The Present - Comments


"Your book "The Present (with religion)" is the single most important document on earth right now, everyone should read it." - Su W.


"My gratitude for this book is simply beyond words." - Alex


"I just wanna say thank you for all work you have done for the truth. When I first read The Present i felt relieved for the first time in my life. It really changed my perception on life. I will pass this knowledge forward and maybe one day we will see a heaven on earth." - Petri K.


"Hi. I just finished reading The Present (with religion), and I have to say it was the best book I've ever read in my entire life. This book made me find the truth that I have been seeking for such a long time. Everything in this book made sense to me. The best thing about this book in my opinion is that the truth is explained in such simple way that anyone can understand it. Thanks to you, I am more excited about life and I feel that my spiritual journey now is going in the right direction. I look forward to the next step. Thank you very much." - Ilja S.


"Thank you so much for this monumental effort and gift to the world, to Life. I’ve been a truth seeker my whole life, first within my family, then within myself, then to understand the nature of Life/God. This astonishing book has helped to fill-in the gaps where my understanding was limited and confused. I’m so grateful. My heart is rejuvenated in its intent and devotion." - Kristina


"I having been struggling with chronic illness for about 3 years now, it has been the hardest thing I have had to go through in my lifetime. And a few weeks ago, after a troubling visit to after hours, I found myself filled with fear and anxiety. Much of this was related to fear of death/dying, and struggling to find any answers. For two weeks I could not stop thinking about how we are all going to die, how I am going to die. And then I stumbled across this book, "The Present". After finishing it today, I am still not "okay" that we have to die. But I now feel a wonderful sense of understanding. Of death being a part of the process. Everything in this book felt right almost immediately. And I thank you for it. I thank the truth and the life for all of it. When things started to click for me, I suddenly saw the world with new eyes, and new life. I feel fulfilled for the first time since I fell ill. Thank you... With all my heart." - Hazel C.


"I have now read the present many times, and I can't help but find something new every time I read it. I can't get enough of the truth here. Every serious truth seeker needs to see this and the ideas of Michael Smith. They change your life from the inside out, and the best thing is, they are true, and your mind can know them." - Cal Mundane


"Michael after reading your book I have a lot more hope, it feels like I have had signs and little "revelations" if you can call it that throughout my life but nothing as clear and well set out as this. Well this is the furthest that the curtain has been lift, and I cannot wait to finally be enlightened. Anything that I can do to help in order to help my search I will be honoured to do." - Carla


"Hi, I just finished reading "The Present" and I have to say it was a life changing read. I've felt an overwhelming urge to know the truth for years now. Finding this book has to be one of the best things to happen to me so far. I can feel my views on life changing so much. I've been struggling hard with lots of things, and reading this book has helped me so much. I am very thankful for you taking the time to write and put this online." - Miranda W.


"Hi, I just want say thank you for your knowledge. You showed me the door to eternal life, it's what I was searching for all my life subconsciously and concsiously. This changed my life/mind, now I feel nothing but joy, love, life now that I know the truth. Everything you have written makes perfect sense, I cant stop reading it. I will help keep the truth alive, and live it and spread it, the truth is everywhere, now I see it, feel, hear it, and smell it. Thank you very much, I will never stop searching!" - Sal P.


"I have read The Present twice and just finished reading The Present (With Religion), and am now about to start reading The Present (With Insights). I cannot express enough how glad I am to have found this information. It makes sense out of the things I was raised hearing, but could not fully believe due to the many contradictions and things that just never made sense before. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together. I feel as though I'm now heading in the right direction. Though I know I'm just getting started and have much further to go, I'm looking forward to the journey." - Matt K.


"Thank You Michael! Your book has completely changed my life, it is absolutely amazing that there is no words to describe.  Thank you, Thanks to the Collective Unconscious I'm in a path to becoming a Spiritual Being.  I can see clearly now, a lot of "coincidences" happened while I was reading your book but they were not coincidences thanks to your book I know it was meant to be.  Simply beautiful!!" - Maynor O.


"While I was reading the book, I felt the writer's presence around me, pointing and highlighting all the important quotes and paragraphs I need to instill within my subconscious. I devote myself to spreading the truth whenever possible because it has set me free, and I feel more alive now than I did before I read the book. I felt a sense of enlightenment, and I will from now live my life with gratitude and a bigger purpose." - Hulisani N.


"I'm am 18 year old high school student, I'm reading The Present (with religion) for the first time (I plan to read it a couple times more), and it amazes me. I've been brought up Roman Catholic, go to church every Sunday and I've started to realize how silly the priests are, but understand and agree with what the book says about religions being a stepping stone to the ultimate truth. I really liked when it said in the book, "The difference between knowing and not knowing is checking," it's so true. I've been telling people about this book and sharing the link. I can't thank you enough!!!" - Chris B.


"I have read The Present twice and just finished reading The Present (With Religion), and am now about to start reading The Present (With Insights). I cannot express enough how glad I am to have found this information. It makes sense out of the things I was raised hearing, but could not fully believe due to the many contradictions and things that just never made sense before. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together. I feel as though I'm now heading in the right direction. Though I know I'm just getting started and have much further to go, I'm looking forward to the journey." - Matt P.


"I have enjoyed your writing. In some way it's as if I had known this all along, but learning for the first time. The more I read, the more intrigued I was by the feeling of the familiar newness. There were many sentences that my daughters will read and hear them in my voice. I have felt and said many things such as this most of my life. Only recently have I been trying to explore the collective consciousness and the sub conscious mind. An attempt to tap the sub conscious power to find the truth. Thank you for your time and effort for this writing. I feel like I'm on the right path. I also feel that I'm not crazy for how I think and feel. I know now that there are at least two of us." - Aaron O.


"Just want to say... I am 27 and I don't think I've ever read a book cover to cover. In one day. Something that I've wanted to read. That I felt compelled to read. A part of me almost feels sad that I have spent 27 years seemingly devoid of that feeling and/or accomplishment... But if this was the book that made me feel this way... Then I am ecstatic! :). Given I'm not fond of reading, clearly :P, the 100 pages of that took me around about 8 hours. I feel... Different. I feel good. Almost... High. Its strange. I feel it resonated on a deep level. Quite surprising that the author passed away in 2013 and I'm just now hearing about this in 2016. Then again, I guess it isn't. I no longer know which word is appropriate, but I wish to grow and live in and of the spiritual realm and to leave the animal realm behind. I feel numb. I feel somewhat sad at this moment that I will never personally be able to thank this man. I suppose the truly sad thing is that I feel that way and there is nothing to be sad about." - Michael M.


"Your words have resonated with me on such a profound level; you yourself while writing it must have experienced the same comfort and bliss I have . My life is changed. Every moment feels as real and as natural as it's always been, but you have saved my mind from ruining my life. It's shocking how awful and negative the human mind is. You have helped me put things into context and understand far more than what I asked of the world. Or maybe I asked and you were the answer. Furthermore, perhaps The Present is the doctrine of life itself, finally compiled, finally put together in a simple way. Michael, I don't know much about you, but I know we will both connect even closer one day. We've already connected in this way. This meaningless email is perfection. If you're deceased, you know these words already. I know I'm not only speaking to you as a human, but to the Now. I'm so thankful to be born a human being and finally realizing the full amazement of my existence here. God bless you and all other truth seekers. You do only good things." - Devin P.


