On the edge: This section will be for things that cannot be seen clearly yet, things we are working on, next step stuff. It is like what quantum mechanics is to physics; it is at the edge of our understanding. The only thing I know for sure is they can be known, and will be known at some point, as opposed to things that cannot be known ever, like understanding infinity.

I know all the things in the books and other insights sections are true beyond a reasonable doubt. Everything that can be checked has been checked. The things in this section are the things I do not know and would like to know. Because I want to know them, my mind is open to the answers to these questions, and when the time is right, they will come to me from the collective unconscious, or via someone in cyber space, like a team member.

The veil: There is always more to learn, but the things that are not in the book are not there because they are things you need to realize yourself. I have a file called "The Edge" where I put things I get from the collective unconscious that I know are true, but they are too far out to put in the books. They will sidetrack people, and can do more harm than good. What you leave out is as important as what you include in a book about the truth of life. You do not discuss or try to define things on the edge of what the mind can understand, things like infinity. There are many things like that that I understand and every truth seeker will eventually understand after it comes to them directly from the collective unconscious when the time is right for you to get it. In other words, some truth should not be known until the time is right to know it. I say this in the books, but it is one of those things that needs to be said often, so people do not go off chasing the answers to questions you cannot know now, and if you did know the answer, it would hurt your quest to get to a heaven more than it would help. That is why there is the veil I talk about in The Present (with religion). I talk about this on the second page when I say what the word apocalypse means. It will be true, as the Bible says, that the veil will lift for most people at about the same time, but it is lifted for some people sooner; they are called seers. Seers have to know what not to say, as well as what to say and when to say it, and what to let people see for themselves at the time that is right for them personally. Everyone has the veil lifted at different times for different things. Commitment to seeking and spreading the truth makes it happen, because the more you want it and give to it, the faster you get it.

The source is the collective unconscious or universal mind. It has different levels that manifest as different forms of life. Every species represents a different level of the collective unconscious. That is why evolution happens faster than it could happen with natural selection alone. For example, a species evolves a poison, or camouflage, as a defense from predators. Much of it develops through natural selection, small changes over many life spans. The offspring that has a chemical or skin coloring that helps it survive survives longer, so it can reproduce more offspring with the traits. The ones with stronger chemicals or better camouflage survive longer, thus those traits get stronger and better, but at the same time it connects with the corresponding level of the collective unconscious, making it stronger, but the evidence and speed it happens shows the collective unconscious leads the way, not the biological change.

Right now we are changing into spiritual beings. Hooking up to the source of a spiritual being is what is going to make it happen, in combination with our evolving technology. This is why getting the animal mind out of the way is key to doing it.


Being Reborn in Heaven

ow it happens: I see it as when you die, you become nothing, which means you are everywhere. When it happens: I see it as it does not matter; it can be a trillion years. Your soul will wait until there is a heaven-type environment, if there is not one now somewhere in infinite space. The odds, the Bible, and evolution say it exists now. Why it happens: It happens because you have finished evolving; you know the truth of life, know how the animal realm works, and know how a heaven would work. You are connected to it as you are connected to the animal realm, but you see you are leaving the animal realm and feel the pull of the heavenly realm.

Know the unknowable: There are many worlds like Earth, inside and outside of our bodies. We live in an infinite universe, and we are immortal. Those are things you can know for certain. One day, your soul will be in a permanent heaven. It is the goal of all conscious life. We have been close many times, have been in temporary heavens many times, and have fallen back down to the bottom of the evolutionary line. How it works exactly is one of the things you cannot know for certain. It is mostly beyond the animal mind, so you need some faith in the truth and evolution. It is not blind faith; it is based on everything you can know. When you know everything that can be known, you know the rest in a way that cannot be explained to anyone else. It is not for people that do not know the knowledge that can be known. As the Bible says, you will know the unknowable.

