Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized. No teacher, no scripture can give it to you.

You have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don't leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind.

You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous. You cannot be loving if you are not courageous. You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous. You cannot inquire into reality if you are not courageous. Hence courage comes first and everything else follows.

Courage does not mean fearlessness. Fearlessness happens if you go on being courageous and more courageous. That is the ultimate experience of courage -- fearlessness; that is the fragrance when the courage has become absolute. But in the beginning there is not much difference between the coward and the courageous person. The only difference is, the coward listens to his fears and follows them, and the courageous person puts them aside and goes ahead. The courageous person goes into the unknown in spite of all the fears.

You have come to me. You have taken a dangerous step. It is a risk because near me you can be lost forever. To come closer will mean death and cannot mean anything else. I am just like an abyss. Come closer to me and you will fall into me. For this, the invitation has been given to you. You have heard it and you have come. Be aware that through me you are not going to gain anything. Through me you can only lose all – because unless you are lost, the divine cannot happen; unless you disappear totally, the real cannot arise. You are the barrier.

And you are so much, so stubbornly much, you are so filled with yourself that nothing can penetrate you. Your doors are closed. When you disappear, when you are not, the doors open. Then you become just like the vast, infinite sky.

~ Osho ~

ECSTASY IS A LANGUAGE that man has completely forgotten. He has been forced to forget it; he has been compelled to forget it. The society is against it, the civilization is against it. The society has a tremendous investment in misery. It depends on misery, it feeds on misery, it survives on misery. The society is not for human beings. The society is using human beings as a means for itself. The society has become more important than humanity. The culture, the civilization, the church, they all have become more important. They were meant to be for man, but now they are not for man. They have almost reversed the whole process; now man exists for them.

Every child is born ecstatic. Ecstasy is natural. It is not something that happens only to great sages. It is something that everybody brings with him into the world; everybody comes with it. It is life's innermost core. It is part of being alive. Life is ecstasy. Every child brings it into the world, but then the society jumps on the child, starts destroying the possibility of ecstasy, starts making the child miserable, starts conditioning the child. The society is neurotic, and it cannot allow ecstatic people to be here. They are dangerous for it. Try to understand the mechanism; then things will be easier.

You cannot control an ecstatic man; it is impossible. You can only control a miserable man. An ecstatic man is bound to be free. Ecstasy is freedom. He cannot be reduced to being a slave. You cannot destroy him so easily; you cannot persuade him to live in a prison. He would like to dance under the stars and he would like to walk with the wind and he would like to talk with the sun and the moon. He will need the vast, the infinite, the huge, the enormous. He cannot be seduced into living in a dark cell. You cannot make a slave out of him. He will live his own life and he will do his thing. This is very difficult for the society. If there are many ecstatic people, the society will feel it is falling apart, its structure will not hold anymore.

Those ecstatic people will be the rebels. Remember, I don't call an ecstatic person "revolutionary"; I call him a "rebel." A revolutionary is one who wants to change the society, but he wants to replace it with another society. A rebel is one who wants to live as an individual and would like there to exist no rigid social structure in the world. A rebel is one who does not want to replace this society with another society -- because all the societies have proved the same The capitalist and the communist and the fascist and the socialist, they are all cousin-brothers; it doesn't make much difference. The society is society. All the churches have proved the same -- the Hindu, the Christian, the Mohammedan.

~ Esctacy, The Forgotten Language

Youtube: No Society Wants You To Become Wise


The word ‘man’ itself comes from the Sanskrit root man, which means mind. If you understand the workings of the mind, you will understand the reality of man and the possibility too. If you understand the inner mechanism of the mind, you will understand the past of man, the present and the future too.

Man in himself is not a being but a passage. In himself man is not a being, because man is continuously a becoming. There is no rest in being a man. Rest is below man or above man.

Below is nature, above is God. Man is just in between – a link, a ladder. You cannot rest on a ladder, you cannot stop on the ladder. The ladder cannot become your abode. Man has to be surpassed, man has to be transcended.

Man is a journey between your two infinities. One is your nature, one infinity; another is your hidden God, the other infinity. And man is just between the two, a ferry boat. Use it, but don’t be confined by it. Use it, but don’t be defined by it. Always remember that you have to go beyond.