"Before I was done reading this I was laughing uncontrollably and tears of joy ran down my face. I have read so many books including a lot of Nietzsche, which I might add "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" was the only book I've read that had given me similar feelings. Although it is frightening, the power behind the words is obvious, and I hope that life enables me to spread the truth effectively. I won't lie, I'm scared that I'll fall back into the holes I once inhabited, but I have unbridled faith that the truth will set me free. Freedom is what I long for, thank you for proving to me that there is a key to the chains which I knew were there, but had no idea the form they took. This has been very enlightening, and I dare say my life has changed, but I won't count my chickens less they hatch. May the truth be with you. Infinite thanks for unveiling it to me." - Jeff L.


"The book “The Present (with religion)" has changed my outlook on life, as will it change my life sooner than I can imagine. I feel as if I need to know the truth. I have been searching for the truth of life since I have had access to a computer. Now that I have found it; I feel as if I have been looking for your book this entire time. One of the first things I ever searched on Google was “what is the truth?”. Now the second time I searched that same sentence “what is the truth?”, less than a week ago, I found a website with a link to your book. It astonished and captivated me more and more with each page. I immediately realized how true and obvious the truth is. I feel as if I have been slowly discovering bits and pieces of the truth. Now I possess a part of the key to the door of life. I only need the other parts of the key to unlock the door of Truth and Life. I will be looking forward to and awaiting your response my friend." - Lesley T.


"I don't read books much. I don't have the time to actually. But somehow someway I came across your website on and I read your book in about two and a half days... The first 3 pages I read gave me chills down my spine. The more I read the more uncomfortable I got, but it was so mysteriously appealing to me. I feel so different now. Really had my defense up when you were stating facts of the bible contradicting itself, but everything you said is true. I stand behind everything you say is true and God/life. I want to be fully enlightened. Im 24 years old, oldest of 5, living a everyday struggle. But the struggle stopped yesterday... when I finished your book." - Walter C.


"I think it was last year sometime that I found a link to the Universal Truth Contest on a Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon full album video on youtube. I read the first 12 pages and although found it interesting, didn't take it seriously until recently. I just finished The Present without religion, and I can't thank you enough for enlightening me. I'm still on one hell of a journey but the seed has been planted and I plan to read The Present with religion next. It's up to you if you'd be interested, but I'd love to chat with you some more and talk about life, you truly are a hero to me and hopefully the rest of mindkind." - Brendan D.


"I have been reading your book and I have to say that each sentence I read I was more amazed. When I was in high school I always told people I'm the center of the world and I believed it. Now, after I have been exposed to the book, it only strengthens my beliefs, now I know each and every one of us is the center of his own world. Reading your book opened my eyes and changed the way I look at the world, and I now i understand why I never felt fulfilled when I was chasing false leaders and illusions of happiness. I want to walk the right path, my path, the true path. Every chance I have to spread this truth, that wisdom, I do it, even though not every one is ready or willing to accept it." - C. S.


"When I first read your entry I had a short time of 'cognitive dissonance', but then dared to tune into all the great insights you have to offer. Thank you very much for putting your information out there. A lot of people in the spiritual world are a little ungrounded, and confused. That is what I felt like too. I had the feeling I always had to run for something, to find something out, to grasp for something, to finally be united and connected. Now I know (again) that the present is indeed a present, and that everything happens RIGHT NOW. There is nothing to run from or to run to as everything is, and always will be NOW." - Katharina


"I started reading your book and got hooked instantly. My perspective on life seems to switch between animal mind and spiritual mind quite often, but I grow and hold on to what is good. I wanted to thank your for your book, it made me realize so much more about the universe and made me more aware. I am currently going into astro-physics in college so it really spoke to me. I am ready to take the next step." - Cristopher H.


"A year ago I was grieving loved ones from the past, anxiously worrying about tomorrow. I now live in this moment. It's not called "the present" for nothing. I would recommend anyone to read "The Present" it helped me immensely. I read it several times and what didn't make sense the first time, does now. It will give you clarity. Good luck to you all." - Nicky P.


"Of course words can only communicate to a certain limit, but don't be afraid to read The Present. I never wanted to change before, because I felt that it was me, and to change = deny my own identity, and now I know, my identity is just my mind, the animal part of my mind, and I shall repent, and follow the ways of greater awareness." - Peter Teddy


"I wanted to personally send my regards to you Michael, for putting many pieces of my experience together, and for allowing me to see the truth you have written for me, and all other humans stuck in the matrix. Since reading your book The Present, I have been living my life very differently, and have had a considerable increase in my awareness, and the truth keeps opening up to me more and more." - Kristian M.


"5 stars to you, Michael. You have taken much of what I know and have written it in a way that many will understand. That alone is a biggy. My experience years ago is non-dualistic so 'I' see everything as One (and nothingness as well) with the mind but a thought. I am going to give my mother what you have put together. That is quite a compliment considering all the books out there, but you hardly need a compliment." - Tom A.


"I have been searching around for a long time, in this life time. When I stumbled across this book I was actually looking into other things. I wasn't but a few pages into it when I realized I was reading the biggest tool to help me and everyone around me. I started texting and emailing, I even used my wife's Facebook account to post it. I know I don't need to thank you, but I  am any way. THANK YOU!" - Dustin S.


"I have been astonished by reading your book the Present. I have been a truth seeker for the past two years. I have searched for the truth but I don't even know why I did. I have been overwhelmed by the desire to know the truth to such an extent that there is no turning back for me. During my quest for truth is when I came across your book which I then downloaded from your website. I found it to be a piece of gold. I have read The Present throughout and found it enlightening. I have written for the next step as you promised at the end of the book." - Rangarirai M


"The last few days in all the spare time I could find I've been reading your book. I want to thank you for bringing it on the internet. Reading The Present was really a present and I feel very grateful. It was sort of magic how I ended up at the site. But that's the way it must be as I have experienced since I've been searching the truth. The quest is not easy but your book has refuelled my engine. Thank you, though I understand that you don't need me to thank you. On with it!" - Annemiek B.


"I just wanted to say, whether you or reading this or not, that you have changed the way I view the world, and the universe, forever. I have checked it, and all makes sense. I think the collective unconscious is giving me inspiration to write a science fiction book. If I finish it, It will have real truth hidden in it, and I will use it to spread to those who read it. This is my purpose I believe, and I will see it through or die trying. I'm also suggesting the website on other websites I visit frequently, hoping people will read the book. I will also donate to the website when I am able, and start to purchase Beatles music. Everytime I hear them, they just resonate with me. It's amazing. Once again I for this book, and I'll do my part in changing the world into a heaven, while we still have the time." - Z. G.


