Leaving the animal realm: You give what you do not need, just because the beast in you does not want you to do it. Your goal is to do what an animal would not do. You consciously become more than an animal, just because you can.

Your only chance: You may be saying that no one can know for certain that it will get you to heaven, but you can know for certain that it is the only thing that could, the only thing that gives you any chance at all. It is better to take the only chance to be something other than an animal than not take it. It is the only chance you have, so you have to take it, or there is no hope for you.

When you know the truth, you know it for certain, but before that, you just have to go with the odds, because it is the only truth you can know when just starting.

You have to start with faith in the value of the truth before you know it.

Jesus says it will happen if you do it, and it is the best way to live, even if you do not believe what Jesus says. Plus, it is the only chance, period.

You have only two choices: to act like an animal, or something better.

If you want to stay in the animal realm, just act the way everyone else acts, and you will continue to be one in this life for sure, and most likely be one in the next life after you die. If you want to be something different in this life for certain and have the only chance to get to a heaven, you have to do what Jesus says to do and not be an animal this time around. Don’t live like an animal. It is that simple.

Go with the flow: We can see our position on the edge of the animal realm; we are like an island in a sea of animal life.

We are just one of millions of different species, and we have only been here for a short time, and we only will be here for a short time before we return to that sea of animal life. You can take advantage of it, or just go with the flow.

One flow is the flow or cycle of animal life that goes in a circle; the other flows to the center of animal life and transforms you and the world you live in to a heaven.

The two flows: There are two flows, one for the animal mind, and another for a spiritual being. When you can see the two flows, you will not want to go with the animal flow. A spiritual being always goes with the flow, but the truth changes the direction of the flow for you. It makes it go in the exact opposite direction.

There are two roads, the low road and high road. If you take the high road, you are going to heaven. If you take the low road, you stay here or you go to hell.


If you want to make a change in direction, giving is one of the ways to do it.

Give unconditionally. Give to the person or people you ordinarily would not give to. Give to the people you dislike and that you feel deserve it the least.

Jesus said, when you give to the least of my brothers, you give to me.

In other words, when you help the worst people, you do the best thing you can do for your spiritual growth, because it gets you on the right path. Do it for you, not the person you are giving to. Jesus says to love even your enemy. Do it.

If you do not like someone, just remember that is your mind judging another person's mind. Your mind does not like another person’s mind. If you strip the minds away, a spiritual being will see another spiritual being. If you see past the illusion created by people’s minds, you will like them, because you will see a spiritual being just like yourself.

The law of the jungle: In the past, we had to take to receive; we had to hurt others to feel good. If we needed something, we had to take it from another. It was the law of the jungle, and we had no other choice. Now we have a choice.

Times of scarcity are the norm, and during those times, the animal is in complete control. This is why we have to make our move now while we can.

What gives you the right to have more than you need, when human beings just like you and children have less than they need? Can you see the truth?

New day: Now it is a new day and the rules have changed. We now have to do the exact opposite of what we did in the animal past. We now have to give to receive. We have to help others, not hurt them, to feel good and evolve further.

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer

180: We have to make a one-hundred and eighty degree change, do the complete opposite of what our animal mind tells us to do. We have to overcome literally millions of years of evolutionary programming to do it, become a totally new form of life. This is what saves us personally for certain, and it could save everyone.


Jesus said, those that overcome will see heaven and show others the way.

All we have to do is overcome our animal instincts to get to heaven, because when we overcome our animal instincts, we overcome the animal realm.

This does not mean we get rid of our animal instincts. We still enjoy the good ones in a controlled manner. We just do not let them control us anymore.

Show the way: Even if everyone gave away everything they did not need, it would help a lot, but it would not be enough to change the world into a paradise. That said, just the act of giving will eventually change things.

This is because the act will change the people giving into spiritual beings and show the people they are giving to the way.

You do not wait for everyone to start doing it; you just start doing it now.

