Emotions: Spiritual people will keep all of their positive emotions and aspects of their personalities. You will still feel negative emotions, but you will not give them life as you did in the past. You can have the good mind made things without the bad mind made things; you just have to give life to the good emotions and not give life to the bad ones.

It is self-induced mind control. The mind can and will control itself.

The mind’s new job is to activate only the positive parts of your mind. People try to do that now, but they are doing it from the perspective of the mind, so it is unnatural and not easy to do. From a spiritual being’s perspective, it is natural and easy to do.

And we should consider everyday lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false, which was not accompanied by at least one laugh. Friedrich Nietzsche

It is one of the ways that your mind will change itself. It will begin to be selective as to what parts of the mind it will give life to. The negative parts of the mind will wither away from neglect and the positive parts of the mind will become stronger.

There will be a lot more laughter and a lot less crying. Males will have it easier than females, because males naturally can control their emotions a little better, but both sexes can do it once the truth is known.

The way to control your emotions is to simply see them for what they are. Once you can see emotions from the perspective of your spiritual-self, you see them as just something that your mind creates, and if your mind creates it, it can stop creating it, and you will stop creating the bad ones.

To a spiritual being, positive emotions are just a tool to communicate with people and something to enjoy when the time is right to enjoy them. Negative emotions are removed from your life permanently for obvious reasons.


Jesus said that people should not judge life.

Spiritual beings live life completely, no matter what the situation is. You live without judgment of life; you love everything in real life.

Carnal love is mind love. It is love of just part of life, love of the opposite sex, your children, etc. Divine love is loving everything, giving your complete attention to life.

Divine love = attention + compassion.

Divine awareness, divine love, is mostly just your total attention to life and everything and everyone in it. Total attention will give you everything, which you can then reflect back out to everyone. Carnal love is a passionate, hot form of love and desire. Divine love is a cool, self-contained love without desire.

Love is just being completely in the present. It is that simple.

Carnal love is of the mind, an emotion, animal attraction, etc. Divine love is of the spirit and contains no emotion, just compassion (caring). It is spiritual attraction. It works something like gravity and just naturally brings people together.

Have it all: You can have both carnal love and divine love. You do not give up anything except the parts of your life/mind you do not like and do not need.

You need sexual attraction to reproduce and power the man-woman dynamic of carnal love, romance, family and children. It is a natural and necessary part of human life. It can be, should be, and will be much better than it is now.

You need to use the positive emotional parts of the mind to communicate with other people, but you use them selectively and control them; you do not let them control you. Some normally negative emotions also are appropriate in certain situations, such as sadness being appropriate when someone dies, etc. Some emotions like crying can feel good. You only get rid of the emotions that feel bad or that cause trouble. People's emotions are running wild now.

Phony: It sounds cold and phony, but the opposite is true. Spiritual beings never make anything up. A spiritual being only deals in the real, the authentic, and never does anything that is fake or phony from their perspective. It is as impossible for a spiritual being to be a phony in any way as it is impossible for people living in their minds to be true and real in any way. When you have control of your feelings, emotions and desires, you can use them selectively, and they become stronger, more real, and more fulfilling.


Controlling desire: You have no desires for anything until the time is right to have them; then you have complete desire. When the time to have desire has passed, you turn it off. You just use desire to enhance your life; you do not let it use you. When you laugh, you laugh with your whole being, but you only laugh when something is funny. Luckily, a lot of life is funny from a spiritual perspective.

You do not give up anything. You just gain complete control of your mind.

Running amuck: You do not give up your mind or your emotions; you just take complete control of them. Having control (awareness) makes feelings, emotions and desires much more pure, satisfying and fulfilling. It makes emotions and feelings work for you, not against you. Currently, this world is run on passions such as hate, revenge, anger, fear and envy. These and other negative emotions are ruining life in this world. Technology has made it too dangerous for this to continue.