Human beings are always doing the same thing at the same time on Earth, just like monkeys, wolves, or foxes are doing the same thing everywhere in the world at the same time. Behavior is determined by environment, your body and your surroundings, but that does not explain it when it comes to humans. We all began to speak at around the same time everywhere (within a few thousand years). The fossil evidence, cave paintings, etc. show we all changed at about the same time as described on page 36 of The Present. It proves the invisible force I call the collective unconscious is real. Let us know if you can find any evidence for or against this.

Infinite is far out and far in...

How what we do mentally creates reality... like the butterfly flapping its wings in America and causes a storm in China...

If you see how you receive information, it helps you see it for what it is (mind). You see, hear, smell, taste, feel through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin that is attached to nerves. Light, sound, etc., is changed into an electrical impulse that travels through said nerves to a big bundle of nerves in your head. Your consciousness lives in this network of nerves. Your soul does not experience the environment directly. It has to be transferred and translated by your senses and nerves. In other words, it has to be turned into reality. If something intercepts, blocks or distorts these electrical impulses, like a drug or injury, it will change your perception of reality, but not change reality, because there is an infinite number of intact beings all experiencing the same thing, so reality always stays the same. When the drug wears off, or you die and are reborn in an intact or unaltered body, reality will be the same again for you. It goes both ways; mind creates reality by manipulating matter on the level it lives. Men use their minds to build a building, or focus energy into movement, such as a war. These things that manifest as reality for us also help shape the reality for beings that are in other dimensions, very large or small from our perspective. We are (our universe) an atom in a larger universe, and the atoms in us have infinite universes in them, so what we do (the building, war) affects the bigger and smaller universes and serves to create the same reality for all living things. Infinite goes in forever as well as goes out forever, so the above information is not just far out, it is far in too.

Dogs and Cats

It is not only possible, it is probable that pets, especially cats and dogs, are human next if they have an enlightened owner, and can go to heaven with this human.

This is the logic and evidence behind that statement:

We know for the balance to be accurate, predator and prey have to switch places as they both evolve. It may only happen when they are not too far apart, such as deer and lion, as opposed to whale and plankton. The balance means fairness, cycles, the eaten becoming the eater. Souls being equal, they would have to switch places for the balance to be perfect. The extreme closeness that happens when the prey dies in the mouth of the predator could be direct attention needed for the switch. Attention is love in the spiritual world, and both predator and prey have total attention with each other during a kill event.

If you give your pet your total love, it is the equivalent attention spread over the pet's lifetime. It is at least equal to the minutes of the kill event.

You may say that there are more rabbits than wolves, so how can they switch places? The only answer is that it does not have to happen right away. A wolf can be a rabbit right away, but a rabbit may have to wait millions of years to balance it. Other planets and dimensions could easily be involved in creating balance. Remember, we are dealing with infinity, so time and distance are not an issue. Also, all animals are close to the same level mentally, so a rabbit could be a predatory fish, and it would be equal to a hawk, etc.

My dog and I are soul mates. We travel together now, and will be in and out of each other's life forever. My dog is going to heaven, because that is where I am going. It can be the same for you and your pets. See: Dog Heaven

Parallel universes, and planets.

In an infinite universe, there are many planets very similar to Earth.

If we evolved from bacteria, and other animals were all the other human beings, it does not add up unless you take into account that the animal realm, human realm, and spiritual realm can exist on many different planets. There are whole universes inside us, in the atoms of our bodies, from which we can move back and forth as we evolve. There are millions of planets where trillions of life forms live in a perfect heaven. That more than compensates for the trillions of life forms on this planet that live on the animal level.

You also have to keep in mind that most animal life below human is at the same level, so souls or consciousness can and do bounce back and forth from species to species, predator to prey, and prey to predator. Once you reach the level of primate, or higher mammal, such as dolphins, whales, dogs and cats, you do not go to lower species again, just to higher life forms until you get to human and get a shot at leaving the animal realm forever. If you get it and do not take it, you start over at the bottom of the food chain.