"It made me feel I gonna have to puke as I realized what this book is all about. Please excuse my bad english but I´m no native speaker. I´m a sober alcoholic since nine years now, but this book and it´s explanations/revelations really knock's me off my feet. It´s feels like some "missing links" are finally put together. It's strange when things/life suddenly get a different meaning. The overwhelming is, that the truth is and remains what it has always had been... truth. Whoever put it on the web, thank you. I´ll spread it among those who want to know." - Harry


"Peace, Michael. I just finished reading The Present, and I gotta say I was blown away. I thought it was reminiscent of Bhagavad Gita As It Is, minus the fantastic mythological tales. Powerful, powerful information packed into 101 pages. I am about to begin reading the version with religious scripture, as you suggest, before beginning my re-reading. I definitely do want this to seep deep down into my subconscious mind and let it permeate and resonate throughout my entire being. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since 2010, and your contribution to the world has given me a new found hope for myself, mankind, and humanity as a whole. I can't tell you how shocked and pleasantly surprised I was to see you had a chapter on the Beatles, my all-time favorite band. I have said you could hear more truth in five John Lennon songs than you could in a thousand sunday sermons. I am writing you for the next step. I have no idea what it is, but I am now excited about life and my spiritual journey once again. I am looking forward to your reply. Bless your heart." - Luis B.


"I have just finished your book "The Present" which I downloaded from the web. Last week I had the pleasure of hearing the audio version of this book with headphones. I was supposed to write this letter from home but I can't wait any time for only the present exists. I must admit that the stuff in your book has completely blown my mind and I am honestly humbled for your in depth and clarity of your material. I have been reading and researching every material for the last 9 years, but your book has summarized everything and opened wide the door of my mind. I am writing from Zambia, Africa and would love to proceed taking light of this life knowledge to mankind still in darkness whilst on this plain. During my research, I have been talking to people across ages and race on this subject and has received them with much interest. Now, it dawned on me that this is my major calling which I need to do for my life so that other lives are lifted just like me. Kindly, advise the next step. I would love you to send me some stuff which you are working on because am already feeling the warmth of our company as I type this." - Nonde G.


"Brother don't ever stop what you're doing, even if your efforts ever seem futile to you. You were truly inspired to have written this book. There is no better explanation of what the truth could possibly be so far, and one could only build on what you've written. Maybe one day we will all see it, but until then, keep spreading the truth, and know others like me will also." - Patrick S.


"I cannot express how much I feel indebted to you for the work you've done. Just a week ago I had the intention of committing suicide, not because I've had any hardships in my life, as a matter of fact I have almost everything a young man of my age can ever wish for, but the truth was that I didn't know what to do with my life or what was the meaning of life. So I started to google about the afterlife in order to be better prepared and then your website came up. The instant I started reading it I realized life is way simpler and more beautiful that I had imagined. So I immediately downloaded your pdfs and started reading. Even after I finished the English version I read the French and German versions as well. I daresay I couldn't find any flaws in the things you say because it's in complete accordance with everything that every great man/woman has said before." - Siavash M.


"Thank you for this blissful present, it is exactly what I have been searching for - I knew the truth was out there and it became available to me at the perfect moment. Like you said it was not a coincidence that I received this book. I have been searching for the truth and a way to help other people during my time here on earth, I did not know how or what I would do to help others. There is not a more perfect way to help others than to awaken them spiritually so we can all thrive together, I greatly desire to learn more and make the connection to collective unconscious/the holy spirit." - Neil B.


"I knew as a child that we live in an insane asylum. Your book has explained why I've know this to be true. See you in Heaven Michael!" - Brenda L.


"This website has taught me more about life than anything, and I feel like a better human for knowing it. I've spent many dark days unaware of how everything exists and works. Thank you." - Eric L.


"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for elucidating that which I have known for 15 years in a way that I have not been competent enough to put into coherent words. The Truth is everywhere. All time is Now and the truth is Now. I am deeply grateful for your book to dip into to prop up my belief when the cognitive dissonance is leaning heavily on me." - Gavin S.


"This book is amazing and it's answering so many questions in my life and it is written with only god-given talent. I feel like I took the first few steps of knowing the truth and it feels amazing! I hope my spiritual being helps me push out the many thoughts and worries that plague my mind!" - Mel Q.


"First, I would like to thank you for writing this book, and for making it available to anybody who wishes to read it. Before my brother showed it to me, I believed that once you die, it's over.  But from reading The Present, now I know the ultimate truth. I want to become a spiritual being, and I hope you can tell me the next step. I have accepted my true past, and I know that we are all immortal. I've also been noticing balance everywhere I look. I never really bought into the whole religion thing, because I couldn't imagine God being a physical person.  My friends on the other hand, are very religious. I've tried spreading the truth with them, but It did not work. They rejected the truth. Please, I would like you to tell me ways I could spread the truth, the ultimate truth. And, I want to know the next step. Can you help guide me in the right direction?" - Joshua F.

"I have just finished reading The Present. I am young and this much knowledge about true life and everything is just absolutely amazing. I can only imagine what true life really is like, and I'll live my life every second in the present and try to spread the word of this truth in order to help myself gain a better understanding of it, and to eventually take the final step on evolution and become a true spiritual being. Your book has changed me and the way I look at my environment, I cannot thank you enough. You are a prophet and I hope that I can spread my knowledge of what the truth is to others and they will as well. I must say thank you again, to be so young and feel this way and know all of this is amazing, I can only imagine what it will be like to be fulfilled and know true life. Thank you." - Stephen N.


"Hey Michael, I am currently reading "The Present (with religion)" and I am on page 103, and I already feel my perspective of the Bible and life changing through every single electronic page flip! But most importantly, you restored my faith in God! I was on the verge of atheism and then I found this and it changed my whole perspective of the bible and the truth in it! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I pray that somehow you can move past your dyslexia! Thank you so much!" - Kyle B.


"I just finished reading the book. I loved it. I haven't read anything so fulfilling or so good in a long time. It's exactly what I'd been looking for. I sent you a small donation for your cause and will continue to do so when I can." - Mary


"My quest for the truth started many years ago while I was still in secondary school. Having read many spiritual and philosophical books, I always thought to myself that there was something linked in all these readings, just as if they had been writen by the same person, or maybe some kind of continuity was going on through all of those inspired people. When I first read The Present, everything made sense. All the pieces were put together and I could understand life clearly for the first time. I will continue learning, checking and spreading the truth of life since I've experienced beyond any doubt that one must walk the path in order to get true life in return. No Other Way." - John A.


"I want to say thank you for the book that you wrote. I finished reading The Present about a week ago and have started reading the book that includes religion. I want to say your explanation of life is the most believing and assuring of all the other things I have seen and watched. I started out my life born into a catholic family. It wasn't until 8th grade I started to get into government conspiracies. Ever since then I've been craving more knowledge of what's going on and the ultimate reason why we are here. Before I read this book I never considered evolution, but your explaining makes so much sense. We couldn't be in our current position if we didn't live through all the other ones before. We aren't the lucky ones that suddenly appeared and have the right away of dominating all other species of life. Well I feel like I am rambling now, I just want to thank you for getting the truth out there." - Ciroc P.


