Prophets are teachers, not leaders. True prophets set you free from leaders.

The mind mix: The collective unconscious does not communicate in words; you do not hear voices. You get an idea or concept, and your own mind has to put it into words. The message has to work through the mind of the prophet, and mix with the mind of a prophet.

In the case of Jesus, the revelations that came to him had to mix with the mind of a person that lived two thousand years ago. He is going to receive divine messages that mix with what people know and believe at that time in history, so the message will reflect what they know and believe. That is why he used the metaphor for heaven as a kingdom. He did not know about democracies.

A prophet that lives today will receive messages or inspirations that mix with a modern, more knowledgeable mind. Jesus only knew what could be known two thousand years ago. We have learned a lot since then, so the new revelations of the truth are much more complete and accurate.

Jesus said, “I did not come to destroy; I came to fulfill. Not to tear down, but to build up.”

Jesus built on what the prophets that came before him said. The prophets of today will build on what Jesus added. Prophets have been building on each other since the beginning, and they will continue to do it until everything is revealed and most people will be able to see the ultimate truth for the first time.

The past cannot teach us what to do as much as what not to do.

There is very little ultimate truth to be found in the past. Most of what comes from the past is false and misleading. Just studying the ancient prophets is not enough to realize the truth and the life; their testament is incomplete and distorted. You have to study the old with the new to see the complete picture. You just use the truth of the past as a guide to a new, more complete and accurate explanation of the truth. True new revelations build on the old revelations of the past.


Jesus said, “The Holy Spirit will teach you what to say at the time when you are required to speak.”

What Jesus says above is one of the most important or revealing sayings in this book. It shows that Jesus knew the words he said did not come from him, that they passed through him, that he did not know what he was going to say before he said it. People have to really read what he says, not twist his words around.

Anyone can be a prophet: In the saying above, Jesus is clearly pointing out that anyone can be a prophet if they make the connection. He is saying the words of the Holy Spirit will come out of your mouth if you let them and the time is right for you to say them. This means you do not need a leader, just the Holy Spirit.

All a prophet is, is someone that can see the truth and tell others what it is. Everyone should be able to see the truth, because it is self-evident, so anyone can be a prophet. Some people are just better at seeing and expressing the truth than others, or they just see it first. Anyone can see the truth in the present (life).

Jesus said, “If you seek, you shall find.”

When you truly start to seek, you truly start to find, just as Jesus says. If you do not seek, you will not find. You just have to search and have an open mind.

The next best thing to finding God/life is looking for God/life.

Seeking: The trick is to seek without seeking. When you actively try to learn the ultimate truth, it will not come to you, because you have to be in the mind to seek. You just have to love the truth above all else, and it will be revealed to you.

Jesus said, "I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not through seeking will you find me, but through peace of mind.”

Do not get me wrong, you have to dedicate yourself to finding and learning the truth, but it comes when you are not looking. It comes in between the times you are actively looking. You just have to be truly interested in the truth more than anything else. If you have this sincere and true interest, the truth will come to you. When you are not seeking, spread what you know. It is that simple.

You have been deceived. There is no sin in that, but now that the truth has been revealed to you, denying it would be the greatest of all sins.

Selling faith, selling doubt: Religions sell faith; atheists sell doubt. This book just says what the evidence, reason and logic says, and sells that which is.


My revelations: I just do what Jesus said to do, and I learn something new, unknown, unseen or unacknowledged everyday. These revelations just come out of the air, make sense and fit in this book. This is why it is written so differently.

It isn’t me talking here. It comes from somewhere else, and I just write it down in the right place. I personally never think about the things in this book. I did all the thinking I needed to do, and now I do not think much, so I am open to new things.

I do not plan to be a spiritual leader or anything like that. I do not plan to do anything else for the truth except for sending letters. I did my part and wrote the book. Now other people will have to do what they are inspired to do. I plan to just live a middle class life in obscurity. If asked, I will help others over the Internet.

The only thing I plan to do is discuss the subject with people that are interested on the Internet. That is all anyone should do, and if a lot of people do it, the truth will be seen, and the world will become the heaven it could be and should be.

I am a regular guy. I like to fool around with women, boats, cars, plus I like seeking and spreading the truth. I am not going to ever tell anyone who I am. I am never going to tell people my past; it does not make a good story. I cannot take credit or blame for the things in this book, because it just passed through me.

