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Insights by Michael Smith

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There are many references to religion because most of these sections were originally part of The Present (with religion).

Spread the Truth 7 pages
Now is Our Chance 6 pages

Prophets & Revelations 9 pages

Living & Dying 7 pages

Love, Sex & Marriage 15 pages

Truth Contest Symbol 1 page

Spiritual Sustainability 1 page

On the Edge 3 pages

The Truth About Drugs 5 pages

Reform Political System 7 pages

World Government 11 pages
Corrupt Church & Dogma 8 pages

Learning & Education 10 pages

Crime & Law 11 pages

America Must Lead 2 pages

Green Energy & Tech 6 pages

Truth Seeker Movie List

Author's Life Soundtrack

Mankind Men & Women 4 pages

The Greatest Generation 2 pages

Simplicity & Equality 8 pages

Giving is Receiving 13 pages

Share the Wealth 16 pages

Money or Life 9 pages


Other Insights & Entries


Osho 9 pages

Heart Over Mind? 3 pages

The God Memorandum

Dog Heaven 6 pages

List of Opposites, Circles & Cycles

Awakening to what we are 2 pages

In it, to Win it 1 page

Truth is Information 2 pages


TED Talk: Jill Taylor - My Stroke of Insight