"Your article, The Present, brought tears to my eyes because these are the exact conclusions that I had reached today on existence prior to reading your article. I stumbled upon your article while doing a little research on my own thoughts. It was shocking to see that your article was describing the exact same thing that I had thought of. I strongly believe this is answer. I am ecstatic that I have found someone who is on the same page as me." - Chrishan A.


"Hi, my name is Dillon and I just finished reading The Present. It was truly amazing. I cant think of any other words to describe it. I am a very scientific person and I usually need cold hard evidence to believe anything. I was atheist before but now I can see. This book just took every postulate, theory, and idea, and filled in the cracks. Everything makes sense now."


"It's the only thing I have ever read that makes religion make sense. I have spent my entire life brewing my own form of spirituality, and I had pretty much all the pieces but just had not figured out how to fit them together yet. The Present did that for me." - N. R.

"I love this page (page 1) and all the intelligent people involved with the truth contest. I like the fact that the truth comes from SOLID evidence and is explained so simply. It just clicks! Everytime I read it I find something I overlooked. I def wanted to express my gratitude and say "thanks!" - Anais L.


"I first came across your book about 8 months ago, and it is absolutely astonishing how true the things that are stated in this book are. I just finished reading The Present (with religion) for the second time so the truth can go subconscious and then I came across the Truth Contest Facebook page and I saw your comment telling people to email you for the next steps, and I was curious about what these next steps are so here I am sending you this email. More people seriously need to read this book." - I. D.


"Firstly I would like to say thank you for all your evident hard work and efforts that you have put into writing the truth. You have explained it oh so very well and I feel privileged to of 'stumbled' across the link to your book. It has changed my perception instantly and i will do everything in my power to spread the truth and learn the truth and live the truth. Everything has clicked and i can't thank you enough. It all makes so much sense. Its now or never. You mention writing to you for the next step and I would like to know what the next step is." - Becky W.


"Thank you. This book is amazing and am astonished that you were able to capture the idea in words. I felt this way for a few weeks in my lifetime and it is spot on. Thank you for this opportunity to learn." - Raneem K


"WOW! I have been reading for 4 days, stopping only to sleep briefly. I am 30 years old in Christ and thought there was no more to know. Again, wow! My mother walked away from religion and God 25 years ago due to the corruption and distortion. Now she is BACK and all because of reading The Present! Excellent, indescribably excellence. I pray we meet you in heaven as you are one beautiful prophet!" - Merlyn


"The Present" inspired me and allowed me to view life from another perspective that is based on science, logic, and philosophy. If more people would read and comprehend what the book has to offer, this world would be a better place for everyone." - Anthoni S.


"Your truths ARE profound, you describe things that make complete sense and in a way that I have never read or heard before and that I automatically "get." Your honesty is truly refreshing throughout your writing. Myself, I could not have come up with and written this all down like you have. I don't have the capacity to "come up" with genius, but at least I have the capacity to know it when I see it." - Troy D.


"I just finished reading the truth contest and it really touched me the way other books have failed. I was wondering how I could further explore this new found knowledge. I just thurst for more. I want to know more. I couldn't put your book down, and now that I've finished, I wonder what the next steps of learning are? Thank you so much for your work." - Jim M.


"To start, just a massive Thank You from my heart. Actually Michael, I could write Thank You for another week or two. As at the moment that's all I can say." - Marina


"Just finished reading both versions of The Present (with and without religion) and I was blown away by how much most of the things you say rang true to me. I felt like it was able to explain most of my life, philosophy, traumas, current emotions, etc." - P. A.


"Hi! I have to say THANK YOU for putting into print many of the ideas and ideals I have followed in my life...I have found ultimate truth in my life and finally have a website to direct people who I'd like to share it with. I was just curious if the book is in paperback or hardcover or anything? I would like to buy a few copies if so. Thank you, and again your book is outstanding and absolutely flawless as I could see. Great job." - Brian R.


"Hi Michael. I understand everything you have said in your book 100%. It confirms everything I already know. I thought I was going mad & was the only one who knew. Basically, knowing I'm not the only one who knows, has made me stable. Thank you." - Angie B.


"The Present (with religion) is BY FAR the most enlightening text I have ever read, more so than even the Holy Bible - and I'm a Christian! If I didn't know any better I'd think Jesus is back and wrote this in a way that present-day man can understand what he really meant." - Mike P.


"I read your book and it has changed my entire life. I just moved on to the book explaining religion last night. I just wanted to let you know. I will be spreading the word. I've already sent it to all my personal friends, had my husband and son read it as well and posted on my Facebook account. I come from an incredibly traumatic childhood and my eyes have never been happy, now they are. THANK YOU." - Jordasche K


"My whole life changed as I read your posts. Everything you stated was true. Some I already knew and believed down to the heart. Some I believed all the way, but did not know I did until I read and understood (does that make sense?) Your logic hit me in several places I can not explain. I must explain my feelings. Thank you for everything you have done." - Catherine


"The Present changed my mind : it helped me to understand that I am more than my mind, and this knowledge (and everything else I learned thanks to The Present) changed my life in many ways. It gave a sense and a purpose to my life. It gave me the ability to be happy with nothing. It gave me a way to free my spirit, to sow truth and reap what I sown. My spirit is not totally free yet, but I know I am on the right path thanks to The Present, and it feels very good." - John R.

"Hello, I have read both versions of your book The Present and The Present (with religion). I can truly say it changed my life and I am motivated on continuing to learn more about the truth. I have told many people to read it in hopes it will free them from their mind as it has mine. I now can see how beautiful and perfect life really is. I no longer live in the illusions my mind creates but I live for what is and that's the present. I want to thank you for writing this book and sharing the truth with everyone who seeks it. If you could write back with any suggestions on how I can learn more and how I can spread the truth to more people I would highly appreciate it. Thank you again." - Joseph B.


"Michael, I just finished reading your book and am equally overwhelmed and amazed. Your words touch on so many things that I have been dealing with lately. I have read some other spiritual books regarding the "now" and the present and how our consciousness works, but the way you tie all that in with the history of human life and your concept of what "heaven and hell" actually are, really took me for a ride. I believe what you have written to be the truth. I've gone through my life dissatisfied and feeling unfulfilled; contemporary religions never made sense to me and as a result I've always felt a large spiritual hole was within me. I found people's vague advice on how to live, such as sayings like, "just be yourself," or "trust yourself," etc., only served to frustrate me more and drive me deeper into depression. I constantly suffered from feelings of lack and general dislike for "myself." Again, thank you for the beautiful words. I'm sure they are changing much more lives than mine. I know we can spread the truth together - all of us that are waking up, all of us that know." - Morgan S.

