The Bible says that Jesus came to save us, that he is mankind’s redeemer.

Was Jesus a failure? If you believe what the church believes, you have to believe that Jesus was a failure. The way the Church believes, less than one percent of mankind will go to heaven. That is failure by any measure if he came to save us.

To believe in Christianity in its current form is to believe that Jesus failed.

Current so-called Christians are saying with their beliefs that Jesus was a failure. Most people are missing this fact. They are saying Jesus can do anything, except for what he came to do. If Jesus is a failure, so is Christianity. Christians either have to admit Jesus failed or is failing to do what he said he came to do, or admit the Bible has been misinterpreted. Which is it?

The truth is, it is not Jesus that has failed mankind; it is Christianity that has failed Jesus.

Jesus saves: Jesus was supposed to be mankind’s redeemer, not just save a few devoted followers that have blind faith in a religion that makes no sense. If we begin to face the truth, it still may not be too late to save most of mankind.

The Bible says, in John 9, “Once I was blind and now I can see.”

Hidden in plain sight: Jesus in the form of the truth and life is here now, being hidden in plain sight by the devil mind. As he said, he is in spirit and truth.

Mind is always a Judas, it can never become a Christ. Judas was the most knowledgeable disciple of Jesus. All the other apostles were illiterate; he was the most cultured. And it is natural, not accidental, that he betrayed Jesus. The heady people are always betrayers: they don’t know the beauty, the grace, of love, of commitment. They are traitors — the head is a traitor. Osho

New Pharisees: The church of today is just as closed-minded as the Jewish religion when Jesus lived. It is doing the same thing they did by not accepting the things that Jesus said. They are not seeing and accepting the second coming of Jesus because of their inflexible dogma. Nothing has changed.


Saved: You are no longer blind and can now see the truth. Just forget what you thought the truth was, just realize it was a deception of the mind, and you will begin to see what Jesus came to show mankind, and you will be saved.

Everyone is waiting for a savior, when you need to savior (save your) self.

Make sense: Preachers are always trying to make sense out of their beliefs. In doing it, they are acknowledging that it is important for the truth to make sense, and are indirectly saying that the truth needs to make sense to be true. The problem is, no matter how hard they try, the current interpretations of what Jesus and other prophets have said do not make sense, no matter how many ways you twist it around. The new interpretations do make sense and are self-evident.

Truth will have no gods before it. The belief in truth begins with the doubt of all truths in which one has previously believed. Friedrich Nietzsche

The interpretation of the sayings of Jesus that make sense should supersede the interpretations of Jesus that do not make sense, because that makes sense.

The past is the past: The people that believed in a religion in the past and believe in them now have not done anything wrong. Most of them have done the best they could do with the information they had to work with, but now they have new information. It is just like it was when Jesus came the first time.

It is a new day: Now that you can know the truth, you have to acknowledge it and change accordingly, or you will be lost. You will be committing a mortal sin.

There are no longer any excuses for believing in a myth.

Jesus made sense: Everything that Jesus truly said is simple and makes sense. The truth always makes sense. The best way to know what Jesus really said and did not say is to give it the common sense test. It is pretty simple; if a person or even a child with average intelligence cannot understand it, it is not something Jesus would say. If it takes a scholar to explain it, it cannot be the truth, because Jesus said the child-like (babes) and the uneducated can understand it. The truth has to be simple to be for everyone.

Believing in myths: Many people believe in one of the many different religions, because they just want to fit in and go along with everyone else. It is tradition, part of the culture, so they think it must be true. People have the need to be part of something, be in an old and accepted social group. It is mostly monkey see monkey do, the need to belong and be in a group, just like monkeys.

To admit a belief merely because it is a custom - but that means to be dishonest, cowardly, lazy! - And so could dishonesty, cowardice and laziness be the preconditions for morality? Friedrich Nietzsche

Many get involved with religious myths just because they do not know what the real truth is. They cannot just believe death is the end; they subconsciously know it is not the end. It's not that people believe in a mythical God so much as that they cannot live life without believing in something besides what they see.


Worship: What they really have is hope that if they worship, praise, pray, make offerings, and tell this imaginary God how great he is, this imaginary, invisible, egotistical God may turn out to be real or become real, and save them from all the horrors of this world. The tragedy is the opposite is going to happen.

