The word "man" comes from ancient Sanskrit and means “mind.”

Mankind is mindkind.

Woman: Women are mankind. Woman means womb-man, or mind with a womb.

This really is a man’s world, the mind’s world. Men and women definitely live in the world of the mind. Both the male and female of the human species are mankind/mindkind, but in some important ways, females are superior to males.

In the future, more women will be political leaders than men, because they are better at resolving conflicts without violence. Evolution has programmed males for violence and aggression. Most males like violence; most females do not.

Evolution has programmed females to have more people skills, such as patience, compromising, talking things out or screaming it out, as the case may be. The point is that they do not resort to deadly violence as much as men do.

Men are always looking for any legal excuse (war) to get into a life and death fight. We do not think we do, but history says we do. It is in our genes and is the way we have been dealing with problems for as long as we have been on earth.

How many women love guns? Just about none of them do. How many men love guns? Just about all of us do. It is not something we just learn; it is in our genes. It is not as if we enjoy being soldiers carrying eighty pounds up and down hills in the rain, but we need to kill our enemies before they kill us. It is the way it is.

Men know what we are up against. We are up against other men, and we know what we are capable of, so we have to get them before they get us.

Violence works: That saying that violence never accomplished anything is not true. Nothing works better than violence. In the past, might was always right.

It would work every time in the past. It is what formed the world we live in now. The problem is our weapons have gotten too good. We have to find a new way or the human race will kill itself. Thus, we are past violence and entering a new age.

Men would just be giving women control so that we do not kill each other and the rest of the world. We have become too dangerous.


You may have noticed that men like to make bombs to blow each other up.

We have gotten far too good at it. The US has enough nuclear bombs to kill half of the human race in less than one hour from now. Everyone else would die from nuclear winter. We could go extinct by pushing some buttons right now. This is the situation that men have created. We have to change things in a fundamental way, or we are at risk of a disaster of Biblical proportions. The situation is just too dangerous to avoid making a radical change now.

Men dream about fighting wars; fighting feels natural to us. Women dream of creating new life, family and love, and that feels natural to them.

You just have to look at our prison population to see the truth. Women comprise a small percent of the prison population compared to men. Most are in for drug offenses, not violence. Even when you look back through our savage history, there is very little evidence of female violence. All the violence comes from men. There is the occasional husband killer, but it is very, very rare, and a man usually drove them to it.

It has nothing to do with physical strength anymore. A woman can pick up a gun just as easily as a man can, but they do not. They find a better solution more often, and it is this difference that makes them better suited to be in power now.

Out of sight may be out of mind, but the truth is, about one-hundred million people were killed as a result of warfare in the nineteen hundreds, and right now, someone gets killed by warfare every twenty seconds. It will get much worse.

We men have been in charge for all of our history. We have had some really great fights to look back on, but our time is over. Our fighting ability has outgrown our world. It would be nice if we could go back to swords and axes, but that is not possible, thus it is the end of an era. We will always have violent video games.

Females like other people more than males do. Physical violence is not in their nature. They naturally have the edge when it comes to love, and everything will.

Men and women are equal: The females of the human species do think and feel things in a little different way than males, but they are fundamentally the same. They are different but equal. Both can and will go to heaven if they see the truth.

Woman/flowers: Do you know why women like flowers so much? It is because they are flowers.

A flower is the female of the plant world. A woman is the female of our world. They have the same biological function. Like flowers, females of our species are naturally beautiful and attractive. They have to be to propagate the species. A flower has to attract bees to reproduce and create new life; a woman needs to attract the males of our species to reproduce. They are good at it, as our ever-growing population attests. Over 14,000 human babies are born every hour.


Women are life: Women do not just create all new life physically, they are life itself. It is what makes them so beautiful. It is what makes children beautiful also.

Women are love personified: When women see the truth, they will be love. The mind/man has just diminished them and cut them off from true life. Women are not in touch with what they truly are. When women see the truth, they will blossom spiritually before most men will. Women are naturally closer to true life than most men are. There are a few exceptions to that rule, but not many.