"It made a tremendous impact on my life, my attitude, and my way of thinking. I grew up in a strict Southern Baptist family, however since my childhood I was always questioning and challenging the teachings that didn't quite add up to me. As I grew up and learned about the world, science, nature, physics, biology, etc..., I grew to resent Christianity and eventually any type of organized religion. I pretty much looked down on it. Several times I stood on the brink of the cliff to atheism, but I could never shake that wonder and amazement I had towards life. I continued on through my 20s, and turned resentful and bitter towards churches, my parents, and anyone who blindly spewed religious talk without really understanding the limitations of their belief system or the history behind the religion. Through all this, I remained "spiritual"...something kept tugging at me, life kept surprising me, and I always maintained that wonder, even if I couldn't understand it all right now. I still can't understand it all, but your book put me at peace. It opened my eyes and brought me back to what I'd been seeking this whole time. Peace. No worries. Acceptance of my circumstances. Understanding the place of religion and the impact it can have on people, when understood in the correct context. Living in the present. True present. It drastically changed my view on life...a view that I now share with others when the opportunity permits. I'm still non-religious, but lean towards Christian values with my family by tradition, with the personal understanding that I know the TRUTH." - Pablo F.

"A year ago today I discovered the Truth Contest and I remember the night I opened the present. I had been seeking answers to the big questions about life for 3 years and nothing seemed to fulfill me. From Christianity to metaphysics, to law of attraction, to esoteric agenda, etc, they were all missing something. The moment I read the present and present with religion I was in complete awe. All of the revelations those two books revealed were things I felt that I already knew deep down. It was just clarified and organized in a way that I could put all the pieces together for the first time as well as check the evidence for myself. I have grown a lot since last year and I have more growing to do, but with the truth as the forefront of my life I know I will be in the best position possible to take that final step in evolution." - Keon C.


"This book was the first thing I read in my awakening. Truly reading Jesus' words for the first time, and having them actually make sense was completely mindblowing. The veil cannot begin to be lifted until it is first noticed and seen." - Chris S.


"It is amazing how simple it is to be completely alive and happy. Even more amazing is that most people just sleep through life and never get there. I appreciate everything in this book, it truly is the key." - Karina M.

"I have been reading and studing The Present for the last few weeks, its answers alot of questions that I had that I had no one to ask, so I guess in a way prayers do get answered, sort of. I Know there is an underlying rythym to all, I do not feel alone anymore, my inner being has come out to play! The Truth was all I ever wanted in my search, my mind was what was defeating me. And that Beatles thing, wow, I see apples everywhere, almost all their songs are singing to the inner one, its awesome!" - Jn H.


"I have studied Buddhist concepts, physics, philosophy, mathematics, astrology, music, poetry, Christian religion for all of my life. Buddhism/Physics for about 20 years. Love music and indie films and art. I cannot stop smiling when I read your books. I really really am glad you are out there… I don’t feel like the only nut on the planet anymore There is an incredibly huge amount of really amazing stuff in that book. It’s very good. I’d love to help spread the word." - Cheri


"The 12 pages I've just read. Amazing. My mind is opening up. I believe that we are immortal, that life is perfect, and that we have two selves. I know it, seen it, and have checked." - Michelle M.


"I have been deeply affected by reading The Present. Upon reading the first chapter many things that I have come to on my own were confirmed. We truly are all one as the universe experiencing itself. And just where did my childhood go? And where does the happiness from the things I should always be happy about go just because bad things happen also? All of these and more are discussed and if you turly are looking for the answers I highly recommend reading everything on this site." - Peter F.

"I found a link to your website on Youtube, and after reading it, my mind is literally blown. I love what your website says, and most of the things that it says are really true I am thinking I am such a fool for not realizing these things. So thank you for opening life to a fuller extent for me...i do see everything in a different way now." - William C.


"The Present has opened my eyes to the truth of life that is self-evident. It is the most profound book I have ever read (and I've read my share) and has become the rock of my life. It has opened my eyes to life, and has left me overcome with wonder for the world I am now starting to see. It has given me a certainty and clarity of purpose to my life that I have never come close to having before, and one that I know I am just beginning to understand. To put it simply, it has awakened me to the reality of "that which is." To the eternal gift of the present." - Garrett P.


It was no coincidence and peculiar, but I found the Present after a severed friendship from a truth seeker. I was very depressed and very alone. My mind was opened a bit before reading the present, but there was still a lot missing. I was confused still and pretty much thought it wasn't meant to be known...the meaning of life. My purpose. That you make it happen. Boy was I wrong! After a random G00gle search for something that did not relate directly to the truth, I stumbled upon the site. After reading through some of it, I left away from it for a while..a few weeks.. Then something inside me told me to come back. I could not just leave it. I couldn't stop thinking about it...what it could mean...So I read both books and from there it has been history. This book has saved my life here---in the present---and the future at death. I can't quite put into words what it has done, but even if I tried my best to RUN away from it, I couldn't. I am at peace with myself and the world, but more importantly, I can actually live life as much as I can and have true fulfillment and love. I thought I was weak and useless before reading the present, but my perspective has changed forever." - Cathy T.


"Hello there, fellow man/woman. I read the full page of “Present”, and, I have to say, those are pretty wise words, my friend... VERY wise words... I thought some of the SAME questions... like, "Why isn’t the world happy/fulfilled?," or, "Why does everybody look so unhappy?." That page on the present answered my questions... I may be only 11 years old, but, I understand ALL of it... I hope we can get all people around the world to see the actual WORLD in this manner... to see the truth of it all... the actual REASON we are here... you might probably be the savior of this Earth... not like the “Lord”, but you know what I mean... anyway, REALLY nice to talk to you... I hope to talk to you again soon..." - Bailey B.


"I'm a 21 year old male from Kansas City, MO. I recently got laid off from work with no sign of hope for a new one in sight. But I have been keeping my head up and thinking positive. And then today, while I'm watching youtube I read a comment about The Truth. So I went to it and read the entire thing. I can't describe the feeling that came over me. Like this huge weight had been lifted off of me and life was filling my body. So I just wanted to say that the truth has truly opened my eyes and I am willing to do whatever I can to spread the word. And was wondering if a face to face approach would work to better reach the skeptics. If anything like that sounds good I'm your guy. I have great people skills and would travel the globe to do my part for evolution. So if there is anyway I can help please let me know." - Quinton D.


I read Universal Truth book, and I find it the most fascinating set of English words I have ever read. I feel it would be beneficial to have it translated into czech language which happens to be my mother's language. I seek no profit other then satisfaction of having shared the truth with people who deserve it.

- Michal V.


"I am busy reading The Present (with religion). That’s just by the way information. But thus far I think it is such an eye opener to what reality is TRULY about, it’s opening my eyes to things I was not aware of. Have read many other books, but those all seemed to be lies as compared to this. Your views are just ……. Really don’t have the words, just want to say thanks for the info shared." - Umesh K.


"I'm reading your site book and I loving it. It's succinct and clear. I am interested in helping with a translation to portuguese and spanish so that I can show it to my friends and family." - Tomas


"I am an Italian 19 years old university student and I have to say that I love the site and I support even more the idea it has been built upon. I can begin translating in Italian the top entries, in order to make them appreciable to those Italian interested people." - Aaron B.