Whenever you can, you live with the mind turned off. This makes it possible to live in a state of total awareness, so you know when to activate feelings, emotions and desires, and when not to. You only activate the parts of your mind that will best serve the present and the people sharing it with you.

Good actors are able to control their emotions and activate them on cue. The best actors do not fake them; they feel them. A spiritual being just uses the same ability to control their emotions in everyday life.

All the world is a stage, and all the men and woman merely players.
William Shakespeare

Automatic: It happens automatically, reflexively, and naturally without thinking about it. It frees your feelings, emotions and desires to function fully. You live with confidence, and you show your feelings and emotions without apprehension or fear of any kind.

Hide your love away: Mankind hides its feelings or holds them back now, because it subconsciously fears them. Their feelings, emotions, and desires are out of control and have resulted in a lot of emotional pain, so the fear is justified.

Out of control emotions can and do wreck people’s lives. This has caused people to hide their true feelings most of the time, and as a result, even when the time is right to show emotions, they are emotionally crippled.

One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside.
John Lennon  

Turn your love loose: When your mind is under your complete control, serving the spirit, you no longer fear emotions and feelings, and you can start really enjoying them to the fullest. When they are under control, you can turn your true emotions loose for the first time. Completely conscious people, spiritual people, naturally live in this way. It is the only way to live.

You can let your good emotions fly for the first time.


You can only turn your mind loose when you are sure you have control of it. You also have to be around other people that know the truth, people that will understand and not think you are crazy. You will be totally free to act any way you feel like acting, and you and everyone around you will be entertained by it, because they know it is coming from love. People will not abuse this freedom.

Actors, a few musicians, and artists are the only ones that can do it now. It is one of the reasons acting, music, and the arts can be so liberating.

The truth of life will make people more emotional, not less emotional. People that live in the truth will live just like children, crying and being more emotional than adults do now. The truth frees you to be as emotional as the things that are happening around you dictate. If you get hurt, you will reflect it as honestly as a child would. It is one of the things that will make living in the truth and the life more fulfilling. Emotions are good once everyone around you knows the truth and the life. You just cannot be that free around people that do not know the truth yet.

Uncool: Do not get me wrong; just because people are free to do what they want does not mean they will ever be uncool and make a scene. Freedom does not mean you are free to do anything you want; it means you are free to do what you should, given the situation. Living in the present is as cool as it gets.

Divine love = open, open = attention.

Unconditional love: Dogs have it, but mankind does not. If you give life your complete attention, it will be more fulfilling for you and everyone around you most of the time in this life and all the time in the next. Spiritual beings are love.

You can love something and not like it at the same time.

Jesus said, “Love thy enemy.”

This is another saying of Jesus that did not make sense until now. In addition to their enemy, spiritual people give their complete attention to those they do not like and cannot stand. Giving your complete attention to everything does not mean you will like everything all the time. You will not like the devil/mind.

Jesus said, if there is something that you do not like, do not do it.

God/life gave people legs; you can walk away. If you cannot walk away from it, endure it until you can. All things pass eventually. Spiritual people give everything in the present their complete attention, even if they do not like it.

It is said that a man that fears nothing, loves nothing. The truth is, a man that is truly fearless loves everything real (God/life).

You can be any way you want to be; you can walk away from your old self.


The mind says that people cannot change themselves, that you cannot teach an old dog a new trick. This is a deception. You are not the same person you were when you were a kid. You are not the same person you were ten years ago. You change all the time, but you have not been in control of it. When you know the truth, it puts you in control. You can now create any personality you want.

A good example is Cary Grant, the movie star. He was born Archie Leach. He changed from a not so special person into a very special person.

One day he decided he did not want to be Archie Leach anymore, so he created Cary Grant, the charming lady’s man, in real life as well as on the screen, and he did it without knowing the truth, which is impossible for most people.

It is what human evolution is all about now. You change yourself from what you are to something better. You do it by just realizing what you really are to start with, and then you add what you want to what you already have.

He did have the good looks, and that helped to reinforce his new persona. It gave him positive feedback, and that helps, but is not necessary.