We are not in the giving business; we are in the creating spiritual beings business, and spiritual beings can and will create a heaven on earth.

Fulfillment creates fulfillment: People will see that people that live and give are happier than them, more fulfilled than them, and they will want to be like them. This will motivate them to make more money, so they can give it to others and be fulfilled also. Giving will spread naturally because of the happiness it creates.

When we do what is necessary to make ourselves spiritual beings, we are helping others to become spiritual beings at the same time, and vice versa. When we act like animals, it turns other people into animals.

We reap what we sow, as the Bible says. The Bible was not talking about money.

The Bible says, “The lord is our shepherd; we shall not want.”

In other words, when you know the truth and live in the life, you do not want anything you do not have. God/life gives you everything you need and want.

An animal is always thinking about how they can help themselves. A spiritual being thinks the same thing, only they know that helping others is how to help themselves.

A spiritual being helps others, because life is perfect for them, and they do not need any help.

Actually spiritual beings do not think about it at all; they just do it automatically. It is a fundamentally different way of looking at and living life.


Giving does more for the giver than the receiver, a lot more.

Help yourself: Giving is about helping yourself, not the people you give to. You can help them with money and show them the way, but you cannot save them. They have to learn the truth and save themselves like everyone else.

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill

If you see the fork in the road and take it, it will change everything in your life and show others the way, and they will eventually follow.

Other people will want to be like us, because we are happy all the time.

No direct giving: This does not mean you do people’s laundry or paint their house for free. That does not work. People are not ready for that type of giving or receiving; it just brings out the worst in people. You have to give indirectly.

You never let people use your house or car or other personal things, because it will lead to trouble. You never let people mooch off you or take advantage of you.

The only thing you give is your money and your life, and the only reason you give money and life is because you really have more than you need. You never give the money directly, but you always give the life directly.

It is not good to give material things to others directly for the same reason you do not tell them the truth directly. It does not work. It is best to give money anonymously and give the truth by giving this book, because it just works better.

Naturally, you help people directly in emergencies and other special situations, but you never have to risk your own well-being to do it. The life of someone else is no more important than your own life, but if you do give your life helping others, it is the best way to go for many reasons.

The way most people will help other people is through their job or profession or by giving them the money they make, but do not need or even want.

You can directly help out family and friends, but even that can lead to trouble.

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive. Albert Einstein

Two thousand dollars, or whatever amount provides a decent middle class life. It will have to be more or less depending on the situation. If everyone in America that lives on more than two thousand dollars a month committed to living on two thousand dollars a month or less, we could turn this world into a paradise.


Jesus said, freely ye have received, freely give.

We should start with America, and when we get it working right, help the rest of the world do it. The goal would be to get every working household two thousand a month. If you make more, you give it to someone that makes less.

Underdog: In the movies, the hero always helps the underdog; it is that way in real life too. It is the way to be the hero in movies and the way to get to heaven in real life.

How to be the best a human being can be is pretty obvious.

Bums: The fear is that some people will not work at all, and a few people will be supporting a bunch of bums. This is why you give it to low paid, working people.

Everyone who works a forty hour week should be able to live a middle class life. People doing God’s will do what they can to make that happen.

Control: You do not use the money to control people, and some people will take advantage of it at first, but so what? You are doing it for yourself. People have to save themselves, and they eventually will. When people learn the truth, they will want to work, and people with more than they need will want to give.

Want to work: When people learn the truth, they will want to work, because they will want to help other people; it will fulfill them when they do it.

People that live in the mind work from a position of fear; spiritual people work from a position of love. It is a fundamentally different way of looking at work. When you go to work in the morning, you are not thinking about how much money you can make for yourself; you are thinking about how much you can do to make other peoples’ lives better. The money you earn is just a byproduct of what you do to help others. The more you do to help, the more fulfilled you are.

Spiritual beings do not work because they have to; they work because they want to. It is in a spiritual being's nature to make things better.