"Hello. I want to translate everything, whats written by you in to Lithuanian language and to make a Lithuanian version of your page. I want it so much... Can i do that and if i can, how? I'm reading The Truth Contest, and it feels for me like music... Music that i never ever heard before... but at the same time its like a music of my heart... Thank You." - Rasa A.


"Just wanted to commend you for your brilliance, God is really working through you. I also noticed the email address, Michael7777.... Michael the arch angel!? Defender of God and all that is good. The angel that slays the devil..." - Adam R.


"I would just like to say a MASSIVE personal Thank You for what you have done. I found this link on a Jimi Hendrix video (my favourate musician) and it has changed my life. I have become a more confident, secure person. I am so HAPPY . I am talking to people now about problems with life and their life and I am helping everyone around me. When put in the right way people just understand it. The truth is well and truly embedded in our souls. We all know it deep down, we just need abit of convincing. I love everyone who set this up. You have helped to change so many lives." - Lewis E.


"I was just telling Xavier that it was much too easy for me to not fade out after I read your book because there is no where for me to go but forward. I have pursued all other prospects and they all lead to The Present. I cannot go backwards and act as if I dont have a burning desire to know the truth to life. I already did my research on evolution vs. creation, dark matter, cyclic philosophy, reincarnation, etc. Finally when I read your book, it was all too clear that this was the only answer left." - Cassandra R.


"The fact that you could of simply keep all this for yourself is what makes you amazing, thank you so much for taking your time to help others, I really respect you from the bottom of my heart. Knowing all this while trying to stay anonymous is something unheard of, something only a person with good intentions would do. I've tried to seek in many ways (religion and all that) for some sort of comfort but I simply couldn't find it. I did with your book, whoever you are you've changed the rest of my life and I wish you the best. I will be doing the same from now on, studying and spreading." - Marc R.


I knew these things before i read The Present, or at least mostly knew them, so you can imagine i was instantly intrigued when i found this book that seemed to offer a path directly towards my goals. As surprised as I was to find things that I agreed with and things I wanted to hear, I am not one to accept blindly, so I appreciated how you said not to believe you, to check everything for myself. Most everything makes very clear sense and seems to check out. - Dillon T.


"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :) - I'm going to read it again now. In the meantime, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, I hope to see you on the other side someday.. to give you a spiritual high-five." - GB


"I am not young but you have opened up new avenues of life to enjoy in the now. Please tell me you have a hard copy of your book that I can purchase. Your philosophies are what I have been searching for throughout my life, and I feel as if I have finally come home. You are an amazing man, and God has sent me to you and your story in my long search for the truth. Bless you." - Ruth F.


"What the truth has allowed me to see thus far, that I forgot to mention, is a completely new perspective on life. I see it much clearer, and whenever I find myself in times of trouble, I can simply step back from the situation, observe it, but not be it. Sometimes I stop everything, and get this glimpse of the wonder and magnitude of life, how precious, mysterious and mostly, divine it is. It has also freed me greatly from my "diseased" mind even though not completely, yet." - Shawn S.


"I read both of your entry and am extremely amazed by your insights and views. It's good to know that there is still glimmers of brilliance throughout the world. Please continue your spectacular work." - Shashank D.


"I know you probably heard it a thousand times, but i wanted to thank you personally for saving my life. I have been searching for the truth since i was 11, i always questioned belief systems around me, i have studied everything you can name, even esoterics. I even formed a blog in search for the truth. I now promote this website and the topics thereforth to help others in need. It is our job to teach others, as you have done for us, and as others have tried for millenia. When i say you have saved mine and my children's lives, i mean it literally, because when i was reading your book, i was going through a real bad situation and if i wasn't in the present moment at the time, thanks to you, i wouldn't have listened to the instinct to call the police and get out of the situation, and it could have costed me my life and my children's lives. We are in a safe place now thanks to you, and furthermore, because of the truth you revealed to me, i know not to go back to that old mindset, to renew my mind and not go back to that monster, the monster in him and the monster in myself. I plan to make cards with this website and just put them on the train, or on peoples' windshields, wherever i can, in the books at the library, so that it can reach people who are not heavily involved in the internet, but still have access to a computer can see and be fulfilled. Anything i can do just let me know, i will try my best. You have a wonderful word, even better than Eckhart Tolle! Godspeed." - Rosanna R.


"Wow! I just read the first 12 pages of The Present, and it was so enlightening, inspiring, and true! This is a document that I feel all people should read. I really related to the concepts presented, and I felt like it woke me up inside. I find that the balance of life that is mentioned is very true, and I understand what the author is conveying. Feeling fulfilled despite any situation is so important, opening the mind to life and seeing the truth. This author is a very clever writer, and has touched on some of the most important content possible. I love the philosophy. This document really helped me. The writing is so important, and so true. It described the average person, with tunnel vision, suffering for no reason. That is totally most people! That is why everyone should read The Present. Thank you for encouraging me to read this. I am planning to read the next section soon. I am going to go about my day with a new perspective. Truly." - Laura G.


"I have to say I been seeking the truth really only for the past year, and what I found in that year made me more confused than when I started searching, I thought to myself there has to be a more truthful answer than the ones I have so far come across. I came upon your site not even a week ago and my eyes opened up for the first time, the words said on the site were the words I was looking for,and they explained all the things I had previously been learning a lot better. You guys really could have something here, this knowledge is simple to understand, extremely informative, and refreshing to read. Thank you for being you and doing what is right. I will do my best to spread the word, I will never stop searching for truth it is just too liberating."
- David W.


"WOW! Stunning work. I am still trying to digest everything, but in the interim I will tell you that I have been on a search for the truth since I was about 13 years old. I am currently 57. I have been down the "rabbit hole" and back about 5 or 6 times now and feel a little more fulfilled every time. However, "The Present" has blown the doors open. I truly appreciate the simplicity with which it was written and whilst I'm not 100% in line with the entire premise, I am very close. Virtually every revelation you've presented has crossed my path on this journey at one time or another, but there was sometimes a decade between. Consequently, disconnected. I first read the non-religious version, as I abandoned organized religion as soon as was on my own almost 40 years ago. I've never regretted that. Then, I read the religious version and was completely blown away. I've known that there was plenty of truth in the bible and certainly plenty in Jesus' teaching but deplored the hypocrisy in organized religion. I, in fact, don't really care for organized ANYTHING. But your ability to connect the dots was so astounding and beautiful, I must say thanks." - Duane E.