Reflections: In many movies and fairytales, the good guy or woman is good looking, the handsome prince or beautiful princess, and the bad or evil guy or woman is ugly, such as the ugly witch. This is because people expect the good to be good looking and the bad to be ugly.

This often plays out in real life, because people become what other people reflect at them. Beautiful people are treated like good people, so they become good people. Ugly or different people are treated like bad people, so they become bad people. They let other people make them what they are, and this is not good.

This is why movie directors and casting agents cast to type. They know that people that look a certain way will act a certain way, and people expect them to.

Reflect the truth and the life: Spiritual people are not just a reflection of other people. People that know the truth and the life reflect the truth and the life. We reflect beauty, even if we do not have it physically. The truth is, you can be anything you want to be without anyone or anything to help you, except for the truth and the life. Everyone can metamorphose into his or her best self.

Looks and a name matter, but a lot less than you would think. Just look at James Wood, Tommy Lee Jones, Humphrey Bogart, Danny Devito, Edward G. Robinson, Snoop Dogg or Steve Buscemi, and you can see clearly; looks do not matter if you are bringing life to the table. I am not crazy enough to name names with women, but it works with women also. All you need is love, as the Beatles said in song. Anyone can be a charming person. You just have to let all of life and love in, and reflect it back out to the people around you. True life is always filled with love and is interesting, so when you let it in and let it out, you shine.

Movie star in reverse: With movie stars, people see them and like them first, and then the movie star reflects that love back at them. With a spiritual being, we like other people first. We look at them like they are a movie star; everyone is a star to us, and then they will reflect it back to us. That gets the divine love going.


Like first: The secret to getting people to like you is just to like them first. When you see people truly, see them as spirits, you cannot help but like most people. You just let them know you like them, and they will reflect that right back at you. The more you like them, the more they will like you. You do not get all gaga over them or even tell them you like them. You just do and are cool, and it will come back to you. It is pretty simple, isn’t it? You just have to know the truth to do it.

Usually what you put out comes right back to you, but sometimes it does not. You have to remember that people (minds) are all coming from different places, and their past can intrude on the present, so they will not be a pure reflection of the present. This means that what you put out will not always come right back to you, but it eventually will with most people if you see them a lot.

I personally do not want to be a ladies man or professional actor, nor do I recommend it. It can be a much harder life than most. It is easier and thus much better to just do something easy. I am just using Cary Grant as an example.

You should not do anything hard, unless it is your true calling.

If being a professional actor is your true calling, it will be fulfilling, even through all the difficulty you encounter. When you learn the truth and the life, you will know your true calling if you have one. Most people will not have one or need one.

Once you know the truth, you can project anything and everything you want to. As John Lennon said in song, “you can radiate everything you are.” You can start being who you want to be by just being what you truly are in the present.

Up until you know the truth, you are a creation of your environment and twisted mind. Once you know the truth, you are a creation of yourself. Which is phony?

Imagination: When you get control of your mind, when you choose to use your imagination, your imagination is much stronger. You do not give up imagination or even dreaming if it is about your mate, family, or calling in life. It is a good thing when it is seen for what it is, controlled and unlimited.

We need to use our imaginations to make the world a better place.

Imagination and emotions are necessary for romantic relationships to be all they can be, so you use them to get you to where you want to be, and then live them in the present. A spiritual person uses everything they have, including the mind.


Soul mate: Mind games to a point are a necessary part of the mating game. It is the way people get to know each other. The closer you get, the less mind games you play, until you no longer have to play them.

They should end completely before you get married. In fact, that is how you know if you are soul mates or not. If you have to play mind games to be together after you have gotten to know each other, you are not soul mates, and you should not get married. This is obvious to spiritual beings.

Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy, you must have somebody to divide it with. Mark Twain

Why do the rich and famous that can get the opposite sex anytime they want get married? It’s because it’s as good as it gets, and anyone can do it.