Men are naturally closer to the truth; women are naturally closer to the life.

Men naturally live more in their minds. Women naturally live more in their bodies and the present. In general, men think more, and women live more.

Temptress: The misinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve is one of the reasons that women have been put down throughout history. Women have been painted as the temptresses who use their seductive power to lead men astray.

Women are temptresses; it is necessary. It is one of the most powerful forces in nature, but it is not witchcraft. It is just a biological imperative for reproduction, but women are much more, and when the truth is seen, women will play a much bigger role in mankind’s destiny than people believe.

We need women in power to become truly civilized; it is as simple as that.

The big picture: Naturally, not all women are suited to be leaders. This book speaks in generalities; it looks at the big picture of life. Some women are as crazy as a soup sandwich and cannot control themselves, let alone a country, but there are more than enough women that are suited to run things.

Men are best suited to be spiritual leaders now, and women are best suited to be political leaders. Women in general are just more down to earth than men, less violent, and more compassionate. These are reasons they need to be in charge.

Men (that know the truth) will lead the way, but women will run the world.

I can say women will run the world in the future with complete certainty, because if they are not our leaders, no one will be; there will be no future for mankind.

Men will give women truth, and women will give men life.

Women were in charge of all of us when we were kids, and they kept us out of trouble. When the truth is seen, they will naturally take care of the whole human race, all their offspring. It will be a kinder, gentler world, a safer world.

This is one of the things that becomes obvious when you wake up, but few can see the truth now, so it will take some work to reveal it in time.

We have to respect and recognize our natural strengths and weaknesses to do the jobs that we are best suited for. If we do not face the truth, we will not survive.


The few women in power act like males. They have no choice; they have to play like the boys to stay in the game. We need women in power that act like women.

It really is a man's world, and that is the problem.

The fruit of the mind is fear and death; the fruit of the spirit is love and life.

Romantic era: The most romantic era in history will begin when people learn the ultimate truth. That means women are going to be in charge anyway; we males may as well just surrender to life now.

Modesty: Just as men should not use their greater natural power of physical strength to overpower and control women, women should not use their naturally greater power of physical attraction to overpower and control men. In some places in the world, this is taken to extremes. Some women in the eastern world are forced to cover themselves up to take away some of their power of attraction, which is not good. Some women in the west do the opposite and dress and act in a way that maximizes their power of sexual attraction, which is not good. When the truth is seen, women will live in the middle, and be modest ladies. This will be the right way to be. Woman are a powerful force in this world, and not until they see the truth and take control of their natural power will the world find peace.

The age of man/mind is ending, and the age of love/spirit is beginning.

The mystery of life: Women will always be mysterious to men, because they are life itself, and life is mysterious and always will be, even after you understand it. Women are life mixed with emotion so are impossible to understand completely.

Women are not supposed to be understood, they are supposed to be loved.
Oscar Wilde

A man cannot be a real man without knowing the truth, because he does not know right from wrong. A woman cannot be a real woman without knowing the truth, because without the truth, she cannot know true life and know herself.

The Bible says God put man into a deep sleep and then created woman.

Men are great: I am not putting men down; we built this world. We created almost all the great music, art, literature and architecture, etc. Men have been the great prophets, philosophers, poets, inventors and builders of the past, and we will continue to be in the future if we do not kill ourselves and everyone else.

Most dangerous animal: Men have done most of the best things, but also most of the worst things. Man is by far the most dangerous animal that ever lived on the earth. Men make dinosaurs look like pussycats. We not only kill better than anything that has ever lived, we will kill ourselves if things do not change fast. As Clint Eastwood said, “Men have to realize their limitations.” We need women to eliminate the risk of killing ourselves out of our future so men can continue to do the great things we do. We need our women to save us from ourselves.

Males naturally are best suited to get the human race to heaven. Woman are best suited to run this world and make life more beautiful here and now.