One of the reasons so many people on the planet do not like Americans is that they see a bunch of pigs that are using up the world’s resources. God put a feast on the table, more than enough for everyone, and America came like a big bully, grabbed most of it, and just left the scraps for the rest of the human race. It is not completely true, but that is how it looks to the poor, and that is all that matters. Remember, it is perception that controls thought and actions.

When people watch our news, they see celebrities walking down the red carpet, dripping in diamonds and wearing ten-thousand dollar dresses.

Selling death: We are selling world destruction. Our dreams of a hundred years ago came true. Most families have two cars, a TV set in every room, etc. We have to tell others by our actions that it is not that great, that it does not make you happy, that we were wrong. Right now, we are selling a lifestyle that will destroy the world. We have to start selling a lifestyle that will not destroy the world, and we have to start soon.

Americans can sell the way to heaven or the way to hell.

As it is, we are telling the world that bigger and more is better, that you can never have enough “things.” We have to show the world we can give up the “bigger and more” way of life. This will teach the world two things; bigger is not really better, because if it were, we would not be giving it up, and that there is something besides getting rich to aspire too, something better.

Righteousness exalteth a nation.
Friedrich Nietzsche

What people really want and need is more truth and life. It is the only thing the world really needs, because it will change all the other things.

We need to stop selling dreams, and start selling the truth and the life.

Big houses: You are probably thinking, “what about all those big houses that are already built, should we tear them down?” No, but we should have more than one family living in them, and stop building them. The truth is, most people that live in big houses live in their bedrooms and kitchens most of the time anyway. They only use the rest of the house when company comes over. They will never admit it, but it is true. It is difficult to feel comfortable in a show house. Big houses can be spooky. A big house separates families from each other; small houses bring them together. Medium size is best.


If you want high ceilings and big rooms, go outside; it is free and it is infinite.

It is the people that live in a house that make a house a home.

A big house with semi-dead people living in it is really a depressing place.

The big house is mostly just for ego purposes, pride of ownership, as they say in the real estate trade. The Bible says pride comes before a fall, and it is true.

People that know the truth do not need big “things” to be fulfilled.

When you no longer live as an ego, you will have nothing to prove and not like big houses or other showy stuff. People that use showy things to attract other people attract other people that need “things” to be happy, so they are asking for trouble.

Spiritual people like each others' company, so they will want to share a big house and live together anyway. Spiritual people are fun, and you really cannot get enough of their company. Whole extended families can live in big houses. It is hard to believe from the mind’s perspective, but it is true. Just as children like to have someone around to play with, spiritual beings like to have other spiritual beings around to share the present. It would be difficult for people on an animal level to live together, because they cannot be trusted and will cause trouble; it is in their nature.

Only people that know the truth and are living the life can successfully share something as personal as a house. People that live in the mind have a hard time doing it, so you have to be selective as to who you get that close to.

Homes in nice locations will be traded with those in bad places every so often. People just move every year or so, so the good locations are shared. Moving around will be more fair and more fun. People will be meeting new people.

People are not only ignoring the less fortunate, they are ignoring the nature of the universe they live in. It clearly shows everything will balance in time. It is better to give up your wealth than to have the universe take it from you.

Jesus said: Those who do the will of God now will enter heaven.

It is going to happen anyway. The will of God is to balance everything, so we just do not wait for God to do it, wait for death to balance things. We start doing God’s will here and now. When we do God’s will, we become God-like, and the world becomes a heaven here and now. It is that simple.

As the Bible says, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

It is the key to everything. You just do God's will in everything you do. An easy way is just to think what would Jesus do in any given situation. See everyone as yourself and treat them like you would want to be treated, and also spread the truth on the Internet until everyone knows it.


Mansions in heaven: Jesus would never have said that there are mansions waiting for us in heaven. It contradicts the rest of his teachings. Someone that wanted to sell heaven to people that live in the mind made that one up. Only egotistical beings that live in the animal mind would want to live in a mansion.