Leaders/followers: The truth needs no leaders, just teachers. It is important to keep personalities out of it. Followers get dependent on spiritual leaders, leaders get dependent on the followers, and the truth is lost. The truth is, people need to lead themselves. All the truth needs is the Internet and work to spread it.

Buddha’s last words were, “Be a light unto yourself.”

You must take all the help you can get, and give as much help as you can.

This time, the truth is not dependent on a single leader. In the past, a lowlife could kill a prophet and stop the truth from getting out, but not now. Many people have saved this book to their computers (you should do it now and often, because it changes often, click the "PDF" links on the homepage of, so the seed has been planted, and it will grow in other people until it pops up somewhere again. I just opened a door, turned on a light, so people could see the truth. Now it is up to you to spread it and improve it.

Use the Internet to tell people about it. All enlightened people will spend at least a half hour per day sending the letters, working forums, etc. The Internet was not created to just do what it is doing now. It is mostly being used for pornography and to sell products. It was actually created subconsciously for one ultimate purpose, and that is to spread the ultimate truth and help make heaven possible.

This book is just the spark that will get people talking about the real truth. I am just a guy with a match that is trying to start a truth fire.

Tuned in: I am just a tuned in guy, throwing out things I can see that no one else seems to see. When others start to see them, people will come together and better define the truth and the life. We will see the issues clearly for the first time and the solutions to our problems. We will then solve them as fast as is possible.


It all starts by spreading the truth on the Internet (never in person). If the truth is not worth a half hour out of twenty four, people are not worthy of knowing the truth, and they deserve their fate. Lazy people and fools deserve what they get. If people devote a half hour a day to learning and spreading the truth, they will be saved and so will the world. Just do it, as the saying goes.

To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Write a book:  As Paul Simon says in the song “Slip Sliding Away,” the closer you get to the truth, the more you slip slide away from it. The truth makes you feel better, so you start doing better in life and are distracted from the truth. It is usually nothing heavy or earth shaking; it is just people lose interest and go off into something else. People slip slide away from it without even noticing they are doing it. That is why it helps to write your own book to stay on track.

The only thing we all have in common is that we play tricks in order to force ourselves to abandon the quest. The counter-measure is to persist in spite of all the barriers and disappointments. Carlos Castaneda

Just start writing what you think the ultimate truth is and why. Work on it a little everyday, and it will grow, and so will your understanding of the truth. It keeps you on the spiritual path, so it is important, and everyone should do it.

What you know: Your book will tell you what you know you know, so you will just concentrate on and research what you know you do not know.

Your book will evolve and change as you evolve and change.

It is like working on a clay sculpture. You add a little here, take a little there, until it begins to reveal the ultimate truth in a way that you understand it perfectly.

I received the revelations in this book one or two sentences at a time or one idea at a time. One thing would just lead to another, and it just built into this book. Most of the time I will get just a little change to something I have already written. I would just write the ideas I received on a notepad until I got a few pages, and then I would turn on my laptop and add them to this book.

The next best thing to knowing the ultimate truth is seeking it.

Writing a book keeps you seeking and organized in your search. It leads directly to God/life. Doing it on a computer makes it easy. It would have been difficult in the past, but now you can delete and add stuff easily, and you can watch TV while you do it. When it gets complete enough, just send it to the contest, and the judges will help you refine it.  Do not worry if it sounds a lot like this book, it will.


Judges: Everyone that makes an entry becomes a judge, so by competing with the other entries, the entries keep getting better. I think someone is going to say what I say in this book a lot better than I do. I am not a writer, and I just wrote this to get the ball rolling. I expect this first try at it just to inspire other people that will do it better; maybe you will.

I never wrote anything before and never will again. I had to write this book.

I never wanted to write this book. Writing is not easy for a dyslexic person. I was waiting for someone else to do it, but I started to think, maybe no one would, and we are running out of time, so I had to just in case no one else was going to.

Millions of children: The only question I have is whether I can write well enough for anyone else to understand what I am talking about. This book is the best I can do. If you can do better, it is your responsibility to the human race to enter the contest and enlighten everyone else. There are millions of children counting on us to do what we should to give them a decent future. We can tell the truth, and it is all they need.