Marriage: Women live in the present a lot easier than men do. Men are naturally closer to the truth, and women are naturally closer to the life. Men are more into the mind, women are more into life and living, so together they can help each other know the truth and the life and stay in the present.

A man's job is to get his wife to a never-ending heaven, where their family can live together in eternal bliss forever. A woman’s job is to bring a little heaven to earth now. They both have to know the ultimate truth to do it. If they do not, they will not be able to do their jobs, and they should not get married, because it will just lead to tragedy for everyone involved, especially the children.

Women know, for romance, they have to first bring men into the present.

They are naturally good at it, and that is why men enjoy being around them. Women have the power to bring men out of their heads and into the present. Women cannot see the truth as easily as men can, so men will lead the way to heaven, but women will make true life easier for males to realize here and now. Marriage is a dance, and the man must lead for the dance to benefit both equally. Actually, God will be leading the dance, if the people dancing know the truth.

The Bible says woman was created to be man's helper:

The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Almost all marriages will be for life if both people live in the truth and the life or are actively searching for it together. The greener grass on the other side of the fence will not tempt them. Temptation will not have the power it has now. We will truly know better. The truth and the life makes superficial things much better, which is great when you’re young, but the really great thing is when spiritual married people become older and fatter, etc. Their love and commitment grows even stronger.

Spiritual people replace some of the things they liked when they were young with new things, which bring them closer together. The superficial things of youth are replaced by something much deeper and even more fulfilling.

With spiritual beings, relationships and life always get better.


Golden years: Sexual attraction is primarily tied to the biology of reproduction, so females have the most sexual attraction in their prime reproductive years. It is the way evolution made females to help the reproduction process. Biology makes females physically attractive as soon as they can have babies, and makes them less attractive when that time has passed. We can fight nature with laws when they are too young, and we can use surgery when the time has passed, but that does not change the truth. When that time has passed, spiritual couples flow with it and do not try to fight their biology, because it is impossible, and there is a better way to go. You may drag it out awhile with surgery, make-up and Viagra, but why? The present is even sweeter when people pass their reproductive time.

Sex is not everything as society tries to make it. It is being over played.

The truth is, sex is a very small part of a relationship. Spiritual people make love all the time, and sex is just a small part of it. The devil/mind is using it against us.

Spiritual people make love 24/7.

Spiritual people are making love while they are just living a normal life. They make love when eating, when doing the laundry or watching TV together. If they are together, they are making love. It is more accurate to say that they are always letting God/life into their lives and reflecting it to their mate. It is just a new way of seeing and living life, a better way, a way to see the divine in every moment. People make too big a deal out of sex, and it makes it worse, not better. If the relationship is great, the sex will be great; it is not the other way around.

After sexual attraction passes, it truly is a human being’s golden years, if they know the truth and live the life. When that gorilla is off of your back, you discover other types of intimacy that are much deeper and more fulfilling.

When men are young, they are blinded to a woman’s true beauty by the power of sexual attraction. Women are life itself, love personified, and when sexual attraction loses some of its power, men can see a woman’s true beauty more clearly, and it does not fade with age. This is another gift of the truth and the life.

There is something in the way they move, as the Beatles say in song. It is the little things, the sound of their voices, the whole package. Men tend to focus on just parts of a woman, and in doing this, they miss everything.

Eyes of life: Some guys are leg guys or breasts guys; a spiritual being likes the eyes the best, because they are the windows to the soul. The eyes do not age. When you are looking at a woman, you are seeing the crown of creation, the state of the art of living things, and the most physically evolved life on earth.

When females are in their prime reproductive years and their physical beauty is at its strongest, it is so powerful that it overshadows the rest of what they are. When they are in other stages of life, the other things are easier to see. There is an X factor that makes them so fascinating. It is magic, the magic of love.

The female of our species is the most beautiful thing in our universe.

Nothing else even comes close, and it has nothing to do with sexual attraction. It is not just the opinion of someone that loves women. It is a fact. I can just see women clearly. I see them better than they see themselves.