No one should have more than one house until everyone in the world has at least one. An empty house, even empty rooms, are a travesty when there are so many homeless people living on the streets. If you have a vacation house, you cannot leave it empty for long periods of time. You will have to rent it, let people use it for free, or sell it to someone that will.

People will be more fulfilled if they do this, no matter what they think now.

No empty house: Right now, there are millions of empty houses because of the foreclosures in America. They should be rented cheap with a lease option available to buy the house for what it is worth, with a low-interest mortgage.

Speculators: Speculators have pushed up the price of real estate and stocks and everything else. That is called the free market. The problem is, it does not work. It makes things cost more than they are really worth, and this leads to disaster as we can now see happening in the USA. We need the government to step into the free market and not let anything cost more than it is really worth, no matter how many people are willing to pay more for it.

A house is worth what it costs to build, and no more. Anything more is a delusion and leads to crashes in the market. It is the same with the stock market. There is a simple formula to set a price on any company’s real worth. It is not worth more, no matter how many speculators will pay more. That leads to a crash and chaos.

Everyone is talking about sub-prime loans as the problem, when the real problem is that the houses and loans cost more than they are worth. Everyone is talking about derivatives and selling short in the stock market as the problem, when it is the stocks that are over-priced because of speculators manipulating the price.

We need a system based on truth, not BS as we have now. Until people wake up to the truth and we conquer greed, we have to control the markets.

God’s work: When you start to help things balance, you start doing the work of God. You can help create balance or help create imbalance.

The Bible says, “Whoever does God’s will shall abide in heaven forever.”

A spiritual being naturally works to create balance, truth, and equality in everything, which creates more spiritual people and more balance. The mind naturally works to create imbalance which leads to conflicts that create more imbalance. The Bible says that you have to do God’s work to know God.

You are part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.


Wasteful: In addition to sharing the wealth, we need to stop being so wasteful, and strive to recycle everything we use. We avoid using things that cannot be or are not being recycled. Spiritual beings will not do anything that hurts the environment. It will come natural to them to live this way.

People that drive around in big powerful SUVs are not running them on gas; they are running them on the blood of their children. It is an ugly analogy, but it is true, and there is nothing uglier than killing our children and our children’s children just to look cool, drive too fast, and have a false sense of power.

Why do we even have cars that will go more than seventy miles an hour? That is the fastest you can legally drive. Car companies are always selling how powerful and fast their cars are, which is ridiculous. Why are car companies encouraging people to break the law? We should pass a law that says “no new car manufactured and sold in America can go faster than the highest legal speed limit.” Collector cars will be exempt and not for everyday driving. It will save fuel, lives, and our environment. Spiritual people like to go slow and enjoy the trip. Fast is just for the racetrack. Race cars and tracks should be available to everyone that wants to go fast.

I do not know if cars and trucks are causing global warming. Even if they do not, you still should not use more energy than you need to. Nature punishes anything that takes advantage of it. Use only what you really need, and no more.

As people become more spiritual and see the truth, they will drive more fuel-efficient vehicles that use renewable and clean fuels for many reasons.

People that keep driving big, fast cars will just look like the ignorant, foolish people that they are. Bigger is not better once you know the truth. It is a mental problem.

Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury – to me these have always been contemptible. Albert Einstein

In the future, most people will not travel much. They will live close to where they work, and they will find that they do not have to or want to travel much. Kids do not travel much outside their neighborhoods, and they are more fulfilled than the adults that run all over the place.

Most people that travel for pleasure do it because new places make them more alive. When you see where you live as new, you no longer have the need to travel.

Life always comes to you; you never have to go anywhere to be fulfilled.

Not traveling as much will do more for the environment than anything else. When people stop chasing the horizon and discover what they want is where they are already, life will slow down, and the world will begin changing into the paradise it should be and could be. More people will work at home or close to home.


Most selling and information services can be done from home.