No choice: People look around and see the magic of life and say this cannot all just happen by chance, and they are right. Religion offers an explanation that goes past death, and until recently, nothing else did. It was the only game in town, so it naturally grew and became a big part of human culture.

Hammer or nail: In the past, you had to choose between being the hammer or the nail. Naturally, most people would choose to be the hammer, even if the beast was holding it, especially if the beast was holding it. Just recently, science has offered people another choice, but it is cold and incomplete. Science and religion have been the only two choices people have had, so they had to choose one, even though neither gives people the ultimate truth that they are seeking.

New choice: This book offers a third option for the first time. It is new revelations of the truth that are a combination of science, religion, art, philosophy, past and present, common sense, and everything else that reveals the truth. With the new truth, you do not have to be the hammer or the nail. You can be something much more, and you can get rid of the hammer and nail altogether.

Everyone can be right: For the first time, people have a third choice that incorporates the others, a choice that does not require them to give up their current belief system. It says everyone is right, if you know how to see the truth. It has to be the way, because any other way would cause conflict, not peace. It also makes sense and gives people a complete picture of the ultimate truth. You do not have to give up religion and science to embrace the third way; you get into them more. You get into everything more. The present encompasses everything.

It is all true. If you know what the truth is, you can see it in everything.

Mine the truth: The fact is that not all the written truth or mind truth is found in one place. Bits and pieces, nuggets of truth, can be found in the words of different prophets, philosophers and poets. The richest deposits are found in religions. You have to sift through a lot of waste to find the nuggets and put them together to get a complete picture. It’s why Jesus says you have to seek to find it.

The truth is forcing us to come together: It is a very good thing that the truth is not all in one place. It is no coincidence that the truth is spread out in all the different cultures of the world. It forces us to unite to get the complete picture, and we have to unite for there to be peace on earth. The collective unconscious, or Holy Spirit if you prefer, knows what it is doing. It gives us all a real chance.


The easiest way to know what the truth is and what it is not, is to understand that if it does not include everyone, it cannot be the truth. The so-called Christians of today exclude everyone except themselves from heaven. They believe everyone except themselves are going to burn in hell. According to their belief system, all Jews, Muslims, Hindus and most of the rest of the world are going to burn in hell forever. It means that Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln are burning in hell right now, just because they did not believe as they do. They also say that the God they believe in is a God of mercy that loves everyone.

This is why it is the message and not the messenger that is important. If a prophet’s message is interpreted correctly, it will include everyone and benefit everyone. If people worship the messenger, there are different ones, so you cannot help but misinterpret the message. It will lead to conflict and war.

The Bible says that the church exists to bring forth the ideal man.

If this is why the church exists, it has not accomplished its mandate yet. The reason it has not is because it has been misinterpreting the Bible and prophets.

The church: The myths in the Bible were created in the same way the Greek, Egyptian, and all the other God myths where created. In addition to wishful thinking and creative story telling, people who wanted wealth and power motivated the creation of myths. Example: organized religions in Europe around the middle ages only promoted myths that would help them get and keep power over people. If people knew God was in the present and they did not need a priest or the church to get to heaven, they would not have any power over them.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. Seneca

Constantine 312 AD: When the Roman emperor Constantine made Christianity legal and the favored religion of the Roman Empire, Christianity became a political tool. Because it did, it became the most successful religion in Europe.

The Council of Nicaea 325 AD: Constantine and the council of Nicaea created the Bible (the canon) and Christianity. The Bible is not just one book or the only Christian book as many people think. It is sixty six different smaller books that came from different times and places, and they were just put together. There were hundreds of different books in the second and third century about what Jesus said, and they were all competing with each other until the council picked what they wanted and systematically got rid of the competitors.

They did not pick the books that were included in the Bible by the evidence. They were chosen by popularity and what helped the people picking them most.

This book puts together the truth from all the books and fills in the blanks.

All the books: I have drawn on the other early Christian books as much as the Bible. This book puts the truth found in all the books together for the first time.


When the church joined with the Romans, they officially sold out Jesus.