You can do it while watching TV: When you get your own mind out of the way, turn it off, it makes room for the universal mind or collective unconscious to come through you. Watching TV while writing is a good way to turn your mind off.

Other books: I have revealed the hidden truth in the Bible, because Christianity is the religion I grew up with and know the best. Other people need to do the same thing with their religions and religious books. The truth in them is fundamentally the same, but comes from a different perspective, so they all should be reinterpreted now. People need to see the truth in their own religions.

A new revelation is new truth. I did not know any of the things that I have put in this book before they came to me. I just filled in the blanks as they appeared.

Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body he dwells. There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom. Friedrich Nietzsche

The key is to not think much. As John Lennon said, you need a blank sheet of paper before you can put anything new on it. You have to get the bats out of the belfry, make room for daddy, and make room for something new to come to you.

You have to have the desire to receive the truth for it to come, but thinking about it does not make it happen. It is when you stop thinking that it comes.

Jesus said, "I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not through seeking will you find me, but through peace of mind.”

When a revelation is true, it makes sense and fits into a pattern, which has continuity. It is also true for everyone, all the time. That is how you know it is true.


Writing this book is the most amazing thing I have ever done, because I watched it grow almost by itself. I write it, but it comes from outside my own mind, from the universal mind or Holy Spirit.

When people read the new revelations in this book they will think, “I knew that,” because many revelations come to many people at about the same time.

Deep down, everyone knows the truth, because all it is, is reality, and it is self-evident once you begin to wake up. People are just beginning to be able to see things as they truly are.

The revelations are just passing through me and this book to reach you.

They are for you as much as they were for me. If you are ready to receive them, you will understand what I am saying. If not, you will think I am crazy.

Automatic writing: Most of the revelations just came to me while I was doing something else, mostly while watching TV or listening to music.

Jesus said, "The words I speak are not my own but the Father's.”

All things that come from beyond the mind come from what Jesus calls the Father. Jesus said many times that what he says does not come from him, but from the Father, and it comes via the Holy Spirit. I call the Holy Spirit the collective unconscious, because it is a more accurate description of what it actually is. It was called the Holy Ghost until just recently, but was changed to the Holy Spirit because it was more accurate. It now should be called the collective unconscious, because it is more accurate than Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, “I have many more things to tell you, but you cannot understand them now, but when the Holy Spirit comes, the Spirit of Truth, it will guide you all in truth. When the Spirit comes, he will make all things clear to you.”

Jesus was hearing what he was saying for the first time as he said it, just as the people listening to him were. Revelations just pass through ordinary people.

John and Yoko were taking pictures in central park for a coffee table book they were creating. A reporter asked him: “What makes you think just because you are a great song writer that you can also be a great photographer?” John answered: “Because it is the same thing. You have to know what a great song or picture is before you can write a great song or take a great picture.”

Knowing intuitively: You have to know what a great or real revelation is before you can write a book of ultimate truth or translate and interpret what other prophets have said in the past. It is a gift that just comes to you, if you want it. This is why people that came after Jesus lived misinterpreted and distorted what he said. They interpreted what he said through their uninspired minds, and they made his sayings say what they thought the truth was or thought he really said, not what he actually said or meant.


Religions just have to separate the truth from the BS in the Bible, but they have to wake up and know the difference first.

The Holy Trinity: A good example of a revelation coming out of nowhere is when I learned what the Holy Trinity means. The Church teaches that God is three beings in one, which makes no sense. There is Jesus the son, the Holy Spirit, and God the father. They are separate and one at the same time. I can explain it for the first time. Human beings are also three in one. We are mind, body and spirit. The trinity is a reflection of us.

The son of God = a spiritual being in a human body.
The Holy Spirit = the collective unconscious mind.
God the father = the creator, the power behind and source of everything.

Jesus the son represents our physical body in the physical world, just as Jesus was a physical man in this world. The Holy Spirit represents our collective unconscious mind, which connects the physical world to the spiritual world through inspiration and revelations. God the father represents where everything comes from, the source of life, the balancing force, and everything and nothing. They are three separate beings that make up one being.

Our image: As I pointed out earlier, God did not create us in his image as the Bible says. The opposite is the truth. We subconsciously created God in our image, including the three separate parts of us. God is in us, is us, when we realize the truth and the life. Now you know. It makes total sense when you can see it clearly, just like everything else.