We will also have a few rules to receive the money, such as; everyone that is physically able to work would have to work to receive the two thousand. Those that are healthy enough to do work will work, or they will receive just the bare minimum to live on, kind of like today’s welfare.

Low income families: You just supplement the income of families that have low paying jobs. It does not matter what they do, so long as they do something. You start by just helping low income, working families. In this way, you help children. You make it possible for the mother to not have to work, so she can raise her children full time. We should pay mothers to stay home and run a family; it is that important, and it is as real a job as any job and as important a job as any job.


The way it is now, there is not much incentive for poor people to work, because minimum wage will not change their life much. Two thousand will, so more people will want to work, even if it is just a minimum wage job. People that know the truth will want to work if they can without exception. They will love their work as much as they love everything else. They may just have a low paying job.

Anonymously: All giving and receiving should be done anonymously if possible for the reasons previously mentioned. If people know you are giving money away, you will get unwanted attention from people that will want money from you. People receiving money from you will treat you differently if they know, so everything should be done anonymously.

People will not be after your money if you live like you do not have much.

You can form a foundation. Call it the foundation for financial equality, and use it to give anonymously. You would get a tax break, so you would have even more to give. I see thousands of these foundations forming all over America once the truth is known. The two thousand may need to be adjusted up or down for inflation.

It is easy to give our tax money to take care of our old people, because we know we are going to be them soon. If we do not become spiritual beings, we will be poor soon also, so we should look at the poor the same as we do old people.

If you own a business, you can just start paying your low paid employees more. This will make them more productive and loyal. You could also just lower the costs of your products or services to save money for everyone that uses them. This will bring you more business, and it will save advertising expenses. This would also begin to reverse inflation. There are many ways to give and many ways to benefit.

All business should have a fair profit and ownership sharing program with their employees. This way, everyone is working for themselves and the business. It is good for the business and good for the people working for the business. You can give to family and friends or complete strangers; it does not matter. Just give away any money you do not need as fast as you can, because it helps you when you do it. It helps get you on the spiritual path, the path to paradise.

Jesus said, "If you have money, do not lend it at interest, but rather give to one from whom you will not get it back."

Spiritual beings would do it. You can live well at the two-thousand dollar level. Someone that knows the truth will know that anything more is hurting themselves and everyone else. I live on much less, and no one lives better than I do.

There really is more than enough to go around.

The only problem is that it is under the control of the beast, and the beast does not like to share and is not very fair.

Jesus said, "Get rid of your financial wealth, and come follow me.”


A spiritual being just needs clean air and water, food, shelter, a few other things, and not much else. This is because a spiritual being has the present, and it gives them everything, especially love. You need just enough physical things to take care of your physical self; you need to get by and no more. It is that simple.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
Henry David Thoreau

It is nice to have an expensive new car and swimming pool, but you have to ask yourself; is it worth sacrificing heaven for? It is not, and that is why when the truth is known, people will gladly give needy people what they do not really need.

Voluntarily: The rich have to give voluntarily, or it will not work. The government may help redistribute the wealth in the future to make it easier, but not until the truth is known, and the world has changed. No one will be forced to give.

Free and fair: If the rich have to be forced to give up their wealth, it will mean the rich do not know the truth, and if they do not, we have to keep working on defining it so that they will understand it. The rich have to know the truth for the world to become a heaven. The world has to be free, and there must be equality. There is no other way. The rich are the people that are in power, and if they cannot see the truth, we are all doomed, including them, so they have no choice.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Move over Rover, and let God take over.

After we create a heaven on earth and everyone has the necessities of life, we can start having non-essential extras, but not until then, and only a few things.

Teach to fish: There is a saying; “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” It is true, and it is what we want to do. We help everyone help themselves, just as God/life does.

Our goal should be to make the world as productive as we are in ten years.

We do not just want to give money; we want to invest money in people. We want to help make them self-sufficient and productive. This will help everyone.

