Happy dog, happy life: There is a saying that goes "happy wife, happy life." In other words, if your mate or people you live with are happy, it will be reflected back at you. The problem is, that is easier said than done. You cannot make someone else happy all the time, if they are human. That is not true with dogs. If you do a few things that everyone can do, you can have a living creature in your house that is blissful all or most of the time, and that will be reflected back at you. So if you want a happy life, get a dog and do what this page says to do.

Dogs have spiritually evolved faster than humans. Look at them physically; they have fangs and paws, just like a wolf, but they give unconditional love, the greatest characteristic of what religions call God. Dog is God spelled backwards. They alone of all the animals on earth have chosen love over their wild animal instincts. They have been sent from God, or the spirit of love, to help us, to teach us and show us it can be done. The beast can be overcome, even if you are in the body of one of the cruelest of all killers in the animal kingdom.

It may be impossible to create a heaven for people on earth, but we can do it for our pets, particularly dogs and cats. Because we can do this, we can get a little heaven reflected back at us from our pets. Dogs don’t have as many of the mental problems that humans do. If you do the thinking for them, they can actually experience a heaven on earth and not have any pain, fear, or knowledge of death, which are the main reasons humans can’t have heaven on earth.  Our job is to create a heaven for all living creatures, and since we can’t do it for humans, we do it for our dogs. Dogs are the only creature we can do it for right now, so we do it just because we can. Every person and/or family unit should eventually have at least two dogs, because they like each others' company.  If you have two, get at least one from the pound (fully grown). Extra spiritual points for rehabilitating a dog that needs it.

Creating a heaven for others is the way we get to heaven ourselves.
Learning The Ultimate Truth and creating heaven for our pets is the way.

1. Estimated number of dogs in US:
78.2 million, 4/10 households own at least one dog.

2. Estimated dollars spent on pets:
$55.53 billion (money well spent, you get the present back)

3. Estimated time it took for wolves to evolve into modern dogs: 40,000 years

Throughout our evolutionary history, dogs have been great companions and friends to humans. We shared our food, and they helped protect us from wild beasts and other threats by being an early warning system. They would bark and wake us up, giving us time to get to our weapons. Once we had a weapon, we could protect ourselves and the dogs from animals that would kill us separately. We helped each other survive and evolve through some very harsh times living outdoors. Now, we continue to help each other evolve, but in a much better way, a more spiritual way as opposed to pure survival. Dogs show us the life, and humans show dogs the truth.

It’s pretty simple. You just think about and focus on how to make them happy. You devote yourself to it. You should keep your life as simple as possible, focus on your work, your home, and your dog. You do everything for their health and well-being, including vet visits (shots, medicine, spay/neuter) and good food (preferably homemade). You share small amounts of table scraps to demonstrate sharing and to show them they are part of the pack. Take them with you when you go for a ride or out to the store when you can, and let them hang their head out the window. They should get at least one good walk per day, and free running inside a fenced area or open field away from the road at least once per week. You don’t need a yard, but a yard would be nice to have. They should sleep in the house and have their own bed right next to where you sleep. At Walmart, you can get different colored blackout curtains that are long enough and as wide as doorways to cover doorways to bedrooms, so you can leave your door open and the dogs can come and go, and you will still have privacy and keep air conditioning just in your bedroom. 

Routine: Dogs and cats, but especially dogs, thrive on routine. Wake up at a certain time, go to bed at a certain time, eating, walks, etc. Routine is good for truth seekers and pets. It makes a more comfortable, predictable world. With people, it takes thinking about what and when to do things out of your life. The less you think and the more comfortable and predictable your life, the easier it is to live in the present.

Brush and groom them as needed to keep the oils on their skin going and to keep them from getting too itchy. Use a rubber "curry brush" for short-haired dogs, because it works well and is like a massage. Treat them as one of the family, pet them and love them a lot. You can become one with your dog a lot better than you can with people. Be soul mates, so that dog goes on the path with you, and either becomes a human in the next life, or goes right to heaven with you.

Never give them cooked bones or anything they could choke on. Make sure they have plenty of toys for chewing and playing. When they want to play, play with them a little bit; always take time to play with your dogs and get in the present with them. Put yourself in their skin and imagine what it’s like to feel what they feel.

If you are not allergic to cats, you should have a cat or two and train your dogs to get along with them. The inter-species relationship makes for even more presence and livelihood in your environment, and it trains the dogs and cats to be more gentle and accepting of other living creatures.