Many jobs that are now done in expensive offices will start working at least a few days a week from home. Many things that can be done on the phone or computers and the Internet should be done from home. Old and disabled people should get first choice for government jobs that can be done from home, and work as much or as little as they can. This will save billions of dollars.

If a person can work just one hour a day answering the phone, they should be able to do it and be paid for it. After the hour is up, they push a few buttons and transfer the line to someone else, who would start answering the phone in their own home. This can also be done with computers, which makes it possible for everyone to work, even disabled people. It will add billions to our economy.

We should get everyone that can work, working. This will get more productivity into the economy while lowering the cost of welfare. It will also save energy, relieve the traffic problems, and give families much more time together.

Traveling is what is going to spread a fatal disease around the world before we can cure it. We have to start limiting the amount we travel until we have the ability to cure the plagues and pandemics that are sure to come soon.

Collective toy box: Spiritual people share their toys. All expensive and rare toys such as great cars and boats should be owned and maintained by the government (all of us) and shared with everyone. You could check something out for the weekend or week. If something is popular, we make more of them. If someone misuses the toys or does not bring them back on time, they lose their toy box privileges. We could do the same with expensive resorts and other things that only the rich have access to now.

We have a toy box in every town and city, and we move the things in them around, so they are always different, and everyone gets to use everything. We can and will have to share the entire world with everyone if we want to have a world that will last and be fulfilling to live in. It is what heaven will be like. We have to work to create it on Earth to go there after we die.

As John Lennon said in the song Imagine: “Imagine all the people sharing all the world.”

It is the way it should be and needs to be if we want to survive and thrive now and go to heaven or create a heaven on Earth.

The toy box will be used as an incentive for people to work more and do jobs that no one wants to do. The harder or more undesirable jobs you do, the more access to the toy box you have. A fair system could be worked out.

The toy box will be mainly just for people that have not learned the truth, because spiritual people really do not need expensive toys to be happy. Spiritual people can take or leave toys, so they will let people in transition have them. Do not get me wrong, toys are fun even to spiritual people, and when everyone knows the truth, we will still have them and use them, but they will not be the big deal they are now.


Luxury is the wolf at the door, and its fangs are the vanities and conceits germinated by success. Tennessee Williams

The simple life is the only way to truly live, because God/life is simple. Our minds just make everything complicated, because it justifies the mind’s existence. The more complicated your life is, the more the mind is needed to manage it, so the mind just naturally tries to make your life more complicated.

We do not need anymore food for thought; we need food for the spirit.

The path to abundant life: The more simple your life is, the less you have to think. The less you think, the more you live. The more you live, the more you know. The more you know, the less you have to think. You just have to get the ball rolling, and it will roll you all the way to heaven.

It is easy to give away money. It makes all of life easier, more productive and less wasteful, and most importantly, you can live in the present more easily.

Possession isn’t nine-tenths of the law. Its nine-tenths of the problem.
John Lennon

Many people only use twenty percent of the possessions they have, so give away what you do not use to others that have less. Have a garage give-away.

Jesus said, “Travel lightly; have only what you need and no more.”

Not fun: It does not sound like much fun, does it? This is because you live in the mind. It would not be fun for people that live in the mind; that is why people do what they are doing now. To enjoy it, to be fulfilled by living the simple life, you have to change into a spiritual being. Only spiritual beings would enjoy doing it.

Jesus said, “I am poor, but I have everything.”

The things I am talking about will only work and be enjoyable if we make the change into spiritual beings. If we do, it will work easily, and we will love doing it.

It is the opposite factor again. What people think will make them happy actually makes them unhappy. Thus, a spiritual person turns it around.

Peace and contentment: I am not talking about peace and contentment; who really wants that? I am talking about true happiness, absolute fulfillment, the best way you can feel, better than a cocaine high, no lie. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that being completely open to the truth and life and living in the present feels like a drug high. I am saying it feels better than any drug high.

You can live happily without “things” if you also live without the mind.