Share technology: We make everyone on Earth as productive as us by sharing our technology with other people. Millions of people are still farming like we did a thousand years ago. Everyone should have the same efficient and productive equipment we do. We do the same for clean, renewable energy production. The wealthier we make others, the wealthier we will make ourselves, physically and spiritually. Naturally, they pay us a fair price for what we provide them, but what we give them makes them the money to pay us. We do not want to make them like us; we want to make them as productive and self-sufficient as possible within their own culture and desired lifestyle.


Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. Henry David Thoreau

Enough: When you have enough money to eat and be comfortable, you have enough. It does not get better than that, no matter how much you spend, so anything more is a waste. If you know the truth, you have the only true security.

The only real security is knowing the truth and living the life.

The basics: Everyone should have a small, clean and comfortable place to live, with climate control, a bed, table and chairs, sink, shower, toilet, refrigerator, microwave, stove, TV, internet, transportation, telephone, a small closet of essential clothes (women have more than men), medicine, and enough food to eat. Naturally, you personalize your abode to suit your tastes.

Spiritual people are low maintenance people; they just want the basics.

When everyone has the basics, we can have more things, but not until then. The only extra things you should have are things for work, such as tools, etc.

If you have the basics, you have more than ninety percent of mankind.

More than three-hundred million children do not own a pair of shoes. Three children die every second because they do not have clean water. One in seven people are refugees or living in unsanitary slum shantytowns. These people are easy to recruit into fanatical terrorist organizations.

Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.
Henry David Thoreau

Once you know the truth and the life, you are happy and fulfilled even without most of the basics, so you really do not need or want anything more.

As Biggie Smalls said, “Mo money means mo problems.”

We cannot even think about having any extras until everyone has the basics.

We are spending too much money on non-necessities, and it will kill us.

Tight ship: Nature runs a tight ship; there is no place for the unnecessary. A species cannot live long while putting a lot of its efforts into non-essentials.

Mankind wastes at least 99% of what is given to us. When the truth is seen, we will turn it around and use at least 99%, and earth will become a heaven.

Where else in nature are there any extras or non-essentials? They do not exist, because nature will not let them exist long. Only mankind wastes things.

Nature is very unforgiving if something tries to break its rules.


The goal is to have financial security, but at no more than the two-thousand dollar a month level. It will be adjusted for inflation to suit the times and place, but in the future, there will be no inflation. You pay yourself from your own foundation. Your goal is to make more money, but just so you have more to give.

Security comes from what you know, not what you have.

Spiritual beings that make a lot of money will move into middle class areas to save money. The more money they can save, the more they have to give.

It is more fun living in middle class neighborhoods than upper class or rich neighborhoods anyway, because people are more social with each other. People hangout in their garages and work on hotrods and other hobbies, have barbeques, and play cards and other games at each others' houses. Spiritual people just enjoy friends, family, a few toys and life itself.

All of that simple stuff that does not require much thinking is big fun for spiritual people. Spiritual people like to play and really get into life’s simple pleasures. You cannot do a lot of things without money, so you do not do those things. You have more fun doing the millions of things you can do that do not cost much money.

You may be thinking this will hurt our economy, but the opposite is true. Our economy will grow rebuilding our country and the rest of the world.

Living is great wherever you live if you know the truth and the life. If you do not, it is not very good, no matter where you live or what you do. The truth and the life is the key to the good life and true success, now and forever.

The simple life is the greatest life possible, but only if you know the ultimate truth.

The Bible says, “Show your moderation to all men.”

It also says, “If you are a man of great appetite, you should cut your throat.”

It also says, “Pride is a sin.”

It also says, “We are our brother’s keeper.”

It says it indirectly in Genesis. Cain asks, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” We need to answer that question now. We are our brother’s keeper if we want to go to heaven or create one here on Earth, and we do. Spiritual beings do not worry about whether or not someone deserves their money. They give unconditionally to people who are trying their best. If people need it and you have it, you give it.