We cannot be sure anything that happened before Constantine really happened, because they systematically destroyed evidence of anything that did not support the new form of Christianity they created. They destroyed any documents and people that contradicted them. From then on, Christianity was set in stone. Example: Most of the original apostles of Jesus were supposed to have been tortured to death without recanting their belief. Christians say “why would they have done that if the story of Jesus was not true?” They are right, they would not have, but that was supposed to have happened before Constantine and the Council, so we do not know what anyone really did.

When Jesus was sent to the cross, no one stood up and risked their lives to save him, but people years after his death were supposed to have given up their lives.

They say that thousands were martyred without recanting their beliefs. That just does not ring true. In real life, most of them would have recanted, even if they really believed. Torture can make most people say anything the torturer wants them to say. The torturer will say they recanted, even if they do not, to save their job, but we do not see that in the official record. That means the records have been doctored and sanitized, as the CIA would say. They cooked the books.

Jesus may have recanted for all we know. The Romans and the Jews would have said he did, even if he did not, just to justify what they did to him. We will never know, because the records have been destroyed, doctored and sanitized over the years by people like Constantine, the council of Nicaea, and the other people involved in the corrupt, early church.

Thrown to the lions: Most Christians believe many martyrs were thrown to the lions in the Colosseum. It is just a myth. There is no record of it ever happening. The Romans did a lot of bad things, but they did not feed Christians to lions.

Propaganda: It is called propaganda, and it is standard for new rulers to change and manipulate the truth to support the people in power. After Constantine, there was almost nothing in the official record to contradict the state approved story of Jesus. Any competing stories of what Jesus said were changed or destroyed along with the people that believed in them. They were the enemies of Jesus before Constantine, and after, they were still the enemies of the truth and the life, but now they had the church on their side. They said there were no other competing doctrines, that there was only the one that is currently in the Bible. It wasn’t until just recently that we knew other gospels even existed.

When power hungry, ruthless and immoral megalomaniacs like Constantine start using myths to get and keep power over other people, a myth can turn into a mainstream religion. That is how Christianity became what it is today, and it is still being used as a political tool to create wealth and power.

People will say that people will not lie and make up things about God, but the evidence says that is all they do. If they did not, how were the Greek, Egyptian, and all the other God myths created? Someone has to be making things up.


The Church sold its soul to the devil when it got in bed with Rome. They joined with the Romans that crucified Jesus, and Peter, their founder.

Think about it; the stories of the Bible are about the struggle of the righteous, peace-loving believers in Jesus against the evil brutal Romans. They were the devil. The 666 in Revelation is a reference to Nero, an emperor of Rome in early Christian times. The Romans tortured and killed Jesus and then they become the Holy Roman Church. The Christians joined with the beast; it is a historical fact.

It was not as if Constantine was converted to the ways of Jesus. He was not into peace and love. He was one of the most ruthless and brutal emperors. He even killed his own children and a wife. He just used the religion as a political tool.

Like most religious things, the Bible is backwards and upside down. People are thinking Genesis is about something that happened a long time ago, and it is about what is happening now. Revelation is supposed to be about now and the near future, when it is mostly about the beginning of Christianity and nonsense.

Most of both books and the rest of the Bible are misinterpretations, or meant for people that lived in the past. Trying to find truth where it does not exist is just a deception to distract people from the real truth that the books contain.

I am not saying that all Catholics are the devil now. I am a Catholic, and I love the religion, but the truth is the truth, and what happened in the past happened.

Spiritual people do not let the past defile the present. The past has passed.

Everything that happened in the past, no matter how bad, had to happen for us to be where we are now. I would not be writing this book if I had not spent all that time in catechism classes. The past is the past, and it must be kept in the past.

You have to keep in mind that people in the past could not know the truth.

The church of the past was controlled by men that did not know the truth, but believed they did. This turns the beast loose, and no one was more brutal or corrupt than the early church. It has been a long, bumpy road to get to the truth.

When you look at all the big, expensive castles and cathedrals built in middle age Europe, you can see that the royal families and churches divided all the wealth between themselves. The people that had to build them and pay for their wealthy lifestyle lived in crushing poverty. It was like the church and royals were in a competition to see who could spend the most of the poor folks' money. They were in a competition to see who had the biggest and most expensive buildings, and who could dress in the most gold.