"I just completed your 100 page online book, The Present and I felt compelled to communicate with you. There are a few books that I've read, of the many I've read, that I would characterize as being revolutionary in scope, content and thought. Yours is one of them. Even though I have questions about your understanding of "heaven" and how you came to the realization that we go to the bottom or top of the evolutionary chain based on our willingness to integrate the truth and reality, however I know of a certainty that The Present, is where we must go individually, and corporately in order to survive and thrive and that the mind is antithetical to the Present. Your description of the "Balancing" of the universe is extremely valuable and explains much that religions and science have not. I have long understood that there were 2 primary forces in nature, the universe eg. contraction and expansion, creation and entropy and that they existed in a universal balance. All of the people you quoted have been and are my hereos and I found a kinship with them as well as with your work. I want to thank you for your gift and contribution to me and to humankind. Although some of your concepts were challenging to hear, read and accept, I have suspended any fear that I might feel knowing that the mind, my mind, does not want to relinquish control of the illusion that it has created and calls reality. Above all, I want the truth, and I want to live it and reflect it to all I see and communicate with. In order to survive the nuclear threshold that we have created on this planet, we must, I must, learn how to live in the present, and not vie for control of the animal mind and animal realm. Thanks for your courage to say what needs to be said." - Cliff S.


"Wow, just when I thought I gone as far as I could go, and through frustration was about to give up and let my animal nature and magnetism destroy all that I have work so hard for, I discovered your pages, thanks for the seeds, they have brought me right back to the now, and presenty I feel centered, I have studied metaphysics and Tolle the Power of now and got lost in galactic massages, which took me out of the present moment wanting to believe in our star seeds and galactive brother, would just rescue us from the dark cable and the animal nature, I really was down lately and fearing the worst, but boy thanks for all you have put forth... I thought nothing would take me from the present, and for years I have remained in the present or now enjoying the thrill of unfoldment, but man days just pulled me away from it, and when I needed to get back here my higher self brought me to the page and gift you have left me, although I have much to still do and will continue to use these page for a daily referance, I have a great gratitude for what you have given freely that the spirit has freely given you." - N. L.


This work has profoundly altered my state of conscience and for that I thank you! I can see the truth now. I currently am studying british literature and the last text we read was the Faerie Queen by Spenser. The first book is the book of holiness which follows the night Redcrosse and the virgin Una. One can see the truth through this text once one knows what truth is. The first enemy Redcrosse come to is Errour which i see as falseness. Errour is said to spout text "Her vomit full of bookes and papers was (I.i.20)." With out Una who i understand to be truth Redcrosse would fall victim to the beast Errour. I find that extremely interesting dont you think? Many scholars believe he referred to the catholic church with this allegory. Yet to me it is obvious Una doesnt represent religion she literally means truth. Its as simple as that. That is why is so difficult for so many people; they cannot connect the mind body and soul to the truth. They look too hard and in the wrong place. They dont look within completely or deep enough; they stop at the mind and the mind turns them around back to Errour and falsehood. Thank you again for setting me free so i can see true beauty and embody true love. - Brennan


"I am speechless. I am tearful in my relief. I have been telling people a very good portion of what I just read for several years. I am happy. I am grateful. I want to share what I have known and have now had confirmed by the writings on this website. In this moment...this very moment all that I have known and have wanted to share with others is solidified. The joke in my circles is welcome to Laurie's Fellowship...Enlightenment Or Bust. And although there are whispers that some lithium may be in order...from those who are the most stuck and unable to let go of perceived truth about our existence and see the ultimate truth...those that are threatened by my understandings and clarity...the threat goes unrealized because ultimately...even the most stuck soul has an inbred, instinctive knowing that allows these things we know...these truths to find a place of residence within them and with each new beam of light a small mound is formed and eventually a hill and then a mountain and then finally...they know. They find it! It's awesome to's awesome to experience...and the learning never ends once it starts...the clarity never lessens nor ceases to amaze me in its ever growing strength and becoming of my true true self. Please please please tell me that I can own this book that these things are from and that I may use it to spread the truth!!! I have many in my life who are open and ready and many who are so close. This world will change. I am truth. You are truth. We are the collective consciousness...we are balance. We are love. That is life." - Laurie


"It was by freak chance that i came by it on the 20th of september this year. I was actually reading an article on stumble upon about how the tv series GI Joe conditioned us as children to accept the "Illuminati" agenda. I was scrolling down through the comments and at maybe 30-40 or comments down i found this website link. I starting reading the first work and at first I was skeptical but I continued to read and see how it just made too much sense. I read most of it the first night and finished it the next before noon. Towards the end though i just had a complete realization of the message of it. I saw the theme in so many things and understood it to be truth. I had an emotional catharsis and a feeling of such incredible comfort security and bliss. Words cannot express how much more fulfillment has been present in my life since that day. I also cant say i've been bored once since then." - William


"Several months ago I found this web site and I don't really remember how I found it but I am very thankful that I did. I have read the book several times now and what I am finding in it has resonated deeply within my soul. I have been a truth seeker for many years and over that time I have discarded many false beliefs. I have to say, prior to finding your book, I never considered either reincarnation nor evolution. Even though I had discarded the belief that God is an old man sitting up in the skies I couldn't imagine that the Creation story in genesis was not literally true somehow. And reincarnation! That was really something that I never considered at all. So it is truly amazing that both these concepts, as you have presented them, I find to ring true for me. The more I ponder it, the more it just seems so RIGHT! It makes sense to me and is so beautiful. I feel like I have finally found what I have been searching for for so long and now have the answers to my questions about God, death and eternity. I have known that we are eternal spirits, just a knowing within, but just never knew how it worked (I had discarded the heaven preached in churches a long time ago along with other false teachings). I have printed out your book, and when reading it I am making notes with my own thoughts, ideas, questions. I have looked up many things that you talk about (I wished you had used some references like for some of the bible verses you quote). How did college students get a hold of this information? Most kids that age don't have a clue. The person who wrote the Beatles section is in his 50's (close to my age probably)! Thank you to whoever wrote that! My husband wonders why I have suddenly been listening to all those old Beatle songs but they have truly been such an inspiration to me, I hear pure love and truth coming from those songs." - Janice


"I was just watching The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, and listening to what Michael Moore was saying brought a tear to my eye. The political section in The Present (Insights) says the same thing the Michael Moore movies say, only it gives all the details of exactly how to reform our political system." - Diane R.


"The section in The Present that shows the hidden message in the Beatles songs is a revelation and a must read." - beatles fan


"It was great to hear those Beatles songs. The hidden message is obvious now. The Beatles section in The Present is great." - Julia K.


"The Present is the most amazing book I have read. I will link it to my blog and spend some money advertising it. I wish I could do more. Everyone should read it and promote it as much as they can. If enough people do, it will change everything." - Gabe R.


"The Present could unite all religions, all countries and all people." - Bethany T.