True life = true love = true beauty.

Not just physical: Most people realize that women are beautiful, but what most people do not know is that the mind hides most of their beauty, because it hides most of life. Spiritual people see it all, and the physical is just a small part of it.

Females naturally let more life in, so they have more life to reflect than men do. The more life you have, the more love you have. It is that simple.

It happens naturally: The nice thing about the relationship is it can be so easy if people's minds do not screw it up. Women do not have to do anything to make a man happy except be a woman, so they will make a man happy just with their presence in a man's life. What makes a woman happy is making her man happy, which she can do with no effort, by just being what she is, so the whole thing is so easy and natural, and that is why heaven on earth is possible.

Spiritual attraction: The common denominator that brings most couples together is carnal love or sexual attraction. The problem is, when this fades, so does the relationship, and everyone loses big.

It is okay for people to come together by sexual attraction, but that has to lead to spiritual attraction for the relationship to last.

Love is not necessarily a byproduct of sex. Love should always come first.

People have it backwards like everything else. People should look for the spiritual connection first. If they did, there would not be as many unwanted pregnancies, unwanted marriages, STDs, and unwanted children.

Sex is the common denominator in animals. The truth and the life is the common denominator between spiritual beings.

Spiritual beings will be their best almost all the time. Sharing, love, romance and family will be a way of life for most spiritual beings and those in transition.

Animal love passes: People's minds change over time, so it is impossible to stay the same as when you first fell in love, or even close to it, if you are just in mind love. Couples inevitably grow apart. Minds grow apart; spirits never do. The truth and the life are the only thing that never changes. The spirit is love.

True love is impossible without true life.

You have to know true life to know true love. People can stay together forever, even after death, if they both know and live in the truth and the life. Carnal love is temporary; divine love is forever.

Physical things are temporary. Spiritual things last forever.

Spiritual beings can feel the way that they felt when they first fell in love most of the time or whenever the time is right, and it is right a lot when you are married.


You become as sensual as you can possibly be; you become your senses.

The Bible says that you are raised to the newness of life. In other words, love is always new and fresh. In true life, the relationship between a man and woman is always new, fresh and interesting.

Ups and downs: A relationship is just two people sharing life. The more life in the relationship, the better. The more life you have, the more love you have. God is life, and as the Bible says, God is love.

Do not get me wrong, the mind sneaks into the life of spiritual beings from time to time. Women can be temperamental, men can get bossy, and vice versa. Negative emotions come and go in spiritual people just like mortals. The difference is that spiritual beings see the mind for what it is, thus it will pass much faster and have no effect on the relationship.

If the ups and downs are out of control, it just means you do not know the truth, so keep studying it until you do. The truth solves all problems.

Marriage should be the most wonderful thing possible, but it is not, because our own minds screw it up. Carnal love is not as good as divine love, because with divine love, you can have them both.

Spiritual people have both divine love and carnal love. They have it all.

This happens too often: two people fall in carnal love, an epic romance follows, and the world and everything in it becomes new and wonderful. That is the way it is supposed to be, so that is a very good thing. This goes on for a month or a few years, and you decide you should get married.

The relationship gets even better for the next year or two; you think you are in heaven. Then you start having kids, and it is even better than it was before, but a new dynamic has entered the picture. Another really cute and demanding human being is now in your lives, and it can and does change everything.

Women start giving more attention to the child than the husband, because she has to, to get the child off to the right start in life. The man starts to think that it is time to start getting ambitious and make more money to support his family.

The same energy: This is the place that many people start going in the wrong direction. The man finds out that it takes the same energy and attention to make money as it takes to sustain a great romance. People that do not know the truth can either have a great romance or great business, but not both. At least, that is how it appears, but there is a way.

The problem is that many men go for the business and not the romance. This is a big mistake, the second biggest mistake you can make, because you end up losing everything, including the money. A spiritual being can get both, but when there is a choice, and you can only have one, a spiritual being always picks romance. You find a balance, but lean toward romance.