The Catholic Church says that the church represents the body of Christ, the bread of life, which is taken in communion to remind us of our spiritual nature. Is it just another coincidence?

Jesus said, “I came to rouse men to spiritual conflict. Do not think that I have come to give peace on the earth. No, but rather division.”

Come together: Jesus and the other prophets of the past did a good job. The world has been divided and in spiritual conflict. It was necessary for us to evolve, but the time has come to do the opposite and unite the parts of life, see the whole and come together.

Christ-like: To come together, we have to all become Christ-like, or have Christ consciousness as they say in the east.

Jesus said, “Therefore I say that if one is unified, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness.”


Mankind’s spirit is divided from the spirit of God/life by our minds. By using the mind against itself, truth against deception, it will be overcome, and our spirit will unite with God/life, the creator or source of life.

Jesus said, “A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand.”

Jesus said, If Satan is divided against himself, then how will his kingdom stand? And if Satan has risen up against himself, he cannot stand, but he will come to an end.

In other words, you have to use your mind against itself, truth against deception. We need the mind to get rid of deception. It is “the way” Jesus is talking about.

Jesus said, “When you make the two one, you will be called sons of men.”

To make yourself one with God, you have to use the mind and truth to do it.

The Bible says that Christ will slay the Antichrist with truth.

When people learn the truth and the life, they will have the mind of Christ and will use the truth against the forces of deception to banish deception from the earth.

Jesus and the other prophets of the past caused division. It was needed to progress and evolve. The new, fully evolved modern prophets will do the opposite of the prophets of the past and unite people, and it is time to get started.

Prophets and madmen: Society is so screwed up that most prophets are seen as insane, and the insane are seen as prophets. The truth is seen as lies, and lies are seen as the truth.

The opposite factor: It is a great tool for revealing the ultimate truth. You just have to look at the exact opposite of what most people think to find the truth.

St. Peter, the founder of the Christian church said, “You have to see the opposite of what you now see to enter heaven.” It is the real reason he was crucified upside down; it is a sign.

We become the exact opposite of the way people are now.
See, Acts of Peter, XXXVlll

People, mankind, are living as their false, mortal mind-self, and they should be living as their immortal spiritual-self, the exact opposite of the way they are now.

This book can turn people’s perception of the world right-side up.


The mind has everyone seeing life upside-down or backwards. People need to go through the looking glass, see the mirror image of life to see it truly. Example: This is the biggie; most religions say that God is found in another place and time, that you have to wait until you die to see God.

Mankind is dead now. The truth is, God is here now, and you have to be alive, not dead. You have to be more alive than people are now to see God. God is not invisible as religions say. The exact opposite is true. God is the most visible thing in the universe, because everything you see, touch, hear and smell is God. God is everything, everywhere, all the time.

People think God is something extraordinary; God is the ordinary. The ordinary is extraordinary when you see it without the mind’s interference.

Magic is in every moment of life; you just need to realize the truth to see it.

This is how you know when you know the truth. If you see the magic, you know it. If you do not see the magic in every moment, you do not know it yet.

There are no miracles. It is all a miracle.

Many eastern religions say you have to look in to find yourself, that the truth is within. The exact opposite is the truth.

People think living on the edge is the most interesting; the center is.

People think, the more you think, the more you know. The opposite is true; the less you think, the more you know. This is because the less you think, the more you experience life, and the more you experience life, the more you will know the truth of life.

It is interesting that most of the word “know” is “now.”

People think the spirit is light; it actually has more in common with darkness.

Kids think that life will be better when they grow up. Grown-ups think life was better when they were kids.

People think life is very complicated. The truth is, it is very simple.

Religious people think that you have to sacrifice this life to get to heaven in the next. The opposite is the truth. You have to enjoy this life as much as possible in order to get to heaven in the next. You have to enjoy true life, not the mind’s delusion of life; not animal life, but spiritual life, real life, true life, divine life. If you do not have the greatest possible life this time, you will not get to heaven in the next. It is all or nothing.

True religion is real living.
Albert Einstein

People are seeing the exact opposite of the truth and believing it is the truth, so they could not be more wrong or farther away from the truth.