Self-sacrifice: In the past, people that gave their money and their time had to be self-sacrificing to do it. They had to lose something to give something. I am not saying they did not get anything; they got the satisfaction of helping others. They liked giving, or they would not have done it, but they did it for the wrong reasons, so it did not help as much as it could have. You have to know the truth to have the right reason, and almost no one could know the truth until now. Self-sacrificing behavior is not what I am advocating. That is what giving was before the truth could be known, and it actually did not really help much, if any.

Self-sacrifice actually helps no one.

If someone has to lose something for someone else to get something, no one really gets anything. It is a positive and a negative, and they cancel each other out. For one to get something, they both have to. The giver has to receive as much or more than the receiver for it to be of true benefit. When you know the truth, the giver is not making any sacrifice at all, because they get more than they give. This is how it has to be for giving to really be of benefit. When you know the truth, you do things for others, because it is the way you can do the most for yourself. The truth makes this possible for the first time.

God asks for no sacrifice from anyone. God asks for win-win in all things.

Religion has not understood this, so many people have sacrificed in vain. The animal world needs someone to lose for someone to win; someone has to give up something for someone to have something. If you take it to the extreme, someone has to die for someone to live. This is why we want to get out of the animal realm; you cannot really win in it. In the spiritual realm, the opposite is true, and you cannot really lose.

In the animal realm, it is death that creates life. In the spiritual realm, it is life that creates life. This is what Jesus means when he says “you will not taste death.” When you know the truth, everything is a positive, everything is life.

Without the truth, giving is a great sacrifice. With the truth, giving is a great gift to the giver.

Most people love humanity; it is people that they cannot stand.
John Lennon

As it is now, most people really do not like most other people, and they couldn’t care less what happens to them. They certainly do not care enough to give up their lifestyles. This is how the mind of the beast sees things, but after people understand the ultimate truth, they will change themselves and their ways.

Starving to death: Over eight-hundred million people do not have enough food, and they go to bed hungry. Eighteen million children starve to death every year. Try to picture these starving children as your own children, or your brother or sister. The truth is, they are just like them. You would stop it if it were your own children, wouldn’t you? Spiritual people will see them truly, and they will stop it.


You cannot help or hurt anyone else, but you can help or hurt yourself.

Cannot help anyone except yourself: The life of all living things is balanced, so the truth is, you cannot really help or hurt anyone else in a physical way, but you can help or hurt yourself spiritually. It sounds cold and selfish, but it is the truth, and a spiritual being always sees the truth. It is actually the exact opposite of cold and selfish. The only thing you can do is live in the truth and life yourself. A by-product of doing it is helping others. It is just the spiritual way of life.

Everyone does what is in their own self-interest, including spiritual beings.

When you help others, you are doing the work of a spiritual being. It makes you more fulfilled as you do it, and it moves you along the path to heaven.

When you serve others, you serve yourself at the same time.

Bottom line: You give simply because you do not need it. If you need it, you would not give it away. The bottom line is, spiritual people are more fulfilled living with just the basics. They will always give away anything extra they earn, because they really do not want it; it complicates their life and brings them down. They would throw it away or burn it if there was no one to give it to.

When you help others, you help yourself at the same time. When you screw others, you screw yourself at the same time, and that is the truth.

It is a fundamental and absolute law of nature. When people learn it, the world will change, and not until. When people learn it, self-interest will save us.

The chicken or the egg: People think, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do you get spiritual first and then become simple, or do you become simple and then become spiritual? The truth is, you have to do them both at the same time to do them at all for any length of time. Sometimes you can only do one or the other, but your intent is to always do both, be both. Just dive into life; it will work.

Cup runith over: A spiritual being is fulfilled by every moment of life. Their life overflows, and they give any extra to others that have less; it is that simple.


We have to acknowledge that the way people live now is not working.

As long as we have war, poverty, crime, injustice and ignorance, it is not working. We are spending more money on prisons than schools. People are working more and more, buying more and more, getting more and more in debt, and they are getting less and less fulfilled. The good life does not mean more goods.