The whole message of Jesus is how to go beyond man. That’s why he again and again says: I am the Son of man and the Son of God. He goes on insisting on this contradiction, because he wants it to be completely clear that man is both: on the one hand part of nature, on the other hand part of God. That is the meaning of the word ’son’: son means a part of the father.

And because man belongs to these two realities – two separate realities – there is anxiety in man, there is tension in man, there is constant conflict in man, because these two natures go on fighting. Hence, as man, there is no possibility of peace. Either you have to become absolutely unconscious, like a drunkard when he has taken so much alcohol that he has lost all his consciousness – then there is peace, or you will have to become so conscious that all the nooks and corners of your being are full of light – you become a Buddha or a Christ – then there is peace. Either fall below man, or go beyond man. Don’t go on clinging to being a man, because then you are clinging to a disease.

That’s exactly what man is: a disease, a constant tension – to be or not to be, to be this or to be that – a constant fight between the soul and the body, the lower and the higher, unconsciousness and consciousness. To understand man as a conflict, to understand man as a constant tension will help immensely, because then you stop clinging to man as such. Rather, on the contrary, you start thinking ’How to go beyond, how to transcend, how to surpass?’

Friedrich Nietzsche is right when he says that man is the only animal who tries to surpass himself, the only animal who can surpass himself. It is the greatest miracle in the world: to surpass oneself. But it has happened. It has happened in a Christ, in a Buddha, in a Krishna. It can happen in you! You are a great promise, a project, an adventure. But don’t start thinking about yourself as if you have arrived. Then you cling somewhere in between, and a part of you will be pulled to one side and the other part to another side – you will be torn apart. And you will remain in anguish, and your existence will be nothing but a long, long, on-going nightmare.

~ I Say Unto You, Vol. I, Chapter 5


Bliss is possible only when the mind is put aside, when the mind is no more interfering, when the mind is no more playing its games, when you have seen the strategies of the mind, its tricks, through and through, when you have become aware of how the mind has been deceiving you for so long. And don't fight with the mind, because if you fight with the mind... That is its last strategy; if you fight with the mind you have to remain entangled with it. If you have to fight with the mind you have to use the same tactics as the mind.

So the whole art is seeing through and through, and then without any fight simply putting it aside; just slipping out of it as a snake slips out of its old skin, without any fight. And the moment it happens, for the first time you feel that you are infinite. It was the mind that was giving you a definition, a limitation. It was the mind that was framing you, otherwise you are the unframed sky.

And the moment limitations disappear bliss arises. Bliss is freedom, freedom from all limitations. The body is a limitation, but it is easy to know that `I am not the body.' You can feel it very easily, that you are not the body. When you are feeling hungry you know that hunger is in the body and you are a watcher. When you feel thirsty you know that the thirst is in the body and you are the watcher. When you drink water and the thirst is quenched you know that the body is satisfied and you are the watcher.

It is more difficult with the mind because it is very close. Somebody insults you and you become angry; to watch in that moment seems very difficult. You are so enraged that you forget all about watchfulness. And those are the moments in which to be aware. When anger possesses you, greed possesses you, lust possesses you, be watchful. Go on reminding yourself `I am not this.' Keep your coolness. And you will be surprised that if you can keep your coolness even for a few seconds, the anger disappears like a cloud that has come and gone. And a great peace arises, the peace that is always there when the storm goes, the silence that follows the storm.

When lust takes possession of you watch and see, soon it will be gone. Nothing remains forever, in the mind everything is continuously changing. Just wait and watch, and when it is gone you will feel so strengthened, so full of vigour, so full of energy that you will be surprised. And this is the energy that could have been lost in lust, in anger, in greed.

And when you go on becoming more and more full of energy. When you start overflowing with energy great delight arises. Energy, overflowing energy, is a delight. It is bliss. And when you have come to know the inexhaustible source of energy within you that is no-mind, you have discovered god. It is not somewhere in the skies, it is within you. It is your very being.