You do not give it to anyone that is addicted to drugs. A drug test should be required from people receiving money. This will encourage people to give up drugs, and you do not want to support a non-productive, destructive lifestyle. The key is everyone receiving the extra money will have to be working if they can work, and doing their best, so you will be helping productive people, not bums.


These same foundations will offer free education and training to the people they are helping, to give them the opportunity to get better, higher paying jobs. One or two people doing this will not help society much, but it will help the people they give to, and it will help themselves spiritually, and that is all that matters.

Naturally help others. Only a life in the service of others is worth living.
Albert Einstein

All that matters is that you get on the spiritual path. Get your ticket to heaven; that is your only job. Others will have to save themselves spiritually. You can help people physically, but they have to save themselves spiritually. You can shine the light their way, but they have to be able to see it. Prophets can bend the branch down, but people have to see and pick the fruit themselves.

Lead a horse to water: You can help others financially for certain, but you can only try to help them spiritually by setting the example and living as a spiritual being and by telling them to go to the Truth Contest to read this book.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Redemption Song, Bob Marley

You try your best to help others to know the truth and the life, but you can only do what you can do. As the saying goes: “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.” Just tell them to look at the Truth Contest, because it will always have the latest revision of this book.

As more people learn the truth, more will begin to give what they do not need to others that need it. It will grow at first in our country, and then the world will begin to change into the paradise it could be and should be.

Big Change: I realize that it sounds crazy and like it will not work, but it has to, or we are dead. It is a big change, but the world needs a big change now, and the truth can make it happen. Even if it does not work, we have to try anyway, because trying is what improves our life and gets us to heaven.

Rainy day: Most people will think, “I may not need the money now, but I may need it in the future,” that they have to save for a rainy day. The following is what Jesus says about that:

Jesus said, “Do not be anxious about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.”

In other words, live for today and do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself, especially if you truly live in the present.

If you are going to let the fear of poverty govern your life, your reward will be that you will eat, but you will not live. George Bernard Shaw


You do things for the future while you are in the present. It is not like you do not know the future is going to happen; you know it better than anyone, and what you do in the present automatically gets you ready for the future.

It is not as if you do not think at all. There is a time for thinking and a time for not thinking.

Smart life: People think all the time now, but they will find that if they think just ten percent of the time, it will be more than enough. Not thinking lets you know the true situation better, because you are more aware of life.

It gives you an edge over people that think all the time, because they are less aware of the true situation. Knowing the true situation helps your life much more than thinking one-hundred percent of the time and not knowing the true situation. You will also receive a lot more inspiration and be more creative.

You have to not think in order to know the true situation. You can only see it clearly when you are not thinking; it is essential to live a successful life.

Take care of business: You do not have to think about the future all the time, just when it matters and when it will make a difference. A spiritual person will know when to think and when to live. You will eventually be able to live ninety percent of your life, and that is a lot more than you are living now.

People that live in the present will all have perfect credit, because they take care of business, and their word really is their bond. Spiritual people will never get into debt that they cannot pay to start with.

Spiritual beings are very frugal and conservative with the money that they spend on themselves. They will always live below their means.

Money represents work. If you make fifty thousand a year, when you spend fifty thousand dollars, you trade a full year of work for what you bought.

Debt: Getting in debt and living beyond your means is a trick of the mind to keep you in a position where the mind is necessary. It tries to keep you behind the eight ball, so you have to constantly think and worry. Do not play any of the mind’s games. If you do, you will never be fulfilled or get to heaven.

Instead of thinking of what else you need, think of what else you can live without.

The smaller you live financially, the larger you can live spiritually.

What people think: One of the big reasons people are in the money rat race is that they care what other people think of them. Why does it matter what people that do not know the truth think? It is just minds creating other minds. Misery loves company, as the saying goes.

Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein


What is important: One of the keys to fulfillment and everlasting life is to know what is important and what is not important. Getting rich is not important, winning is not important, the past is not important. The present will become the future.

Jesus said, “When you make the two one, you will be called sons of men.”

Getting it together: As the saying goes, the important thing is getting yourself together with God, and you cannot do it if you are rich when others are poor.

People have to know that the only thing that is important is the truth and the life, the present. Nothing else matters, because your life is all you really have.

If you want to be fulfilled now and go to heaven, you cannot care what the other misguided people in this world think. If you do, you are misguided also, and you will go down the toilet with them.

Do the right thing, not just the popular thing.

Retirement: People will think that they cannot give the money they do not need now away, because they need to save for retirement. Retirement is BS; no one likes not working for long. A person that knows the truth always works as long as they can. If you know how to live in the present and can work, you always will.

This is the manner of noble souls: they do not want to have anything for nothing; least of all, life. Whoever is of the mob wants to live for nothing; we others, however, to whom life gave itself, we always think about what we might best give in return. Friedrich Nietzsche

Spiritual people should and will always work until their health no longer allows it, even if it is just as a greeter at Wal Mart. If you live in the present, you will enjoy it more than being the president of the company.

When you cannot do anything productive, do nothing; it is less expensive.

Do less: Doing things can cost money, so the less you can do to entertain yourself, the better. Watching TV is cheap, so watch a lot of TV. Take walks and do other things that do not cost money. A spiritual being needs nothing to be happy, because they have everything all the time. They are always where it is at.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt

When your health is gone, money is not going to help you. You are at the end of your life cycle. It is time to die and start over. If it is all you can do, just watch TV and play with your pets until the end comes. If you know how to live in the present, it is a good way to go. If you do not know the truth and the life, you can spend your last time in your body learning it.


The government takes care of all sick people without money now, and it will do it even better in the future, so you have nothing to worry about.

If the truth is not seen and people do not change, there will be no future to worry about. We have to change for there to be a future worth living.

When well-to-do people get old and sick, they end up giving all or most of their money to the hospitals anyway. Forget about the past and the future, and live in the NOW. It is what Jesus and all true prophets tell you to do, because it is the only way to truly live and be successful in life.

You will get everything you need.

Checking out: People that do not know the truth will do anything to survive a little longer, even if they are old and have a terminal disease. People spend thousands of dollars per day to stay alive using machines to breathe and anything else technology can do. Many people are now spending more than they made in their whole lives to fight a losing battle with old age and death.

There are going to be billions of old dying people for the first time in history in the next twenty years, and it will bankrupt the world if we try to drag out everyone’s life as long as we can. It is not only financially a waste, it is also stupid.

Spiritual people will not do that. When they are sure they have an incurable disease, or their bodies are just too old to live a quality life any longer, they will end it without all the expense and other BS.

Do not let your sick mind and body give your soul too much of a beating.

Best way to die: No one will intentionally commit suicide, but they will start using higher and higher doses of heroin and other drugs until they accidentally overdose and die. The goal will be to feel good, not die.

When the time comes to start checking out, people will announce it to all their loved ones that they are checking out, and they will start to wrap up their current life. Then they will essentially start a party that lasts as long as it takes them to die. It could take months if they want it to. People they love will come and go, last words will be said, etc.

Not suicide: Their intention will not be to die; it will be to use enough of the drugs to take away any pain and discomfort, so life will be great until the amount of drugs needed to do it will kill them. They will die accidentally, because they will not know exactly when it will happen. They will administer the drugs themselves and be able to use as much as they need to feel good. It is the best way to go, and it will be the way most people will check out in the future.

Only people that do not know the truth and the life will drag out a life in a body that is at the end of its life cycle. A spiritual person knows where they are going, and they will look forward to having a new, young, healthy body, and living in heaven. It will be legal in the future, because it will save the state money.

As Jesus said, do not worry about the future; just take care of the present.