Progress and success is not measured in “things,” but in fulfillment.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more fulfilling, and it is actually doing the opposite. People now work much more than they had to in the last generation, and are even less fulfilled. People’s lives are flying by so fast that they are missing most of it. It is mass insanity.

The American dream is turning into a nightmare.

In the last generation, both adults in a family did not have to work to make ends meet. In the last generation, divorce did not end more than half of all marriages. There are more bankruptcies now than people graduating from college. Americans average six hours a week shopping, but only forty minutes talking with their kids. We are not seen by our government as people, just consumers. Depression is up, fulfillment is down. I could go on and on. It is obvious that we are going the wrong way. We have to do the exact opposite of what we are doing, and we have to realize it soon and turn it around, or it will be too late.

Nature will kill you just for not paying attention.

I quote and reference Jesus over five hundred times: I am not the first to point out that things are not working, but I am the first one that is clarifying what the real solution is. Jesus is telling you the solution to the problem. He said what I am saying now two thousand years ago.

Do not believe me: If you do not believe me, believe Jesus, Nietzsche, Einstein and the other prophets, philosophers and poets I quote in this book. I do not have any credibility, but they do. Just check it out for yourself. The truth is self-evident.

The truth will get people out of the rat race and into the human race.

In the past, people could not know what worked and what did not work, because their knowledge was limited to their local area. They would believe something was working somewhere, when it really was not working anywhere.

Now, thanks to worldwide communication, we can know for certain that nothing is really working anywhere. Take-take does not work. Take-give will work. We can no longer be deceived by things people claim to work, but do not. We now know what is happening, and this gives us the power to make the necessary changes.

People will change, because there is really no choice; we have to do it to survive and thrive. The big problem is that people are not going to know they will like it better until after they learn the truth, so it will be difficult at first.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
Albert Einstein

Giving to yourself: The key is to understand what giving is. You are not doing it just for the people you are giving to, you are doing it for yourself, your children and the other people you love.

It is in giving that we receive. Matthew 2:35


People may not love other people enough to give to others, but they love their children and their own life enough to do it; this is why it will happen.

The most powerful motivating factor will be self-interest. As the truth is learned, conspicuous consumption will no longer impress people; it will make people that do it unattractive. In the future, showing wealth and power will be embarrassing.

As long as children are starving, showing off wealth will look stupid.

Anyone that needs a lot to be happy will look weak and stupid in the near future. People that are into showing off with conspicuous consumption will be shamed into changing their ways. The truth will change people’s values.

The worm will turn: The truth is going to make the worm turn. Everything will turn upside down, and what used to make someone look strong and smart will do the opposite.

It will be a sign of stupidity to wear a ten-thousand dollar watch.

The age of twenty-thousand dollar lamps, million dollar works of art, ten-thousand dollar dresses and five-hundred dollar shoes is about to end. Pretension has to die, or we all will. Big spenders will have to go the way of the dinosaurs, or the human race will. That party is over, and another, better one is starting.

When the truth is revealed, self-interest will power the change.

The rich get richer: The rich will always get richer. That is the law of the jungle. The strong eat and get stronger. The weak do not eat, and as a result, get weaker.

It will only change when the rich realize that they do not want to live in a jungle any longer. When the rich learn the truth and learn that being rich is no longer in their best interest, the world will begin to change into the paradise it should be.

Used religion: In the past, the rich just used religions to keep the poor under control. They never believed in it themselves, because it did not make sense. It does now, so things will change. There will be real moral values now.

Money is not everything; the truth and the life is everything. You choose.

Jesus said, “I am poor, but I have everything.”

He did, because he had the truth and the life, and that is everything.

Self-interest: Everyone acts in their own self-interest. When people change their perspective from their minds to their spirits, their self-interest will change, and so will the world. Even the rich are beginning to see that things have to change.

As long as there are the “haves” and “have nots” and ignorance of the truth, the beast will rule this world, and you and your loved ones will have to live in it.

The truth is, no one wants that, not even the rich. True or false?


