In it, to Win it

You are never in the same place, ever in your life, not even for a millisecond. You are on a fast moving planet, both rotationally and orbitally, which is part of a fast moving solar system, which is part of a fast moving galaxy. You are now many many thousands of miles away from where you were in the universe, when you began reading this paragraph.

We as a species, are on a planet that appears to be in a BIG hurry to get us somewhere. Maybe the term "Human RACE" is more appropriate than we realize. With all this urgent rushing across the Cosmos, why is our view of ourselves so static and stagnant, and unproductive?

I often like to begin discussions with my friends and family; on philosophy, politics, religion, etc., with one simple statement: As a species, the human race is a complete and utter failure. We destroy the planet that gives us life. We cannot keep from killing one another en masse for very long. We allow many of our species to suffer and die from "lack", every day. Greed, at the expense of anything and anyone not only warrants respect, but it is a sought after position in life. Additionally, WHEN YOU view yourself as an entity or consciousness that is SEPARATE from all this negative activity, YOU are part of the problem!

Yep! Complete and utter failure if I've ever seen it.

Now, it gets interesting when people want to argue with that point:

Them: "NO! NO! You don't understand, people will ALWAYS hate each other for some reason, they always have!"
Me:     "Yes I know, that's an example of what I mean by failure."
Them: "You're a friggin nutcase, we have MP3 players and spacecraft, WAR will simply ALWAYS exist."
Me:     "I understand that, those priorities are yet another aspect of a failing species."

This might go around for a while until they realize that I am not arguing with them. They merely continue to offer additional examples of why/how my original point is accurate. Just because widespread humanitarian efforts exist, that doesn't mean that the human race as a whole, is a success. In fact, the NEED for so much humanitarian intervention, is yet another indicator of our overall failure as a single species.

It is sometimes difficult to hear that YOUR TEAM SUCKS, even from one of your own "team mates".

However, even though there are many VERY kind and good-hearted individuals among us, WE ARE A TEAM. When so many of us are "losing", it means our entire team is losing. In football (or any team sport for that matter), there is never a final score where one team's offense wins a game, but their defense loses that same game, the TEAM either wins or loses together, simultaneously.

We are ALL part of one losing team. The human race is NOT multiple teams; viewing our species in that way is a fundamental part of our problem. We're ONE species, ONE team, and as such, the team is a failure. YOU may not be a failure individually, but your species sure is.

We have insanely wealthy members on our team, that could EASILY assist other team mates in developing sustainable life styles, but they buy decadent luxuries for themselves instead. They are "ball hogs", and are the absolute worst team members we have. They fought so hard to get the "ball", and now that they have it, they don't have a clue about how to help our team win. We need more team players instead, if we ever want to succeed. Sometimes players need to be benched, when they refuse to work with the team. We, as a collective are simply really unskilled at managing a civilization and a planet.

Now, just like every "feel good" "come from behind" movie, this game isn't over until it's OVER. While even a few human beings are still breathing, we have a chance at success. Which equals living harmoniously with one another, in a world where EVERYONE wins.

One interesting aspect of this game is that it is not "won" by competing AGAINST EACH OTHER. That Darwinian model of a society is the ultimate dead end, and it's what has gotten us into this mess.

The winning strategy is to join each other in cohesion and cooperation, and to triumph over the worst that WE ourselves can be.

The "Humans of Earth" are ONE species on ONE little planet, we are both our own greatest ally, and our own worst enemy. We've simply been succumbing to a failed game plan for too long. Whomever the original coach was, that encouraged us to fight against each other, sure didn't like us very much, since it is a recipe for failure. It seems suspiciously like our team was sabotaged from within, a long time ago.

Once we can cease the illogical, unnecessary, and hostile global competition between ourselves, and come to the realization and understanding that we are ALL TRULY on one team, we can begin to succeed, and stop being such a pathetic galactic failure.

By Eric Robertson - December, 2011