"People are misinterpreting the Bible. If you want to know what Jesus is actually saying go to page 21 in The Present (with religion). When discussing the truth with people that are into Christianity, just tell them to go right to page 21 to find out what Jesus is really saying. I think it is the most important page, because it shows clearly what Jesus actually says. Every Christian should read it. It shows without a doubt that Christianity has been misinterpreting Jesus Christ." - Pastor F. Williams


"I skimmed over the new entry you sent me last night and honestly my first impression was to cringe a little, because it reminded me so much of the texts I had to read as a philosophy major. I think it is over intellectualized and the truth is much simpler to read. I just don't think that people can fathom how simple it is. The Present is perfect in all its flaws. I can't describe it; it just is, crappily written and all." - JJ


"I'm just randomly skipping around The Present and reading, taking it all in.  This book is just incredible. If people actually took the time to read it, I'm sure their perspective on life would change, causing them to wake up to the truth and the life.  It's baffling how more people don't care about learning the truth and the life.  It is the only thing that really matters, the only thing that we can always have.  It just shows how asleep people are right now.   Hopefully, the work we are doing spreading this contest will get people interested before something terrible happens.  A catastrophe would certainly get people interested in the truth, but spiritual people like us are more than prepared for such a thing, and we will not get caught up in the social upheaval.  Our work spreading and defining the truth could possibly prevent a catastrophe; especially one caused by us.  We are like beacons of light, radiating the truth and the life to all those who want to see it, but we cannot help those who do not want to be helped.  Spreading this contest and The Present is the most worthwhile thing I can even imagine spending my time doing." - J. T.


"You are taught to study in school, but most people forget how important it is to learning and just read books now. The Present needs to be studied. Make notes of what you do not understand or agree with. Ask questions, do your own research. Treat it like something you studied in school and need to write a paper on or take a test. You did it many times in school to learn things you have not needed in real life. Just do it one more time with these books to learn something that will really make a difference in your life. The real reason you were taught to study in school was for books like these in the real world, about the real world, not just to succeed at work and in business. You want to get an "A" on this test, because the ultimate success depends on it." - FX


"The logical premise (or basic proposition or axiom) of ‘The Present (with religion)’, is that everything in reality is God. It then follows from the obvious fact that our consciousness (including our sense of Self) is part of reality, that God must be total consciousness. And since we are ultimately nothing but consciousness, it must be concluded that we (or our personal realities) are a part of God. If true, this actually would be the simplest model of reality possible! All of reality is just one (conscious) entity, or God. Thus (according to ‘Occam’s razor’), it would necessarily be the absolute Truth. Hence, I like it very much :)" - Paul P.


"What makes The Present fundamentally different than all the other things about truth out there is it doesn't just reveal the problems, it reveals the solutions too. There are hundreds if not thousands of Internet sites and books that contain the truth about our growing problems, but only this one has the practical, simple and certain solution. It is important to know the problems, but more important to know the true solution to those problems. As the book points out, it is not religion, or types of government, though they do play a part, it is the ultimate truth, the universal truth, the complete truth, and The Present with or without religion contains it. The best thing is it is free, here, and anyone can click on it and read, and check if what it says is true for themselves. There are no valid excuses now. We have what we need to fix ourselves and this world, and we can start right now." - Gary


"I liked The Truth (with religion) with a reference to the issue that the Supreme Being may be providing the truth in various texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, but when mankind come along and misinterpret the information coming from the Supreme (and I'm inserting our own Krishna Conscious interpretation here) then what to do? Krishna makes some clear statements in Bhagavad Gita and further points are explained in the Bhagavat Purana. Unfortunately humans come along with their own petty ideas and personal motivations lacking spiritual purity, and then can't hear the real truth. If there is a supreme being it seems reasonable to assume that he / she / it would share the most valuable information with us, for our improvement. Why not? The supreme being would want us to understand everything that it is possible for us to know. In the Vedic and Vaishnava understanding, God wants us to return to our original position as pure loving beings, but now we're caught up in lower animal-like propensities. We are rejecting the wisdom coming from God." - Tim


"Good article on The Truth and the Present... it made me question how I can live in the Present and what The Truth actually is..." - Matt


"There is not a sentence in this writing that I would disagree with, but I think before anyone can get to the point of accepting we are all connected, collective consciousness, universal knowledge, that we are all spiritual beings, etc. people must first understand the difference between the body, brain, mind, and spirit.  From childhood, we are taught so many falsehoods by our parents, friends, teachers, and religions, that we do not understand or know the how and why of why we react or perceive things like we do." - Joyce Richey


"God sent me to you. I would still be miserable if it wasn't for you. Thank you. God gave you the insights but you went all the way by yourself to receive them. You have saved my life in the most important way in the universe. You are my hero. I never had any hero as a child but now I have a real hero, that will last forever. I hope I'm not overwhelming you by saying this." - Anne J.


"I am a 19 year old college student who is currently taking a gap year and have stumbled upon your book. EVERYTHING you say clicks with me, everything is filled with truth! I read your passages over and over again, and I get something new each time! It gets better and better. Michael, you have truly changed my life, thank you so much. For a long time I have searched for an "anchor" in my life, and you have finally given it. I knew that there had to be only one answer, I just didnt know what it was, until now! I am going to continue your readings for the rest of my life. Your readings are all I need. I am so unbelievably grateful I found your readings at such a young age." - Henry C.



Truth Contest - Mission


"I think finding a truth that everyone agrees is true is the only way to unite everyone. I also think the contest is the perfect way to do it." - Ted


"I will do what I can to help spread the ultimate truth to all I know and love." - DC


"We are saints, because we are fighting a war of ideas, firing emails not bullets. It is so ridiculous that we are spending a trillion dollars in our budget for war this year in a bad economy that could use that money to turn the economy around. Spending money to kill other human beings is madness, but it is what most human beings are into. It should make you feel good that we few are fighting the good fight." - Max


"I applaud your efforts in reaching the entire world population to discern the Whole Truth. I sincerely hope this proves to be a real tool in Building the Bridges across so much that divides one culture from another. It is my deepest belief that we are all ONE. However, I am not sure that in language we can come to one understanding of what TRUTH is. I look forward to the unfolding of this mission, with faith that all is in Divine Order."
- Rev. Carla Ivison | Founder, A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy


"This search for truth is an important endeavor. Thanks for providing this forum. I am encouraged that the mission states: “Entries are evaluated using the evidence, critical reason, logic, common sense, and scientific methods. We are looking for the kind of truth you can check.” These criteria recognize that popularity, including voting, is not reliable evidence. Instead it is called the fallacy of Ad populum—appeal to the people—it is the fallacy of accepting something as fact simply because many other people also believe it to be true. Aristotle developed the rules of logic more than 2,300 years ago. They are essential to learn, know, and apply. No counter examples or exceptions to these rules have ever been found, and there is no more reliable indicator of truth." - Lee Beaumont


"I spent a lot of time (as did my assistant) on your website and felt it was very much in line with my view point on things.  I love that there are many flavors of truth presented as one of the sayings that I learned years ago that still works for me is that there is My Truth, Your Truth and The Truth.  And that The Truth is ever expanding so that if you lock into Truth today, you will close out the expansion of tomorrow.  Your site carries Truth on many different levels offering most everyone viewpoints and feelings that work for each individual.  It is wonderful." - Janet Richmond


"I fully support your notion that defining and disseminating universal truths is not only possible, but may in fact prove instrumental for the continued evolution of humanity and perhaps even crucial for the survival of life on Earth." - Darrin Drda