Having the fewest wants, I am nearest to the Gods.

Things: Your mind is trying to substitute what you really want and need, true life, for things. When you first get “things,” they make you feel happy by giving you a little true life, but it wears off fast and becomes a trap.

Used to things: I had a lot of great things. I had the best view in Long Beach for many years. I lived right on the beach at the best possible place, not second best, the absolute best. I had a balcony on the second story and big picture windows. I sat out there in the warm California sun with a brandy and coke. I was in the best physical position a person into material things could get.

The first year or so, I was sitting on that balcony all the time. As time went on, the less I went out there or even looked out of the picture windows.

I drove a Rolls Royce and many other classic and rare cars. I had over thirty exotic cars and hotrods. I owned an exotic and classic car dealership in the eighties. Many great cars passed through there, and I drove what I wanted to.

You not only get used to them and take them for granted in a very short period of time, but there are some major downsides to having these expensive things.

We are like shop windows in which we are continually arranging, concealing or illuminating the supposed qualities others ascribe to us - in order to deceive ourselves. Friedrich Nietzsche

The problem with money: What most people do not know is there is not that much out there to buy that truly makes you happy.

After you have all the ultimate toys, houses, cars, boats, entertainment center and clothes, there is not much else left to buy that makes you feel good, even for a bit.

“Things” can wake you up, but after awhile, they put you in a deeper sleep.

You get used to everything that money can buy amazingly fast. After driving the Rolls around for a while, it was just like any car to me, worse in a lot of ways.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

You never run out of things to buy and spend money on, but you do run out of things that will make you happy, even for a little while. Then you just have a bunch of expensive toys that no longer fulfill you and trap you in a false life.

I know I am hammering it in, and it bugs you, but repetition is necessary to transform your mind, and as I said, this book is not for entertainment.

Every person that gets what they dreamed of having finds this truth. Now you are back where you started, unfulfilled, but now you no longer even have the dream to look forward to. Then you just fake it, so everyone else thinks your life is better than theirs. It is sick, but it is true.


Success has always been a great liar.
Friedrich Nietzsche

You cannot say you are unhappy when you are rich, because people will think, “What is he complaining about? He should trade places with me.”

Money makes you dishonest in many ways, and one of them is that you have to act like a person with money acts. They have to act like they are fulfilled and have more than money.

Man will do many things to get himself loved; he will do all things to get himself envied. Mark Twain

The rich and the famous are in the illusion business. Many actually do it for a living (show business), but all are “putting on airs” as they say. There are exceptions, but not many. Almost no one will admit that it is not that great.

Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm, but the harm does not interest them. T.S. Eliot

Most people need money to feel special and get respect. A spiritual being has true self-respect and knows they are special, and they do not need anything.

Money cannot buy happiness for very long, but it can buy misery that lasts.

Know who your friends are: The worst part is that you can never know who your friends truly are. You have to stop seeing your friends you knew as a kid, because only people with money can afford to do things people with money do. Money causes animosity between people that have it and those that do not have it. You never know who wants to be your friend for your money or for you. It is a terrible way to live, but you are in the strongest trap there is and will fight to your last breath to keep the deception going, even though you are not happy.

The mind really loves to think it is a big shot, a great success, but it is sick.

Better than you: What is virtuous about even wanting to be superior to others? It is this kind of thinking that causes all the trouble in this world. The “I am better than you” illusion just creates conflict and misery.

The happy winner creates many more unhappy perceived losers by the very act of winning. What kind of person wants to intentionally make a lot of people unhappy? Why do people even want to play a game that creates just one or a few lucky happy winners and many unlucky, unhappy losers?

What is good about that? Yet, the world of the mind makes people think it is good.


People that think they are better than others are worse than others.

It has caused wars. The Germans thought they were superior, the master race. People can see the evil in that, but they cannot see the same evil in themselves and others. Thinking you are better or trying to be better just makes you a jerk.

No one is better than anyone else is; there are just people that know the truth and people that do not. There are spiritual beings and phonies.