When you walk them and when you are with them, they help you live in the present, because they live in the present. The better the quality of their life, the better quality your life will be. The more you focus on their life being good, the more your life will be good. They keep you at home, keep you from going out too much, out of bars, etc. You have a companion always and unconditional love always.

Taking the dogs out should not be seen as a chore. You should try to enjoy the walk as much as the dogs do, get into the present with them. Imagine what it is like to be in their skin and fur, with their strong senses. It is good exercise, good for your health and the dogs health. Lack of exercise is a major problem in America. See it as an enjoyable, important part of your days. Take your time, 5 minute minimum, even if they do their potty business quickly. Stop and smell the roses.

Dogs could be people reincarnated; we could go back and forth between dog and human, take turns. In past evolution, human beings and dogs/wolves went back and forth from predator and prey, but now that humans have evolved into mankind and wolves have evolved into modern dogs, humans go back and forth with dogs.

We are also looking into the best way to put them down, and may do it ourselves in a way that is better than the vet does it. We are looking for a way to get chloroform, or to make it. We would like to have a way to anesthetize an injured or sick dog for the ride to the vet, and even come up with something for police and animal control to have to put dogs and cats under when they encounter one hit by a car. It is on our to-do list. We do not want dogs to have pain and fear at the end of their life or when they are really sick or injured.

With dogs and other animals, it is not how long they live that matters, because they live in the present and have no concept of time. It is the quality of life they have and the way they go that counts. With people following the way of Jesus, it is okay to go hard as he did, because you know the truth of life (note: as it says in the book, you can check out easy with opiates and/or other drugs if you have that option). With animals, it is important for them to go with a minimum of fear and pain. That is why we are working on the best way to do it. You also want to be with them at the end, be the last thing they see and hear. You do not just leave them at the vet as most people do. You should make arrangements with your vet in advance to provide the best situation possible.

If you don’t have a dog or a lifestyle that would support a dog, make it happen as soon as possible.

To do list:

Show them love, touch and play with them, never show violence toward them.
Make them wholesome, homemade food and treats whenever possible.
Take them on at least one good walk per day (at least 15 minutes).
Use a 16 foot retractable leash for walks to give the dogs some moving freedom.
Let them run loose in a fenced area, dog park, or open field at least once per week.
Buy them a comfortable dog bed and put it right next to your bed.
Brush and groom them as needed to keep their skin and coat healthy and cozy.
Keep their shots up to date and give them flea/tick and heartworm medicine.
Check between toes for ticks and in ears and everywhere else.
Take their collars off before bed unless there is a safety concern (they can get out).
Give them a bath about once per month.
Buy them some toys to play with.
Give them dental treats or dear antlers to help with teeth cleaning.

Our dogs are best friends and are always with at least one human who knows about the dog heaven effort. They each have their own very comfortable dog bed that is right next to a human bed. Every day, they wake us up with lots of love and licks, and are taken outside together for a short morning walk to do their business. They come back inside and are fed good quality kibble in the morning, as well as some small tastes of human breakfast. They are taken on a walk every day around noon that is at least 15 minutes, and most of the time, they get to run around in a fenced yard or open field (closely supervised) during this hour with neighbor dogs. They are not "well-trained" and require a lot of attention to walk, but giving attention to the truth and our dogs is what we do anyway.

At night, they are fed homemade food, which consists of a lean ground meat like turkey, with vegetables like broccoli, peas, and carrots made into a puree, brown rice, and fish oil all mixed together. Mashed sweet potatoes or pumpkin make a perfect, easy and healthy side dish. They really enjoy this food and lick their bowls clean every time, eating all the remaining kibble in the process.

Although we are firm at times and use anger as a tool of communication, we are never really angry and never hit the dogs. We always discourage aggressive animal behavior, like fighting over toys or food. They always have good toys for chewing and tug-o-war, and we take some time to play with them every day, even though they usually play with each other. Overall, we do the thinking for them and keep them out of dangerous situations while letting them enjoy their sensory experience without being too restrictive or commanding. We give them truth, they give us life.

God is in dog. If you want to get close to God, get close to a dog.

Dogs have been walking the path with humans literally for over 40,000 years. They walked the dirt paths through forests with us, and now they are on our path out of the animal realm.

Remember that your dog is an animal and will act like one sometimes. Even if your dog gets worked up and bites you, you do not bite them back or respond to violence with violence. You yell at them to let them know you are hurt, and when they get over their spell, you give them love and hugs. You always set the example, and show animals how a divine being acts.

Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. Mark Twain

Twilight Zone - The Hunt (01/26/62)