You take your work very seriously, but you take your family more seriously.

More than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. People would not get into an airplane if there were a fifty percent chance it would crash, but they get into a marriage with more than a fifty percent chance it will crash. It is tragic.

Temptation: When a couple spends a lot of time apart, they can lose their connection and the romance in their relationship. When this happens to people that do not know the truth and the life, the temptation of a new younger woman or more attentive partner can destroy their relationship. It is a deception of the mind.

To a spiritual being, the grass is never better on the other side of the fence.

When a spiritual man comes to that fork in the road after children are born, he takes the road to romance with his mate, and they live happily ever after.

The only ambition a man should have is to make his family happy.

That is why I say it is just best to have a normal, middle class job. It is the best thing to do, and it makes it easier to live a spiritual life. You have regular hours and can leave your job behind when you come home. You can and do always eat together, sleep together, and live your lives together. Togetherness is the goal.

The love of your mate and family is the most valuable thing in the universe.

The truth is, nothing else even comes close to the fulfillment and love from close relationships. This knowledge is necessary to make a love relationship as good as it could be, should be, and has to be to get to heaven. You can be in the present by yourself, and you have to learn to do that first, but sharing the truth and the life with another person helps keep you in the present.

The trick is to do the opposite of what you think you should do.

You have to feel good before you can make others feel good.

Love is reflected in love: People are always worried about how the other person feels, and that is the opposite of what you want to do. If you feel good, they will feel good. If you feel great, they will feel great.

You can do this most of the time when you know the truth. You learn how to get your mind out of the present, and get yourself into it.

Naturally, you should do what you can to make your mate happy, but the truth is, you are not in control of another person’s mind. People can only control their own minds, and if they do just that, they will have a fulfilling relationship that lasts.

Live every moment, like it is your last dance on earth.
Carlos Castaneda


Sex: It is the most sacred thing that there is. Sex makes it possible for spiritual beings to join completely with their mates and create new life. It brings people out of their heads and down into their bodies. It centers you and brings you to the present better than anything else. Sex in the present is as good as it gets.

Fantasy is okay to get things going, because sex is of the mind, but once you get into it, you want to get out of your mind and just be in the present with your mate.

For spiritual beings, it will be like the first time every time, a perpetual one-night stand without the negatives. Love is always new. You will be making love for the first time, every time, and you become one flesh as it says in the Bible. You just have to know the truth and have your mind under control, so that you are free to love all the time.

Sex creates all new life, so it is the balancing opposite of death. Nothing is more serious. To not take sex seriously is like not taking fire seriously.

You always have to remember that you do not want any great pleasure if it is not in the truth and the life, because it will be balanced by an equal amount of pain.

Spiritual people do not have sex just to experience an orgasm; that is what animals do. Spiritual people do it to experience the present in a profound way. They do it to have children and/or to get more into the present and grow closer to each other and true life. It is not something to just play with to get some free pleasure, because there is no free pleasure, except in the truth and the life.

If you are not in love and the time is not right, you should not have sex, and spiritual people will not. Young people that know the truth, male and female, will abstain until it is right. Casual sex will disappear, because people will know better; they will know it is not the way. Spiritual beings know right from wrong for certain, so they never do anything wrong, simply because they do not feel like it. There will be no sex before or outside of marriage.

Sex can be the best thing or worst thing for a person’s spiritual growth.

If you feel like doing the wrong thing, it means you do not know the truth.

Rhythm method: With new technology developed to help women get pregnant, married people can use it in reverse to prevent pregnancy, so no other birth control is necessary. Things like temperature tell when a woman is fertile or not.

Masturbation: I need to address the masturbation situation. Even when you know the truth, you may still rub one out every so often, and that is okay. It is better than going out and hooking up with some whore to get that satisfaction. The worst that happens when jacking off, is your mother catches you doing it. When you have actual sex, it can cost money, get her pregnant, give you an incurable disease, get you killed by her old boyfriend, or all of the above. Thus, jerking off is definitely the better option if the sex drive is over-powering.