~ Fingers Pointing to the Moon


Jesus says: ”Judge ye not,” and this is one of the greatest sayings ever uttered by any man on the earth. It is one of the most impossible things for the mind. The mind judges immediately; without any grounds the mind makes a judgment.

You have made many judgments without ever looking whether grounds existed for them or not. And if you look deep, you will find Jesus is right. Every judgment is wrong, because the whole world is so deeply interconnected that unless you know the whole you cannot know the part. One thing leads to another because it is interlinked.

The present moment is interlinked with all the past; the present moment is interlinked with all the future. In this moment culminates all eternity. All that has happened is there; all that is happening is there; all that will ever happen is there. How can you judge? The world is not divided. If it was divided then a fragment could be known, but the world is a totality. All judgments are false because they will be partial and they will claim as if they are the whole.

Yes, Jesus is absolutely right: ”Judge ye not,” because the very judgment will close you; it will be a deadness within. Your sensitivity will be lost, and with it your possibility for growth. The moment you judge, you shrink; the moment you judge, you stop; the moment you judge, you are no longer flowering.

So the greatest thing is to be courageous enough not to judge. In fact, to suspend judgment is the greatest courage, because the mind is so eager to judge, to say good or bad, right or wrong. The mind is juvenile, it jumps from one judgment to another. If you ever want to get out of the mind and without it there is no possibility of your inner growth then, ”Judge ye not.”... 

And when we say only God knows, it means only the total knows. Judge ye not, otherwise you will never be able to become one with the total. You will be obsessed with fragments, with small things you will jump to conclusions. And Sufis are very insistent on this: that you never bother that there are things which are completely beyond you but even about them you make judgments.

Your consciousness is on a very low rung of the ladder. You live in the dark valley of misery, anguish, and from your darkest valleys of miseries you judge even a buddha. Even a buddha is not left without your judgment. Even a Jesus is judged by you not only judged but crucified, judged and found guilty, judged and punished.
You live in the valley, a dark and damp valley; you have not seen the peaks even in your dreams. You cannot even imagine them, because even imagination needs a base in experience. You cannot dream about something which is absolutely unknown, because even dreaming comes out of your knowledge. You cannot dream about God, you cannot imagine God; you cannot imagine the peaks and the life that exists in a buddha. But you judge.

You say, ”Yes, this man is a buddha, and this man is not a buddha; this man is enlightened and this man is not.” The enlightened person is not harmed by you because he cannot be harmed in any way, but you are harmed by your judgment.

Once you judge you have stopped growing. Judgment means a stale state of mind; now the movement has stopped, the effort to know more has stopped, the effort to grow has stopped. You have already made the judgment and it is finished.

And the mind always wants to be in a judgment because movement is troublesome to be in a process is always hazardous. To come to a conclusion means you have reached the goal; now there is no journey.


A man who wants to journey to the ultimate should make it a basic point not to judge. Very difficult, almost impossible because before you know it, the mind judges. Before you have even become aware of it, the mind has judged. But if you try, by and by, a subtle awareness arises and then you can suspend judgment. If you suspend judgment you have become religious. Then you don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

But ordinarily the people you call religious are the people who know everything what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not to do. They have all the commandments with them. That’s why religious people become pig-headed, thick-skinned. Their journey has stopped; they are not growing at all. The river is not moving; it has become stale. If you want movement, growth and infinite movement and growth are possible because God is not a static point; God is the total movement of life, of existence if you want to walk with God then you have to move continuously. You have to be continuously on the journey.

In fact, the journey never ends. One path ends, another opens; one door closes, another opens. A higher peak is always there. You reach to a peak and you were just going to rest thinking everything is achieved suddenly a higher peak is still there. From peak to peak, it never comes to an end; it is an endless journey God is an endless journey. That’s why only those who are very, very courageous so courageous that they don’t bother about the goal but are content with the journey; just to move with life, to float with the river, just to live the moment and grow into it only those are able to walk with God.

Goal-oriented people are mediocre all your achievers are mediocre. What can you achieve? Can you achieve the supreme? If you can achieve the supreme, just by your achievement it will not be supreme. If you could achieve it, how can it be supreme? Can you reach to the goal? Then the goal will be less than you. No, the goal cannot be reached. In fact there is no goal, and it is good that there is no goal.