Even having the desire to be superior to others is a manifestation of your devil mind. Instead of trying to be superior to others, you should be trying to be a superior being. Spiritual beings do not want to be above or below others, just equal. Wanting to be better than others is kid stuff; it is time to grow up.

There is no better or worse; there are just those that know the truth and those that do not. The concept of better is a deception of the mind.

Equal but different: Being equal does not make us the same; the opposite is true. We will be more different from one another than we are now. When you are free and equal, you are inspired and free to express yourself, so you do.

Showoff: People that show off their wealth hurt other people by making them feel inferior. What kind of person does a thing that makes people feel bad?

A spiritual being does not want to be superior to other people.

Superior being: There are superior states of consciousness, but that is the only thing that really matters. Thus, just always be as conscious as you can be, and you will be the best you can be. It really has nothing to do with anyone else.

Superiority is not the goal. The truth, the life, and complete fulfillment are.

Things change: Even if you get into a position that gives you the illusion of being better than others are, it is just temporary. The balance will swing the other way and cause you to be the opposite, so why play that mind game?

Success can only be something that can exist for everyone all the time.

Fame: Look at me! Look at me! Fame is childish. People that want a lot of attention, especially from strangers, are immature and empty inside. Fame takes away your privacy and puts you in a false world.

People are doing any crazy thing they can to get on TV, even crime. People risk their lives and even hurt other people and themselves just to get attention. That creep who killed John Lennon is an example of how bad some people want fame.

People want attention from others, because it makes them feel loved and important, but it is just a passing illusion. It makes them emptier when they are alone.

Spiritual people have the total attention of God/life and do not need attention from other peoples’ minds to make them feel important or loved. They have the attention of life itself.


Getting attention from other people does bring you into the present a little more and make you feel more alive for a short while. People that are looking at you are giving you a little bit of their life, and you are giving them a little bit of your life. You are sharing the present for a while. There is nothing wrong with it, if you know the truth. This is why it feels good to act in or watch a live play or concert, but it can hurt you more than it can help you if you do not know the truth.

If you know the truth, you can take it or leave it, but if you need fame or attention from others, it is just like a drug, only worse.

Fame will be balanced with loneliness. If you are getting a lot of attention, it means the opposite will happen to balance it, so what is the point?

You can get a lot more attention by just opening up to the truth and the life. You get all the attention there is, and you can have it forever. You can keep your privacy and not have any stalkers or other fools in your life.

Success is like death. The more successful you become, the higher the houses in the hills get and the higher the fences get. Kevin Spacey

People that crave fame and attention are people that do not know the truth.

Fame and fortune will leave you cold and empty. It is another trick of the mind. All people that live in their minds, including famous people, are literally wasting their lives. There is nothing worse. Missing life is the definition of sin.

Why do the rich have a higher percentage of suicides than the poor do?

If being rich is so great, why do so many of them kill themselves? If you watch the TV program “Curse of the Lottery,” you will see worst case scenarios of people going off the deep end because of money. What you do not see on the program is the majority of winners that do not completely ruin their lives, but the money screws their life up also. Big money usually breaks up friends and family and sends you down the low road.

Reality TV: There is very little reality on reality TV. TV shows that are supposed to show rich people in their normal life are BS. The truth is, it is a set up to look better than their real life is. Just the camera being there makes them play to it and try to make things interesting. The truth is, their life is much worse and much more boring than what is shown. Rich looks good on TV, a lot better than it really is.

Fling: If you have never had a lot of money before and you get a lot of money, it is okay to have a spending fling to balance your years of poverty a little, and learn that money is not the dream come true you thought it would be.

After you see it is not that great, you have to get rid of it before you become addicted to it. If you have a fling, it is like playing with hard drugs or fire, and you could get burned, so do not do it for too long.

Like a drug, it will feel great at first, and then it will feel less good as time goes on. You have to stop right when it no longer feels that good and starts causing problems, or you will become addicted and be lost.