That said, religion is right on that subject. You should not do it, but it is not just that you should save yourself for your true love; it has to do with the balancing force. You do not want to get any unbalanced pleasure, unless you are prepared to receive an equal amount of pain, because every physical pleasure is balanced by an equal amount of pain as certain as the sun rises and sets. There is a lot of concentrated pleasure in an orgasm. In fact, it is the most concentrated pleasure found in these bodies, so every orgasm you have equals a lot of pain and negative feelings. If you are going to play the balance game, you may as well do it backwards, and just give yourself pain first. Go get a hammer and smack your toes with it. That will guarantee you a lot of pleasure down the road.

When you see the truth of the balance, you realize you do not want any pleasure that does not come from knowing the truth and life, because it is the only pleasure in the universe that is not balanced, because it is not physical, and thus not part of physical law. It is not even to be called pleasure. It is fulfillment, bliss.

Until you learn the truth to the point that it goes subconscious, it is best to stay in the middle of pain and pleasure, or it will just make learning the truth impossible. It seems a little boring at first, but then it turns out to be where God lives.

You only want to have sex when it is true love and thus spiritual sex. Any other kind will damn everyone involved in every way, but this is only after you know the truth. All the sex you had before you knew will be forgiven, but not now.

Just remember, when you are jacking off, the hammer on the foot is being created as you do it, and it will stop you from doing it.

No one is making true love now. Their minds are making it impossible. They think certain parts of their bodies are not big enough, that other parts are too big, that they are too old, etc. The comparison game gives people an inferiority complex and other false, unnecessary neurotic conditions. It not only ruins their relationships, but manifests in most of the world ills, from wars and crime to depression, loneliness and broken families. Seeing the truth and the life turns this around, and it will not only lead to personal fulfillment, it will change the world.

Making true love: Like everything in life, it is just a matter of perspective, and knowing the truth gives you that perspective. The way to do it right is simple, so it is easy to remember while making love. This is it: Just try to feel what the other person is feeling, and not what you are feeling. You make yourself (your mind) disappear and live through the other person, feel what they feel, feel what you do to your partner as if you were them as you do what you do.

This is the definition of being unselfish. It is not possible to do it completely, but by putting yourself in the body of your lover as much as you can, you meet in the middle and become one flesh as the Bible says you are supposed to. If you are a male, the goal is not orgasm, because that ends it. The goal is not to have an orgasm, so you can do it as much as you want. The goal is to make the other person feel as good as you can, as long as you can, because the better they feel, the better you feel. Most of spiritual love is romance, affection, and foreplay, not just the intercourse. That is just the end of it. It takes practice, lots of it.


The following excerpt explains the situation more in depth. There are some things that are not true, such as that we once had the ability to make true love and lost it. We never had it, but we can have it now. There are some nuggets of truth mixed in with the things he says that are not true, so read it with that in mind.

Barry Long - Making Love, Sexual Love the Divine Way

Modesty: Just as men should not use their greater natural power of physical strength to overpower and control women, women should not use their naturally greater power of physical attraction to overpower and control men. In some places in the world, this is taken to extremes. Some women in the eastern world are forced to cover themselves up to take away some of their power of attraction, which is not good. Some women in the west do the opposite and dress and act in a way that maximizes their power of sexual attraction, which is not good. When the truth is seen, women will live in the middle, and be modest ladies. This will be the right way to be. Women are a powerful force in this world, and not until they see the truth and take control of their natural power will the world find peace.

Children: We will tell them the truth and live it with them. They will learn from us, and we will learn from them. We have to stop lying to children; it is the worst thing we can do to them.

People tell them Santa Claus is real and that getting rich is the best thing to do. Santa is fun and should stay, but he does not have to be real, so why tell kids he is, knowing they are going to find out you lie? We are lying to them, and we need to do the opposite. We need to bring them up knowing the truth is the most important thing in life. We are now teaching them that deception is the way. We now show them that adults are lying hypocrites that do not know the truth, but they will not admit it from the very start. It has to stop if we want to survive.