That’s why life is deathless, because every goal will be a death. Then you are no longer needed. A man who judges too much is stopping his growth from everywhere. And once judgments settle inside, you become incapable of seeing the new. The judgment won’t allow it because the judgment will be disturbed by the new. Then you will live with closed eyes.

You are not blind, nobody is blind, but everybody behaves like a blind man has to: judgments are there. If you open your eyes the fear is that you may have to see something, something may be encountered, and you may have to change the judgment. And judgment is so cosy you have settled in a house and forgotten the road, and the journey and the effort and the continuous movement and the danger and the hazards. You have forgotten the adventure...

A man who lives with open eyes is never bored. Life is so enchanting, life is so magical, life is such a miracle. Every moment millions of miracles are happening all around you but you live with closed eyes, with your judgments.

~ Journey Toward The Heart - Discourses On The Sufi Way


Existence knows no questions. All questions are man-made.

And not only questions, but all answers also are man-made.

It is a very stupid game. First you create the question, then you have to create the answer; otherwise the question tortures you. It goes on knocking in your head, ”Find the answer!” So you look in the holy scriptures, in the philosophical treatises. You go to your so-called wise people – whom I call ’other wise.’ And they supply you with answers – with a condition: you have to believe them.

All the religions are called faiths. Why? Science is not called a faith. But why are religions called faiths? – because the answers are man-made. And if you are not repressed in the very beginning, there is no end to the questions.

You bring one question, you ask, ”Who created the world?” The priest says, ”God the father who lives in heaven, he created the world. Believe it. Doubt is a sin!” Why is he insisting on belief? – because he knows soon you will come and ask, ”Who created God?”... the same question.

And the priest does not have the guts to say that God needs no creator. If he says that, then what is the need of God? Existence can exist without any creator. If God can exist without being created, then where is the problem? Why bring God in? Their answers are all invented. And to prevent you asking more and more, their insistence is that doubt is sin, and belief is virtue. Just the opposite is the reality: belief is the sin, and doubt is the virtue.

In three hundred years, science has progressed so much because it accepted doubt as its method. In thousands of years, religions have not contributed anything to the world, because their very foundation is fictitious. From belief you can never reach to the truth. In fact the moment you believe in something, your inquiry dies; now there is no need, you already know the answer. This is killing man’s enquiry, the adventure of becoming acquainted with life’s mysteries.

All the religions have been doing one thing: they are de-mystifying existence by forcing belief on you, playing on your greed and fear that if you don’t believe you will fall into eternal hell. If you believe, you will have an eternal life of rejoicings. In paradise there is no work except playing on your harp, ”Alleluia, alleluia.” That’s the only work, all seven days are holidays.

I am sometimes surprised that all your saints, mahatmas, the great souls, have been doing this stupid thing continuously for eternity now: playing on the harp, ”Alleluia, alleluia.” They must be bored to death! In fact, hell seems to be more exciting. At least there is much to be done. And you will find all the colorful people in hell.

In heaven, you will find only long faces, carrying their crosses on their shoulders. You will not find a Picasso, a Van Gogh, a Byron, a Mozart. All the beautiful people you will find in hell, because they never believed. They lived their life spontaneously, without ordering it according to a certain religion or dogma.

If there is a heaven and hell – just for argument’s sake I am saying that; there is no heaven, no hell. But if there is heaven and hell, please choose hell! All the great painters, all the great poets, all the great artists, all the great sculptors you will find there.

~ From Death to Deathlessness


MAN has been brought up by all the traditions in a schizophrenic way.

It was helpful to divide man in every possible dimension, and create a conflict between the divisions. This way man becomes weak, shaky, fearful, ready to submit, surrender; ready to be enslaved by the priests, by the politicians, by anybody.

This question also arises out of a schizophrenic mind. It will be a little difficult for you to understand because you may have never thought that the division between ends and means is a basic strategy of creating a split in man.

Has living any meaning, any point, any worth? The question is: Is there some goal to be achieved by life, by living? Is there some place where you will reach one day by living? Living is a means; the goal, the attainment, somewhere far away, is the end. And that end will make it meaningful. If there is no end, then certainly life is meaningless; a God is needed to make your life meaningful.