The kings wore a crown; the pope wore three, one on top of another.

I do not know which was worse or more power hungry, the popes and bishops, or the kings and noblemen. They were both into conspicuous consumption at the expense of the people they were supposed to be helping.


In addition to taking their hard-earned money, their freedom, and misleading them, the church often took their lives. The church killed and tortured people in holy wars, purges and inquisitions. The holy inquisition burned at the stake over seventy thousand people, mostly poor women who the church said were witches. They could not have done it without the myths and the people that believed in them. Myths are the most dangerous things that exist.

The church that created and interpreted the Bible that most people say they believe in was so corrupt that they were selling passes to heaven. They were called indulgences, and a rich person could buy one and have his sins forgiven.

The church was so corrupt that Martin Luther started the protestant religion in protest of the corruption. It is impossible for any big organization that needs money to function to not be corrupted over time, unless they know the truth.

Jesus said that you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Jesus is saying that you have to separate the truth from the deception.

Clean house: The truth is actually in the Catholic religion in spite of all the early corruption, but like all religions, they need to clean house, so to speak. They need to separate the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the deception, as Jesus said.

The church now is not responsible for what happened in the past, but they need to acknowledge the truth now that it has been revealed and can be known.

Jesus said, "A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit.”

The Catholic church says that the canonized version of the Bible is the only legitimate source of the truth of Jesus. Jesus is saying in the quote above that the canonized version of the Bible is not good fruit. The Bible contains most of the ultimate truth, but because of the corrupt people that put it together, it is not as good or as complete as it could have been. To say it in a Bible-type metaphor, it is like an apple missing a few bites. Knowledge is missing; it is incomplete.

When and if the Christian Church wakes up, they will realize that many of the gospels that were not included in the Bible contain things that Jesus said that are essential to understanding his message.

Power of the church: The Catholic religion is the original and was the only Christian church until about five hundred years ago. Because of the corruption, they lost many of their followers. Many other Christian churches were created starting with the Protestant religion. It then splintered even further into countless other off-shoots, such as the Methodists, the Baptists, the Mormons, etc. This division has weakened Christianity.

Divide and conquer: That is what the devil/mind has done to Christianity.


When the Catholic Church wakes up and sees the light, most other Christian churches will come back into the fold, so to speak, because Christians need to unite to fulfill their purpose and change this world into a heaven. The Bible says, thy kingdom come on earth in Matthew 6:10.

The Shepherd: Jesus, the good Shepherd, is going to bring his flock back together. Christians have strayed away from each other and will come together.

Democracy: When the Catholics and other religions wake up and see the truth, they will put the past behind them. They will keep most of their old traditions and rituals. They will melt together and keep the rituals and traditions that serve the truth, and drop the ones that do not. They will still have leaders, but the church will become more democratic, and what stays and what goes will be voted on by all Christians. Jesus (the truth and the life) will be the true leader.

The other gospels: The things Jesus said that were not included in the Bible are the key to seeing the light, and I use many of them in this book. A Bible created by the misguided and corrupt church of that time cannot be trusted to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There are at least fifty other gospels that were not included in the official church-approved Bible (the canon).

The early Church under Emperor Constantine and his mother tried, but did not manage to find and destroy all the banned sayings of Jesus. Search the Internet for the Gospel according to Thomas, Peter, Judas, Mary “Q,” and you’ll see many things Jesus said that were not included in the canonized version of the Bible. These other Gospels contain some things Jesus said that were banned from the official Bible, because they reveal you can be with God in the present and you do not need the church to do it. The truth is, we do need the church, if it wakes up.

The Church believes in a book created by an evil Roman Emperor, not God.

Like the included gospels, the other gospels have also been distorted, edited and misinterpreted. Much of it is not what Jesus said or meant, but they reveal more than just the church approved Bible. You have to seek the truth in life.

The tree of life is not corrupt, so its fruit is complete, perfect, good fruit.

Recognizing the truth: Once you begin to wake up, you will be able to see the distortions and misquotes in the Bible and other religious writings. A spiritual being recognizes the truth and deception when they see it. You will know what Jesus would say and would not say, know what he would do and would not do, because the mind of Jesus will be in you, and it is what you would say and do if you were living in the same time and place Jesus did.

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5