Overpopulation: Bringing children into the world is the most important thing we can do, because the more we bring in, the more souls that will get a chance to get to heaven, but we have to manage it better.

The Bible says, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

The world only seems over-populated because of the way we distribute the space and resources. This world could support a lot more people without crowding anyone. We could easily double the population with no problems, but only if we know the truth and have the basics of survival and quality of life for everyone.

Birth control: We will have to control the births in the over-crowded, very poor parts of the world, until we get them as productive and organized as us. We will do this by giving everyone free birth control technology and other incentives to not have more than one or two children until they can support more. Poor countries are having more children than they have the resources to support, and this causes poverty and all the tragic problems that come with it. The births have to match the available resources. As a country becomes more productive, they can have more children, but not until then. It will be a good motivator for people to become productive. Once they see the truth, they can use the rhythm method.


Adoption: Spiritual people will be into big families, but will adopt more children than they have themselves, and only have as many children as they can support.

Family: Spiritual people care about family, friends, the world community and the environment. Life will consist of really living with them and making life better.

Cool love: People that know the ultimate truth and become spiritual beings have love for everyone and everything. It is a cool love which is different than hot, passionate carnal love. You can only have carnal love, hot passionate love with one person, so the most important love to have is cool love, because it will define the majority of your relationships in life. Most of your relationships are with friends, family, work associates, and other people you come in contact with in life, so understanding cool love and living in cool love with all these people is essential to having a fulfilling life.

New kind of love: The way it is now, is all or nothing. People just give all their love to carnal relationships and family. Mankind needs to learn a new love relationship that can include everyone else. It is the kind of love that is missing in this world and needs to be found now in order to create a heaven on earth.

In "The Present (with religion)," I said there were three possibilities for where humans go in their next life, and one was that we can stay where we are. I did not mention that you could bounce back and forth with your pet or farm animals; I say it in other places. If you do, you are not evolving up or down, just staying at the same level. It could happen, then both souls go to heaven. This could also happen with husband and wife. You may switch places in the next life span. The man has to lead. If the wife needs to lead, it means she will come back as a man in the next life. It is also possible that you and your pet or spouse can go to heaven in your next life, if you have all you need and if you are so close you become one flesh with them. You could even do it with your children or anyone you become one flesh with. You can take a wife or a pet that does not know the truth to heaven if you become one flesh with them. The important thing is to love and know them so well that you become one flesh. It is not a sexual thing as many believe; it is a love thing, a matter of attention. Remember, divine love = attention. This is why predator and prey switch places. This is advanced learning, so you may have to be committed to helping spread the truth for a while before you can understand it.

Unconditional love: Unconditional love requires one condition, and this is that people must know the truth. If they do, they will have real unconditional love for everyone and everything in life. This is because they will love God (everything), and be a living reflection of God, and as the Bible says, God is love.

Cool love is the love Jesus, Buddha, and all the prophets were teaching.

Cool love is love without sex, unless you get married. Then you can have cool and hot love, the ultimate love, but you have to start with cool love to have the ultimate love. Cool love is made of truth, respect, understanding and attention.

Girls have to keep their legs together until marriage; it is up to them. A man that pushes it does not know the truth and is a loser. If he really loves you, he will wait. If not, he is not worth your love, and you’re better off without him.

People living in the mind will give you pleasure and pain, so it is a waste of time. You have to find someone into the truth and the life that can give you cool love if you want to be successful in life and love.

I know it is hard to resist. The devil is described as being beguiling, and it is. The devil mind will appear to out shine and be more attractive than spiritual people. Don’t be deceived. Jesus and Buddha did not have any animal magnetism, so that should tell you something. Spiritual people are attracted to spiritual people; animals are attracted to animals. What are you? You are what you do.