First create the division between ends and means. That divides your mind.

Your mind is always asking why? For what? And anything that has no answer to the question, ”For what?” slowly, slowly becomes of no value to you. That’s how love has become valueless. What point is there in love? Where is it going to lead you? What is going to be the achievement out of it? Will you attain to some utopia, some paradise?

Of course, love has no point in that way.

It is pointless.

What is the point of beauty?

You see a sunset – you are stunned, it is so beautiful, but any idiot can ask the question, ”What is the meaning of it?” and you will be without any answer. And if there is no meaning then why unnecessarily are you bragging about beauty?

A beautiful flower, or a beautiful painting, or beautiful music, beautiful poetry – they don’t have any point. They are not arguments to prove something, neither are they means to achieve any end.

And living consists only of those things which are pointless.

Let me repeat it: living consists only of those things which have no point at all, which have no meaning at all – meaning in the sense that they don’t have any goal, that they don’t lead you anywhere, that you don’t get anything out of them.
In other words, living is significant in itself.

The means and ends are together, not separate.

And that is the strategy of all those who have been lustful for power, down the ages: that means are means. and ends are ends. Means are useful because they lead you to the end. If they don’t lead to your end, they are meaningless. In this way, they have destroyed all that is really significant. And they have imposed things on you which are absolutely insignificant.

Money has a point. A political career has a point. To be religious has a point, because that is the means to heaven, to God. Business has a point because immediately you see the end result. Business became important, politics became important, religion became important; poetry, music, dancing, love, friendliness, beauty, truth, all disappeared from your life.

A simple strategy, but it destroyed all that makes you significant, that gives ecstasy to your being.

But the schizophrenic mind will ask, ”What is the point of ecstasy?”

People have asked me, hundreds of people, ”What is the meaning of meditation? What will we gain out of it? First, it is very difficult to attain – and even if we attain it, what is going to be the end result?”

It is very difficult to explain to these people that meditation is an end in itself.

There is no end beyond it.

Anything that has an end beyond it is just for the mediocre mind. And anything which has its end in itself is for the really intelligent person.

But you will see the mediocre person becoming the president of a country, the prime minister of a country; becoming the richest man in the country, becoming the pope, becoming the head of a religion. But these are all mediocre people; their only qualification is their mediocrity. They are third rate and basically they are schizophrenic. They have divided their life in two parts: ends and means

~ From Ignorance to Innocence


There is no goal of life, for the simple reason that life is its own goal. The goal is intrinsic, not something outside; not there, far away, but here now, in this very moment. The very idea of goal is future-oriented.

The moment you start living for a goal you stop living in the present, in the immediate. The goal becomes more important. Tomorrow becomes more important, and you have to sacrifice today for tomorrow; and the trouble is, tomorrow never comes, has never come, is not going to come ever.

But you go on sacrificing your today – which is your only treasure, which is all that you have got. You risk that which you have for that which is only a mind desire.

But the society, culture, civilization, religions – they have all conditioned the mind of human beings to live for ideals, goals, to go on sacrificing the real for some imaginary paradise, future life, eternity, God.

All these names mean only one thing: Don’t live now.

All the cultures and all the civilizations and all the religions are against the ”now” – and now is the only reality.

Wherever you are, whenever you are, it is always now. Except ”now” there is nothing existential.

The word ”goal” is very dangerous. It is suicidal to have a goal. Without your awareness you are being sacrificed for something which is never going to happen.

Life in itself is enough – it needs no goals.

That’s why there is this urge, this desire, this tremendous lust to live and to live forever. It has nothing to do with you; it is your very life. This is not being taught to you; you are born with this desire. This desire is your gift from existence itself.

If you listen to this desire and if you stop listening to all kinds of religious nonsense, you will be a new man, really alive. Yes, life has a tremendous power, and it wants to expand. It wants to live as intensely and totally as possible.

And this is not going to happen some other day. If it is going to happen it can happen only now:

Now or never.

~ From Darkness To Light

Youtube: Life Has NO Goals, NO Purpose